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Recycle a collection of old ties that won't be worn again by stitching them into a throw pillow. If you have any ties that are stained or have worn areas, simply trim those areas off before turning the ties into the pillow. Mix and match colors and patterns or use an assortment of ties in the same color family Have you come across a pile of old ties? Want to do something fun with them? Maybe you want to make something to remember the person who wore those ties. T.. Use a yard stick if necessary to draw out a line to sew down to make your first side. Sew, trim the excess and then mark the next side, continuing to form a square (or rectangle) shape for your pillow. When you get to your last side, leave a slit a few inches wide to stuff your pillow through

Press open the seams and turn the pillow cover inside out. Gently push out and shape each corner with the point of your scissors from the inside. Press flat with an iron and stuff with the pillow insert Feb 25, 2020 - Explore Cheri Johnson's board Necktie Pillows, followed by 296 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about necktie crafts, necktie quilt, tie crafts Make yourself, or anyone else, a wonderful pouch for their iPhone or iPad with an old necktie. Using the wider end, you simply create the pouch and then hold it together with a snap or even Velcro if you prefer. This is a pretty simple project and would be the perfect way to get the men in your family to better protect those Apple products Hammer or staple the first tie to the underside of the seat, at the back. You want the tie to fold over the top as if it was always there. The rest of the ties will be sewn to this one into a loooong strap, one or two at a time. If you want, you can put a piece of foam pipe insulation on the front rung of the chair Position the neckties over the polar fleece rectangle, with the wrong side of the ties facing downward. Fold ¼-inch of fabric from the neck ties under, sandwiching it between the right side of the neckties and the wrong side of the polar fleece on all sides. Pin and sew by hand or machine. Step 1

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  2. Cut the broad end of your necktie from the skinny part. Sew into a square and pinch the middle part to create the bow part. Divide the skinny parts into two and attach it on both ends of your bow. As a final touch, attach a Velcro on the free ends of your skinny parts
  3. Old neckties make the perfect pouches to store scissors and other craft supplies. Craft a hanging scissors organizer from recycled neckties at Craft Test Dummies. This awesome skirt is perfect for children or adults. How to make a necktie skirt at Rick Rack Ruby
  4. Make sure to check out her site. (12) Bow Tie. Wow, what a super creative idea. take a Necktie and make it into a Bow Tie. Clever!! I found this necktie craft over at Make It and Love It. And, I must admit it. I do love it. She takes a necktie and simple Velcro closure for this craft make sure to check it out. (13) Necktie Skir
  5. e from Goodwill at 50% off) Sewing Machine Pins Seam Ripper Scissors Instructions 1. Gather your ties and create your pattern. 2. Make sure your ties will create enough fabric for you to work with
  6. Pull the long thread at the back and open the neckties up. Remove the filling, and then press them open flat. (I want to say that I did not remove the lining of the large point and the small point on the other end, as I used those for 'fringe' around the pillow to finish it.
  7. Ties can be unfolded and the entire length of the fabric can be used or you can sew the tie as it is folded. Either way, you will need to patchwork the ties together. Probably if you sewed two similarly sized ties together (unfolded), they would fit together pretty well and make a rectangle, possibly wide enough for one side of a pillowcase

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  1. Recycled silk tie into shoelaces. Recycled tie into a lavender sachet. Recycled tie as belt sashes. Recycled tie as a wallet. Recycled ties become trim on this funky little purse. Pillows made from recycled button, down shirts and ties. Recycled tie into a dress. Hat and corsage from recycled ties
  2. Decorative trow pillow made from old neckties, custom memory keepsake gift for wife, in memory of him, reused your own old neckties jemdesign567 5 out of 5 stars (761) $ 68.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Quick view Cotton Shirt Memory Pillow.
  3. Step-by-step guide: How to make a cushion using neckties. We decided to make cushions using a 16-inch cushion pad. Although it seems counter-intuitive, my mum told me to cut the fabric smaller ie. cut out 2 x 15-inch squares of fabric (I like to use a cardboard template) to make a cushion cover for a 16-inch cushion pad

Necktie Pillow: When you choose ties that have a common color or pattern, a necktie pillow makes a lovely accent for your bed or sofa. Necktie Quilt: A quilt made from old neckties can be a wonderful way to honor the special men in your life. Necktie Chair: Give an old piece of furniture a new look by weaving ties to make a chair seat 8. Tie Lampshade. Who would have guessed that ties are the perfect shape for a lampshade. 9. Headband. Such a chic and simple hair accessory. 10. Skirt. A great Father Inspired skirt to showcase all those old ties dad has received over the years

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  1. Recycled necktie projects are a fabulous way to use Dad's old neckties that he never wears anymore! Discover a necktie pillow pattern, wreath, table runner, and more great necktie crafts. These projects are fantastic for Father's Day or any time of year! Clean out the closet now and make tie crafts
  2. Measuring from the point up, cut the neckties to the desired length; this will be the height of the pillow. Remove the stitching and labels from the ties and press them flat. Refold the ties so the long edges are parallel and press again. This will create the straight strips for the patchwork
  3. Trace the paper pattern onto the fabric side of the interfacing. Cut the interfacing a 1/2 outside of the drawn line. Repeat for the second side (two are needed, one for each side of the bag). Lay the interfacing glue-side down on the back of each piece of tie fabric. Iron the interfacing so it starts to fuse to the back of the ties
  4. The wide end of the tie has a lining. Pull the lining away from the tie and stuff this area with fiberfill. Using your needle and thread, sew the lining edges together so that no fiberfill can leak out. Repeat STEPS 5 and 6 on the small end of the tie to create a tail

Oct 8, 2016 - Find out how to make a beautiful keepsake cushion using men's neckties in this simple step-by-step tutorial Insert a 14-inch (35.56-centimeter) pillow form. You can also use an old throw pillow that is a similar size. The pillow will fit snuggly into the bandana. You do not need to turn the pillow case inside out; the tied fringe is part of the design! If you can't find a pillow form, insert pillow stuffing or polyester stuffing Memory pillow made from old neckties, reused dads ties, keepsake gift for daughter, mom, custom made decorative throw pillow jemdesign567 5 out of 5 stars (674) Sale Price $67.50 $ 67.50 $ 75.00 Original Price $75.00 (10%. Use old neck ties or thrift store finds to sew up this colorful pillow for home decorating. You will need 20 clean neckties for this fun pillow sewing craft designed by MaryJane Butters . Find this project and more necktie crafts in 8 Necktie Crafts and Ways to Repurpose Neckties

Oct 8, 2016 - Find out how to make a beautiful keepsake cushion using men's neckties in this simple step-by-step tutorial Dress a pillow or two for success with this DIY shirt pillow cover. You don't need to sew a single zipper or even make an overlapping back because the built-in buttons do all the work for you. This is a great way to upcycle an old shirt and make it into something new Take the pillow off the sweater and put it aside. Pin the sweater along the edges, then sew it using a ½-inch (1.27-centimeter) seam allowance. When you are done, cut the bottom hem down to ½-inch (1.27-centimeter). 5. Unbutton the sweater from the inside, then turn it inside out

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Old Neck Ties Old Ties Christmas Projects Holiday Crafts Christmas Diy How To Make Ornaments Christmas Tree Ornaments Christmas Decorations Mens Ties Crafts Žena mala plné zuby hŕby starých kravát, ktoré desaťročia nikto nenosil: Rozstrihla ich a len vyplnila vatou, keď uvidíte jej nápad nenecháte ich len-tak ležať v skrini We are ready to create custom keepsakes from the old coat wasting away in your closet or the neckties your father, husband or son no longer wear. If you have any questions about custom decor or custom keepsakes, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have over 20 years of making the highest quality keepsakes to last a lifetime What a cool pillow! There are so many things that can make using old jeans. I love it! Claudia Mitchell (author) on February 17, 2014: Thanks ComfortB! I'm glad you be making a pillow. They are fun in any room of the house. I appreciate you stopping by and your support

Memory pillow - sewing and finishing. Next, I followed these steps in assembling the pillow cover. Step 1 - Sew the front of the shirt closed. Step 2 - Fuse the Shapeflex to the wrong side of the front and trim to size. Step 3 - Fuse the Shapeflex to the wrong side of both back pieces. Fold a 1-inch hem on each side DIY No Sew Pillow: I love pillows and blankets, and after getting a new couch, it gave me a perfect excuse to make some more soft pillows for the living room. Here is a super easy technique to create a super soft pillow for any place or occasion. No Sewing Required 4. Bring in the remaining two points of the scarf and tie the ends in a knot. I kept my pillows super simple, using only the knots from the scarf ends to secure it to the pillow, but you can absolutely use rubber bands or ribbon to keep things in place

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The reason I ask is it may not be something you want to stick something to or put holes into. Since it opens I would make long ties from either nice ribbon or with fabric that either matches the fabric you are using on the pillow. Measure how long it would be to attach the pillow under the top. I would just it it We create custom pillows and fur pillows. Let us turn your old clothing and fur coats into custom decor and keepsakes. We design luxurious, high quality pillows from old furs, fabrics, neckties, and more. We can create custom pillows in honor and memory of loved ones. Give yourself and your family a beautiful, comforting, and huggable keepsake

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  1. Simply hot glue the strips in place directly on the top of the rug pad, bunching the strips together on top of the glue. Place a piece of cardboard under the rug because the hot glue will seep through the holes and make a mess. Once the glue dries, run your hand over the top of the rug to remove any loose pieces
  2. Step 2: Make the ties. If you want to speed things up, you can use coordinating ribbon for your ties. To make your own ties, fold each one in half lengthwise, and press. Open them up. Fold each end to the crease in the middle, and press again. Then fold in half, and press one more time. Pin and sew along the edge, about ¼ inch from the open edges
  3. Neck Tie Pillow. 20 old neck ties is all this pattern takes! The 5 templates are clearly marked A-E. Divide the ties into groups of 4, then place one template on top of each stack. Cut around the template through all 4 layers, then sew them together like a quilt block. Four blocks makes one great pillow
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Note: In this case, my pillow form was an 18 square, so I measured and marked 18 for both the width and height to make sure my design was centered with nearly 3 allowances all the way around for the ties. For this design, it meant losing extra space above the top lettering and getting more at the bottom to avoid most of the shirt collar Using a piece of canvas, some contrasting fabric and some old ties you can create a unique pillow that will suit any decor. Check out this easy tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens. Image courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens. 7. Sunburst clock. A very clever use of ties indeed. Using the entire tie, both the small and the large ends, a. Pillow fluff. Start by placing 2 pieces of fabric together, if the fabric has a pattern or texture make sure one side is facing down and the other up. Now lightly trace or freehand a heart with chalk. The beauty of chalk is you can wipe it off and start over if needed. If you're drawing one freehand don't worry it doesn't need to be perfect Step 3: Insert the lining & interfacing. Open the unfolded side. Fold over the edge about 1/4″ and iron a few inches up. Pin the right side of the lining to the right side of the tie starting at one side and atop at the top point. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Now pin from the other end to the top point and stitch Center two ties on one side of the pillowcase, 1/2 inch under the hemmed edge and 4 inches apart. Pin the ties to the hem. Center the remaining two ties on the other side of the pillowcase in the same way. Top-stitch the ties to the hem. Heat the bed buddy rice pillow in the microwave for two minutes

4. Belts. Narrow wool or cotton ties (especially in argyle or plaid) make great belts. Add a D-ring style buckle and pair with dark-wash jeans for a casual look. 5. Quilts and Throws. If you have. Tie a Knot. Bring the triangular ends to the center of the pillow (Image 1), and tie a knot (Images 2 and 3). You can display the knot on the front, or turn the pillow over to hide it in the back (Image 4). Photography by Bethany Nauert; Styled by Erica Reitman and Paige Geffen. Image 1

Making a new cushion is not at all difficult and it allows you to choose the exact size, color and fabric that best suits your style, taste and budget. Sewing ties on the cushion helps keep it. They were so fun and easy to make and so I wanted to quickly share with you How to make a throw pillow out of a t-shirt. For this project you will need a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, a 18 X 18 or 20 X 20 pillow insert and a Men's Large or X-Large T-shirt Time to stuff your pillow! I use Poly-fil to stuff my pillows. I like it because I can decide how full I want the pillow and Poly-fil helps keep the pillows shape much longer than a pillow form. Plus, you can make the pillow any size you want and not have to worry about fitting the pillow form Memory Lane Boutique lovingly crafts memory bears, memory pillows and necktie treasures. These keepsakes are handmade from a loved one's shirt, necktie, baby quilt, robe, tablecloth and other special textiles. Memory Lane Boutique creations make great gifts to celebrate the life of someone special or to share a memory from an occasion you.

Make a few passes with the needle and fishing line, each time looping through and around the washers. Tie off the line on one side, knotting it onto the washer. 15. Add the Buttons. Cut an approximately 30 piece of matching thread and loop it through the upholstery needle, doubling it 1. Recycle or Compost Your Pillows . Double check with fabric recycling centers before bringing yours in to donate as many organizations won't take pillows or track down the closest American Textile Recycling Service bin, a service that accepts old pillows of all types.. As for feather or down pillows, that stuffing is compostable, so you can go ahead and empty those feathers out into the.

Today, I have a quick video showing how to make a pillow with an old T-Shirt. This is a super easy and beginner friendly project that you can complete in under 1 hour. I always have a stack of the girls' old tees that I want to make into something fun. These Halloween tees were the perfect choice for some fun Halloween pillows Stitch the tip closed, about ¼ from the tip end. 5. Stitch the Sides. Sew the tipping sides to the tie ends using ¼ seam allowance, stitching to (but not over!) the tip stitching. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other end of the tie. 6. Flip and Press. Carefully turn the tie point rights side out and press in place To make the armholes, cut a J shape about 6″ long and 3 inches wide. Step 2: Cut 2 identical pieces of contrasting fabric about six inches long and match the width to the bottom of the dress. Fold the two trim pieces in half lengthwise, then iron flat. Step 3: Place folded trim piece on right side of fabric with raw edges matched up Step 5: Bind the pillow. Since my pillow cover is a 17 square, I am going to multiply 17×4 to figure out the length of my binding. I also like to add 6 just to make sure I have enough binding. 17×4= 68+6= 74. So this means I will need a little less than two strips from a typical quilting cotton fabric, which is usually 42 to 44. Step 6 in creating a sweater pillow is to add a stitch to the neck of the sweater. Using needle and thread, make a small stitch at corner where the neck meets the back of the pillow. This stitch will hold the neck firmly in place without damaging the sweater, shirt or pillow insert

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Steps: • Stuff the pillow inside the sweater, stopping an inch below the underarm seam. • Pull the sleeves from the back of the pillow and wrap them around the front of the pillow, knotting them together in the center. Fold back the cuffs if desired. • Turn the pillow upside down to expose the bottom hem of the sweater Step 2: Tie ribbon around one end to make a gathered waist for a skirt. Decorate the skirt and blouse with trims such as ribbon or sequins. If your child wants to add a shawl, cut a strip from the middle of an old tie. Your child will never run out of pillows again in a pillow fight. Learn how to make no-stitch pillows in the next section How to Re-Cover & Button-Tuft a Rocker Cushion. A tufted cushion makes the rocker comfortable for extended sitting. The tufting adds interest to the cover and, most importantly, prevents the. DIY No Sew Throw Pillows. Source: anexerciseinfrugality.com. These DIY no sew throw pillows are made with a quick and easy hack: from canvas shopping bags! 3 minutes, 4 dollars or less and you have adorable pillows. Follow the link for the guidelines on this website. Tutorial. 2 of 53 MAKE A FINISHED EDGE THEN SEW THE TIE CLOSED. Before you actually sew the ties closed you will need to create a finished edge at one end of each tie. To do this, slightly open the tie, fold under one of the short ends about 1/4-1/2, then close tie back together. You can hold this end secure with a pin

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Door draft stoppers, aka draft snakes, can save money on heating bills, as well as reduce pollution. See examples of the cutest draft snakes around from crafty people How to make fleece tie Valentine pillows: 1. Cut out a heart shaped template from the white paper. Make sure to make it. no bigger than your pieces of fleece. Use the template to cut out the heart shape from each piece of fleece. 2. Lay 2 fleece hearts on top one another and draw a smaller heart on the top. heart

Measure your bed pillow to determine what size to cut your fleece. I used a bed pillow measuring 17″ x 24″. I added 12″ to my measurements so I would have 6″ fringe strips to tie around the pillow. In total, my fleece rectangles were 29″ x 36″ each. Cut the fleece to get two equal rectangles Make a quilt from the neckties of a family member or friend that has passed away to memorialize that person in a special way. Sometimes the act of making the quilt has a healing effect as each tie holds a special memory of the beloved person. Presenting the quilt as gift to a spouse, child, or grandchild is a beautiful way of giving them a special connection to the loved one that is no longer.

The idea of the dress is that you could cut a pillowcase, add some fabric ties, and wah-lah - it's a dress for a tot. BUTTTT, If you do not have a pretty pillow case already ready to go - then you have to sort of make it. Seems easy enough being that it is two piece of rectangle fabric. Which is true - that is all it is Then making a pillow out of your old ties might be right for you. I have not tried this, but I found some pretty good instructions HERE. 4. Tie Skirt or Kilt Another more ambitious arts and crafts project using your old ties is making a tie skirt. You will need about 12 to 15 ties for this project DIY Gifts Ideas : How creative! Use Dad's old neckties to make this one-of-a-kind pillow for Fat July 23, 2020, 12:43 am 1.4k Views 236 Vote Make a Denim Pillow from Repurposed Jeans. One of the most popular ways to reuse the denim fabric from a pair of old jeans is in making a pillow. That's what Glimmer did with an old pair of her husband's jeans. She designed her pillow in an envelope style so if needed, the cover could easily be removed for washing Make it from one color with embroidered designs, or make the top plaid or stripe and use plain for the bottom. Make the pattern on paper and cut the top apart from the bottom. Lay the pieces on material. Add 1/4″ for seam allowance. Turn under the seam allowance on the top edge of the bottom part of the boot

A mossy ring pillow would look fetching at an outdoor affair. To make: Glue green ribbon around an ice cream pint top. Glue green felt to the bottom. Arrange spike moss on top. Anchor ribbon to the moss with floral wire. Slip rings through the ribbon and tie a bow I like at least 2 pillows while I sleep. One for my head and one for my knees/arms. It all started with my 2nd pregnancy. My pregnant body just likes to be cozied to sleep with soft pillows. (Sorry Steve....nothing personal. But don't you dare mess with a pregnant woman and her pillows. ;) ) And ever since then, I like my 2 pillows. So when I make my bed, there's room for 2 pillows each, plus. Measure your pillow form. Add 1/2 inch to the width and length. Draw a pattern for your pillow on the newspaper based on the size of your pillow form. So if your pillow form is 16 inches square, draw the pattern to be 16 1/2 inches square. Cut out the pattern. Cut a slit in the pattern right down the middle, one or two inches from each end The secret to a cheap & easy pillow bed is a twin size flat sheet. Walmart sells them in a wide range of colors for $5 or $6 each. They also sell basic pillows for $2.50 each, making a 5 pillow bed under $20. It's a perfect handmade Christmas gift. How to make a kids' pillow be Repeat until you have the first color on every fourth section. Mix dye for second color and add to a clean squeeze bottle. Dye the second section of fabric, and repeat the pattern you did with the first. Repeat these steps for the remaining two colors. Allow the dyed fabric to sit for 30 minutes or longer. Rinse the pillowcase first in warm.

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5. Pillows. As with most of these ideas so far, turning tees into pillows requires some measure of sewing skill, like in these instructions for repurposed pillows. But you don't have to master a. 30-Minute Therapeutic Neck Pillows. These little bow-tie shaped neck pillows are super for proppin' up your noggin as you watch TV or read in bed or do a little browsing on your favorite device. They're also great for supporting your neck while sleeping. This is one of our original designs and remains a perennial favorite HOW TO MAKE A PILLOW OUT OF A SWEATSHIRT & SUPPLIES Sweatshirt (We used a large youth.) Pillow (We used an18″ pillow.) Scissors. Pins. Needle & Thread. Pull the sleeves to the inside of the shirt. Stuff pillow inside sweatshirt. Reaching in through the hood, pull each sleeve across the top of the pillow and smooth out No-Sew Throw Pillow Directions. 1. On a table, spread the fabric all the way open with the right side facing the table. 2. Place the pillow at an angle on the center of the fabric so that it looks like a diamond instead of a square. 3. Bring one corner of the fabric up and over one side of the pillow. Now repeat this for the opposite side Instructions. Cut two 7 wide by a minimum of 54″ inch long strips or as long as the full width of your fabric will allow. The longer the strips, the larger your knotted pillow will be. Form a sleeve of fabric by folding each strip in half. Make sure that the long way with the right sides are facing one another

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I decided to grab an old bucket from the garage to use. I set it in the tub to keep the mess contained. Start with two cups hot water and let the dye powder dissolve thoroughly. This was my first mistake. The first pillow I tried this on, the dye wasn't dissolved completely and I had a few red spots on my pillow Make a patchwork pillow by stitching together 49 5-inch squares into a 28-inch square grid for the pillow's front. Give the pillow a contrasting flange or edge by cutting four 2.5-inch wide by 28-inch long strips and sewing them to the body of the pillow. Use a 26-inch square piece of fabric in place of a 28 inch square and sew the four strips.

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Fold the top of the front and back of the pillowcase, first 1/4in then 5/8in to form a casing. (Figure 7) Sew a seam to stitch this closed. (Figure 8) Thread 1 yd of ribbon through each casing by using a small bobby pin. (Figure 9) Tie a small knot at the ends of each ribbon. (Figure 10 Stacey says, The tie silks I used were actually either samples or remnants from a factory that made neck-ties. They weren't ever finished into ties, but were about 4-1/2 by 12 (app.) pieces. To make the quilt I used a paper-piecing technique, but used muslin instead of paper to add stability. I also used a pattern by quilt-maker Karen K. Stone I have been planning to make this DIY knot pillow for a while. It is actually made from the leftovers of another upcycle. When I made a sweater felt rug, I cut the sleeves off the jumpers/sweaters and saved them for this project.. I have to admit making this DIY knot pillow wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be

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Custom Memory Pillow Made From Loved One's Clothing. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 20 customer ratings. ( 20 customer reviews) $ 40.00 - $ 60.00. Have a custom memory pillow made from your loved one's clothing! These pillows make heartfelt wedding gifts, new baby gifts and bereavement gifts to remember those who we have loved and lost Tutorial on Using a Neck Tie to Make Daisies - The Bits and Pieces Blog provides this nice tutorial for making daisies out of old neckties. The page has photos for each step in the process. Each daisy has several petals and a fabric-covered button for the center of the flower You could even make an entire set of throw pillows if you used the entire dress. Mix and match the parts of the gown on various pillows to create coordinating designs. A good idea for using all the material is to choose from your favorite parts—a beaded back or a jeweled neckline—to decorate the front of the pillow, and save the plain white.

33 Creative Ways of Recycling Old Ties That Will Inspire527 best images about Upcycling Men's Ties on PinterestCustom made quilted memory pillow cover, baby clothesThe Vaginal Massage Playbook/Variations: Putting a PillowEco-Rehash: How to Make Recycled Throw Pillows in a Flash

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Overlap the second short edge, wrong side facing out. Pin the long (unfinished) edges in place. Stitch along both sides, 1/2″ from the edge. Back stitch at the places where the short edges meet to add a little reinforcement. 5. Turn the cover. A throw pillow cover like an envelope is easy to put on and take off The zipper should just be open a few inches. 8. Unzip a few more inches of the zipper. 9. Continue pinning along the edge of each pillow piece, RST. 10. Unzip a few more inches, add pins, and continue this until you are at the end of the zipper. 11. Pin the ends of the zipper below the pull You can easily make this dress with an old pillowcase, but the trend now is to make the pillowcase style dresses with bright pretty fabrics. If you do use a pillowcase, the instructions are basically the same except the sides and bottom hem are already done! (You would just use the included bodice pattern to cut the armholes.

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Starting at one short end, mark a parallel line every 18.5 inches down until you reach the other short end. This will divide your pillow bed into four equal sections. Stitch along each line to make four pillow pockets. (PHOTO G) Stuff each of the four pockets with a pillow. (PHOTO H) Download your free cozy pillow bed sewing tutorial here Decorative Pillow Tutorials. The right set of throw pillows can be the perfect finishing touch to any room. Make a decorative pillow and brighten up your living room, bedroom, or den with this list of free pillow designs and pillow patterns. From simple square pillows to detailed designs, you can't go wrong with this list of DIY throw pillows How to make a large no-sew pillow using a dishtowel. I don't use a lot of throw pillows around my house since they usually end up taking up valuable seating and end up on the floor when someone wants to sit down. I do however like pillows on the banquette in my kitchen.It has L-shaped seating with bed size pillows along the wall that act as a backrest