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The Importance Of Reference and Education In Your Getting the Right Job

Job seekers out there may want to enhance your references and education in your curriculum vitae or resumes so that you have a better chance of getting attention from human resource managers. This applies especially to those who were laid off by their employers.

Global recession has caused a rise in the number who are being re-trained. These people lose their livelihoods and end up depending on the government for their survival. Many people have heard stories about professionals who are still looking for work because they cannot find the right job.

There is more competition with young professionals seeking greener pastures or laid-off workers, as well as the increased number of job seekers. It is possible that you are one among the many job seekers who are looking for work by visiting local job centers, browsing online job databases, or reading your local newspaper. It is easy to keep looking without getting any feedback from the companies who have received your resumes. Is there a problem?

You should include two key factors: reference and education in your portfolio. Due to the lack of job opportunities, many human resource professionals are interested in these two aspects. Employers would look for someone who is reliable and has demonstrated the ability to perform in the job. Higher education will lead to higher expectations for you to complete the job.

How do you get a reliable reference? This is dependent on your job history and whether you are a job seeker. Fresh graduates should list all part-time or summer jobs that you have held and then select one that is related to the job for which they are applying. Consider your former employer if they have positive comments about you as a young professional or laid off worker. Companies that have laid off workers often give recommendations or references to layoff workers to help them find a job. Refer to your direct supervisor about your best experience, then wait for their letter of recommendations. You can have this information checked by human resource personnel by reaching out to your listed references.

This can limit your educational options if you don’t hold a degree or certification. Universities, technical training schools, and community colleges can easily provide you with your academic records for supporting documents. The government can help with your schooling expenses to allow you to further your education and get a better career. To make yourself more attractive with higher education or technical skills, you should look for scholarships or programs that are available.

The current job market has a higher demand for work than the number of jobs available. Don’t try to alter the facts.

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