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The best purple martin house for the serious PM landlord. Aluminum, poly, wood. Purple Martin products, Amish T-14 aluminum poles, starling trap. USA mad Round Copper Roof Purple Martin House This beautiful hand crafted Amish wooden house is made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Constructed using 3/8 weather-resistant stained pine and topped off with a heavy 16-gauge bright copper top roof and decorative wooden turned finial

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  1. um in Bird Houses. 13 Results Bird Type: Purple Martin. Sort by: Top Sellers. Heath Outdoor Products Purple Martin Gourd House (1-Quantity) Model# PMG-1. 1; 2; Showing 1-12 of 13 results
  2. um Purple Martin House and many more products for bird owners and bird lovers at TheBirdShed.com
  3. Purple Martins use Purple Martin houses to nest and provide protection from other birds that may harm their young. The entry holes in a Purple Martin house are too small for larger bird species to fit through. This makes the Purple Martin house perfect for breeding and raising baby birds. Purple Martin eggs are oval in shape and white in color
  4. DetailsShipping InformationDimensions 10 Room Purple Martin House. Top quality wooden house is handcrafted and made from layers of 3/8 Pine and Poplar wood that s coated several times with weather resistant outdoor grade white stain. Standing seem copper roof is 16 gauge and topped off with a finely crafted wooden finial
  5. Purple Martin bird house with 12 seperate compartments Western red cedar . Free shipping sp11dy 5 out of 5 stars (314) $ 145.99 FREE Purple Martin Bird House - Amish Handmade - 14 Nesting Compartments - Weather Resistant BirdsSanctuary 5 out of 5 stars (46) $ 274.

Details. Azek-Aluminum Purple Martin House. Finely handcrafted house is constructed of Azek vinyl floors and aluminum siding making this fully weather proof and extremely low-maintanence. 16 gauge aluminum roof comes in different colors and is painted using exterior grade aluminum primer and paint. Light weight house weighs 31Lbs Scroll down to Purple Martin House Gourds, or buy a complete Purple Martin Gourd Birdhouse Kit. The next step in the process is to cut the entrance hole . If you have a standard entrance cylinder from Amish Gourds, simply drill a 3″ hole in the front of the gourd with the center of the hole at the equator Oct 22, 2019 - Explore Thomas Carpenter's board Purple martin house plans on Pinterest. See more ideas about purple martin house, purple martin house plans, martin house 12- Hole Purple Martin Aluminum Bird House Handmade by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Price includes Shipping! The Willow Run Collection features top-of-the-line construction and materials designed by an Amish Lancaster County, Pennsylvania master craftsman. This 12-Hole Purple Martin Birdhouse has aluminum roof and body

They provide some Amish handmade bird houses and bird feeders available in a variety of shapes, colors, designs and sizes. TJ's Amish Buildings,Farms & Produce. 20780 Dover Bridge Rd. Preston, MD 21655. (410) 673-1064. tjsamishbuildings.com. Amish made decorative bird houses available in a variety of colors Purple Martin T 14 Plan Book. Purple Martins And Natural Gourds Amish. Martin Bird House Plans Page 1 Line 17qq Com. T14 Purple Martin Bird House. Making Natural Gourds Into Purple Martin Houses Amish. Wooden Round 12 And 15 Room Purple Martin Birdhouse With Free Shipping At Purplemartinhouse Com Apr 3, 2021 - Amish Hand-Made Bear Wooden Bird House. Comes with thick hanging rope. Additional $45.00 to ship to west coast. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Martin Bird House Purple Martin House Plans Purple Martin Birdhouse Wooden Bird Houses Large Bird Houses Hanging Rope Western Red Cedar Blue Bird Birdhouses

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  1. um houses they used over the past few years. This indicated to us that the T-14 Purple Martin House is a proven design and why the Amish widely use this type of house
  2. Professionals at AmishGourds.com recommend a special crescent shape for purple martin houses, whether made from gourds or wooden boxes. Amish Gourds recommends a D shaped entrance hole with the flat end along the bottom, measuring 3 inches long with the top of the curve a total distance of 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the opening
  3. A home that is too large gives predators easier opportunities to kill nesting birds, and larger undesirable birds may use the home to nest instead. The best dimensions for purple martin houses are: Entrance hole: The diameter of the entrance hole should be between 1 3/4 and 2 1/4 inches. Entrance holes measuring 2 1/8 inches are the most.
  4. How to Build a Purple Martin House. If you're looking for plans for Purple Martin houses, look no further. Using this plan, you can build apartment-style houses for Purple Martins and expand the design from 8 apartments to 16, 24 or even 32 homes even after it is built. These directions include purple martin house plans you can download

Free DIY purple martin house plans to make a wooden nesting box. This birdhouse can be used to attract purple martins and other birds to your backyard or garden. Find more free bird houses plans or discover more nesting boxes and bird feeders. Materials and Equipment Needed to Build this Birdhouse: Wood (cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine would make goo Small Barn Purple Martin House. $106.00. White Plastic Gourd Purple Martin House. $19.95. Purple Martin Houses For Sale: Purple Martin Houses & Products Online Products. CCW Unique online Store has variety of Products. Many consists Purple Martin Houses & Products Items offer multiple houses and/or at least 24 total nesting compartments. They should strive to build their colo-nies to at least 12-15 breeding pairs. Because conven-tionally-designed martin houses rarely have active nests in more than 50 - 60% of their rooms (due to male porch domination), this means a landlord should be of We offer birdhouses and feeders made from Poly-wood, which is weather-resistant, and hand-made by Amish craftsmen in America

If you don't want such a tall house, it can be turned into a T-10 with compartments shortened to 3 and 2, respectively. The T-14 was originally designed by an Amish man named Andrew Troyer from Conneaultville, Penn. Andrew has hosted martins for many years and really knows his stuff when it comes to taking care of them The Purple Martin Migration House. 2.5 (4 Reviews) Item 91913. This is the 12-unit bird house designed specifically for the mosquito-eating purple martin. Read more. We regret that this item is no longer available. $149.95

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Pinecraft.com Amish Birdhouses are 100% American Made! Treat your feathered friends to the homes they deserve with one of our Amish bird houses. We have a variety of unique bird houses for you to choose from, whether you want a simple wren house, or a multi-story birdhouse. Choose from a traditional wooden birdhouse or a durable and colorful polywood birdhouse Non-native House Sparrows cannot be allowed to nest in a Purple Martin colony. Starling Resistant Entry Holes - Non-native European Starlings can readily enter housing with standard round 2 1/8″ diameter holes. You can spend a lot of time using inbox traps to capture them or you can exclude them with Conley II entrances The Troyer T-14 plan booklet contains dozens of photos and diagrams detailing how to build your own wooden martin house incorporating the latest design innovations. Includes plans for making slide-out nest trays and instructions for putting access doors on gourds. The house and mounting pole require approximately 15-20 hours to build Amish Handcrafted PURPLE MARTIN BIRDHOUSE 12 Room 3-Story Condo A gorgeous way to attract the swift and aerial acrobatic, insect catching purple martins to your yard. These wonderfully social birds are as fun to watch as they are effective; eating flying ants, beetles, damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, moths, stinkbugs, wasps, a even houseflies I hope to attract Purple Martins with this Home Made bird house. I learned a lot about these birds. They depend almost entirely on man-made houses for nest..

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  1. Troyer's Cedar T-14 Purple Martin House (#T-14) Features: Made with quality red cedar for outstanding durability. Big compartments (6-½ W x 6 H x 11 L) Owl-resistant. Lowers vertically so the clutches of eggs are not disturbed. No door lips, designed for proper clean-outs
  2. Amish Colonial Martin Bird House with 14 Compartments. Outdoor Accents Collection. The distinctive chirps and cheeps of flighty martins are an essential part of summer. Nesting in the USA from January through April, martins make their homes in places where they can be close to other martins, and that's exactly why this distinctive, best-selling.
  3. Andrew M Troyer - TroyerGourds, Andrew Troyer is an Amish manufacturer of Purple Martin Gourds, Gourd Racks and T-14's, TROYER'S BIRDS' PARADISE 814-232-5048 (M & F 9:00 - 2:00) [email protected] Shopping Cart 0 $
  4. Clubhouse Bird House for Purple Martins. $279.99. Sale! Save 43%. One of the most popular purple martin decorative birdhouses for multiple nesting families. Rustic Purple Martin Bird House. Out Of Stock. This purple martin house is designed to ensure the survival of the baby birds. Shop Purple Martin Bird Houses

Purple Martin Bird House Plans. Purple martins nest in colonies. Over 1 million people put up martin houses, but many fail to attract any birds because of poor placement. Below you will find free purple martin bird house plans for building, installing and caring for these birds as well as how to increase your chances of attracting them Purple Martins. Madison Audubon. July 21, 2017. Purple martins perched above a nest box are at ease around humans due to their peaceful co-existence with their Amish landlords. Photo by Arlene Koziol. The bird enthusiasts of Wisconsin have a long history with the purple martin, a species that has become reliant on humans for nesting throughout. Erickson Birdhouse Co Inc. Bird Feeders & Houses. (717) 397-2266. 236 E Marion St. Lancaster, PA 17602. From Business: Erickson Birdhouses Company offers a range of birdhouses in the United States, Canada, Greece and Japan. The company provides collector birdhouses to birders and. 3. Wild Birds Unlimited Learn more about an Amish crafter named John who builds colorful bird houses and bird feeders for Amish Workshops from Poly-wood Get free shipping on qualified Purple Martin Bird Houses or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. #1 Home Improvement Retailer. Store Finder; Truck & Tool Rental Heath Plastic 12-Room Purple Martin House (15) Model# PH-12. S&K Multi Gourd (23) Model# BO9. Lancaster County Barn Purple for Martin House. Model# HBA-1011.

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A readers describes how she used scrap plywood, plastic sheeting, and juice cans to build a purple martin birdhouse. By Maida Rodgers All three stages of purple martin house construction LARGE 12-ROOM PURPLE MARTIN BIRDHOUSE - 100% WEATHERPROOF RECYCLED POLY in 4 Bright Custom Color Combinations. Houses are custom made with white walls and your choice of color for roof & trim - Cherry, Green, Navy or Black! Measures: 26w x 26h. Amish handmade birdhouses and feeders at SavingShepherd.com

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3 products. Vintage Rustic Wicker Birdhouses is woven from durable woven wood and hand-crafted in an Old Order Amish Community in the Heartland. These unique and country decorative Amish bird houses are individually handmade by Amish families who have been practicing the art of weaving wood for generations. Each birdhouse is equally enjoyable. Easily convert an existing traditional purple martin house using a universal predator-resistant entry Troyer tunnel. Use for wooden, aluminum or poly martin. Purple Martin Houses - Purple Martins like to nest in colonies but prefer to keep humans and other structures at a safe distance, so the more open the area the better. Purple martin houses are best placed in a centrally located area of the yard that is at least 40 feet away from human habitats and trees. Housing can face any direction Starlings and House Sparrows are two of the martins enemies and will compete (sometimes to the death) for nesting sites. Beginning a New Colony. Two resources I highly recommend for learning more about these birds are: Enjoying Purple Martins More by Richard Wolinski and Stokes: Purple Martin Book by Donald & Lillian Stokes. Don't skip on this.

Handmade by Amish artisans,a great addition to your yard, Invite martins to live in this wooden purple martin with 14 nesting compartments, 23 H x 22 L x 19 W.In this house, each apartment is 5x5, and each opening is 1 3/4 inch.Made of smart panel plywood, weather-resistant.The roof is constructed for removability to make nest check and seasonal clean out quick and easy to keep it usable. Purple Martin Bird House Plans. Purple martins nest colonially in martin apartment houses. Bird house plans for martins vary from very simple to quite elaborate. Gourds may be used for martins as well and are very popular in the south. Hard shell gourds are members of the species, Lagenaria, also called bottle gourds. They can be suspended from. Heath 18 Room Expandable Aluminum Hexagonal Purple Martin House Model AH-18D. 4.2 out of 5 stars. (18) Total Ratings 18, $183.99 New. Spoontiques 10177 School House Birdhouse Green. $22.89 New. Home Bazaar Enchantment Bird House Outdoor Garden Decor for Songbird Lovers. 4.5 out of 5 stars Jun 2, 2016 - 14 Compartments, hinged doors for easy clean out. Includes instructions for making post and mounting. If you're looking to start a purple martin colony, this is the house for you! Usually ships in 7 - 10 business days The top of the post has two angle cuts and a hole in the center. Drill the hole before cutting the angles. The angles are the same as the roof slope. Use the attic front wall for a template. The.

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  1. Jun 10, 2013 - Our Large Martin House is built to accommodate as many as 14 purple martin families. Designed and handcrafted by Amish woodworkers, this large martin house will last for a long time. Pole and hoist are not included
  2. BIRDS CHOICE 14-in H White and Silver Metal Purple Martins Nesting Box Bird House. Attract beautiful birds to your backyard, sit back, and enjoy the view. This Coates Original house, designed in the early 80's, has set the standard in the purple martin house industry
  3. The Purple Martin is a colony-nesting species, readily using nest boxes with multiple compartments (more common in the east) or individual hollowed gourds strung close together (more common in the west). Houses painted white seem to be most attractive (do not paint the interior). There should be no trees or buildings within 60 feet of the.
  4. Over 200 bird houses in stock. Same-day shipping at BestNest.com! Choose from bluebird houses, finch houses, owl houses, purple martin houses, wren houses, wood duck houses & more
  5. Purple Martins and birdhouses on an Amish farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, rural Martin bird house wooden bird box, nest boxes Two young Purple martins perch on the wire above a cedar nest-box, one with a dragonfly in its beak and ID bands on both legs (blue sky background)
  6. Custom-built Amish Purple Martin T-14 Houses, Troyer vertical gourds, Supergourds sold at Newark Built Sheds & Lawn Furniture- 593060 Oxford Road 13, Norwich, Ontario, N0J 1P0, Canada 519-468-3029 (leave a message

Purple Martins and birdhouses on an Amish farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, rural Martin bird house wooden bird box, nest boxes A modern bird house designed for purple martins. Lowell, Ohio, USA NEW PURPLE MARTIN CLUBHOUSE BIRD HOUSE HOME BAZAAR WOOD WHITE 16 ROOMS. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (2) 2 product ratings - NEW PURPLE MARTIN CLUBHOUSE BIRD HOUSE HOME BAZAAR WOOD WHITE 16 ROOMS. C $438.47. C $111.05 shipping 6 family Purple Martin House. Purple Martins are gregarious they like to nest in groups. This Bird in Hand Series Martinsburg Manor 18.5 in x 24 in x 14 in Purple Martin House is a great start for a colony. Purple martin houses should be erected at 12-18 ft. in height to attract this most prized of nesting birds. This house will allow Martin families to return year after year. Made In America

The Heritage Farms Quad Pod Purple Martin Pole System provides your Quad Pod Purple Martin House with sturdy support and mobility. Position the included ground socket 40-44 deep in the soil and secure it with concrete, stabilizing the pole and preparing it to accept up to four Quad Pod units Male female house finch high resolution stock graphy free wren house plans easy diy project 12 room copper top birdhouse purple martin 3 story bird house ocean views evening grosbeaks and other winter finches attractively plumed house finches wel e attractions in colorful and bright king middle school students begin it s popular mechanics google books amish purple martin house plans free Martin dwellings can be expensive, so before erecting a purple martin house, it's a good idea to determine the likelihood of martins actually moving in. Like other swallows, they like lots of open space, so if you live in a heavily wooded area, you might as well forget martins. Martin houses are the most conspicuous of all bird houses Purple Martin Apartment House There are many styles of the purple martin apartment house. The houses may be plastic, metal or wooden. One, two and multiple story versions are available. If you are just starting out, it may be advisable to avoid the larger houses (keep the 8-10 minimum in mind)

Drill pilot holes and install using 1 1/2″ deck screws. Screw through the roof (E) (F) and into the sides (A). Cut four pieces of plywood to 6″ x 27 3/4″ (G). Cut out the bird house entrance. Slide (G) into the bird house, sand if necessary. Purple martin bird houses can be very heavy, mount and secure properly Troyer's Birds' Paradise purple martin bird houses are the best manufactured purple martin gourd houses being sold today. These gourd bird houses have been tested by purple martin landlords with great success for many years. They provide the purple martins with safe, large nesting compartments they need to ensure fledging the most baby martins. The popular plantation houses and cupola houses are designed to mount either directly on a 4×4 wooden post or on your roof and are more for show than for housing purple martins. There are a wide variety of martin houses that you can find that DO follow these important points. Made with a wide variety of materials to fit any budget and many.

2011-09-08. Rating: average rating: 1.00 (2 votes) Free Purple Martin Bird House plans - In the backyards and hearts of bird lovers across North America, Purple Martins occupy a unique and cherished place. East of the Rocky Mountains, for more than a century, these handsome, graceful swallows have nested almost exclusively in man-made bird houses However, not knowing any better, most of the time, the houses were built incorrectly and many a time, the purple martin had to pay for that mistake, either with discomfort or with it's life. The compartments were often much too small for a bird that is almost 8 in length and many times, the entrance holes were incorrect, sometimes too small or.

Amish Purple Martin Nests in my Backyard in 2019! Banded Purple Martins at the Gastown Racetrack Colony, Armstrong Co., PA. 2005 Behavior of Purple Martins Captured in Pre-nesting Compartments and Released Several Miles Away. 200 T-14 Poly House Bundle. $1,286.85 $1,209.95. Sale. IN STOCK: Please allow extra time for shipping Free Shipping Over $49.00. (2) Add To Cart. Quick View. Troyer's Super-Deluxe 12 Unit Gourd Rack. $384.95

Eye-catching and beautiful, this delightful bird house in the shape of our feathered friends will bring joy and birdsong to the garden or porch. Each of these birdhouses are lovingly handcrafted from solid wood by our Amish woodworker right here in Pennsylvania Most aluminum houses have tiny 6×6 inch compartments that are way to small for a 7 1/2 to 8 inch bird. Even the Purple Martin Conservation Association recommends the larger sizes even though most manufacturers have yet to adopt it as a standard. Most aluminum houses out there require making changes to and cutting aluminum to modify those tiny. A favorite bird to erect a house for is the Eastern Bluebird that also can nest in kestrel boxes. at Amish Purple Martin landlords in the northern part of Columbia County. The banded female and the unbanded male nested in his T14 nest box and raised four young. When not working around the yard, John could be found in a chair watching his.

Handmade by Amish artisans, a great addition to your yard, Invite martins to live in this purple martin with 12 nesting compartments, 26 H x 26 L x 26 W.Eco-friendly - the body, roof, and interior are made of recycled high-density polyethylene materials and resists rotting, which will last for a long time.This classic house offers advanced weather resistance, maintenance-free, doesn't. The Purple Martin is the largest swallow in North America. Purple Martins are very tame and breed near people. They even like to build their nests in man-made birdhouses. You should know the following before building your Martin birdhouse Purple Martins in Indiana. Purple Martins are a coomon and popular backyard bird throughout Indiana. Martins arrive in mid-to late March so Martin houses should be opened in late February or early March to greet the early arrivals. Martins will complete their nesting cycle by mid-summer Amish Bird Houses and Feeders 844-297-8827. Amish Bird Houses. They are durable and fun to have and all handmade by Amish workers in their own shops. 844-297-8827. Our son Bill Bedford lived with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy from Feb 19, 1970 when he was born to October 19, 2013 when he went Home to be with the Lord. We miss him terribly May 1, 2021 - 18 Room Aluminum Purple Martin House. Constructed of Rust-Free Heat Dispensing Aluminum. Smart Hexagonal Design Creating Artistry and Function. Easy to Clean Floors snap out for easy access. Comes complete with railings and door stops. Assemble with Screwdriver and pliers

Made in the USA. Note: This product is handcrafted by the Amish using reclaimed and recycled wood. As such, each individual item may vary slightly. Openings: 2 dia. Apartment Size: 5L x 5.5W x 5.75H bottom units, 9L x 8W x 10H top units. Dimensions: 24L x 22.25W x 24.5H. Mounting: post mount. Construction: wood Bird Houses. Choosing the right birdhouse is essential for bringing birds to your outdoor living space. Combining aesthetics and functionality, Birdertown brings you the finest selection of birdhouses that will ensure the birds have a safe and secure place to build their nest while enhancing the look of your garden décor Product Details. The Royal Wing Purple Martin Gourds allows a family of martins to nest comfortably and safely with ease. Featuring a starling resistant entrance, textured non-slip floors and deep compartments, this UV-resistant is perfect for most feeding habitats. UV resistant. Lifetime limited warranty

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Wild birds can be choosy about the perfect house so it's great when you can give them a few to choose from. At the Wild Bird Store online, we feature many different styles of bird houses for sale. We have the perfect bird houses for most common species of wild birds and as always your purchase is protected by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee Bird Houses, also called nesting boxes are used by cavity-nesting birds for building a nest in. Approximately 85 species of north american birds use cavities for nesting or for roosting. Most birds begin looking for potential nesting spots as early as January or February so it makes sense to erect a birdhouse as early as possible Purple Martin Colonies. Purple Martins nest in colonies, so their bird houses are very different. Depending on how many you want to attract, you must build them in multiple levels. These bird houses are usually rounded, and should feature a protective roof as well. You can also simply hang several gourds in a cluster Our tried and true deluxe aluminum Purple Martin houses are extremely durable and ideal for keeping the inside temperature cool. Choose the house that's right for you, then consider pairing it with a set of Purple Martin gourds for an even more inviting destination. Learn Mor

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Browse our fabulous array of unique birdhouses! We offer a curated selection including bluebird houses, birdhouse kits, martin houses and stunning copper roof & vinyl birdhouses. Totally fun and functional, you'll find unusual, traditional, whimsical and one-of-a-kind handmade birdhouses crafted with superior quality to host many successful. Amish Handcrafted PURPLE MARTIN BIRDHOUSE Large 15 Room Bird Condo Natural Cedar with Copper Roof House A gorgeous way to attract the swift and aerial acrobatic, insect catching purple martins to your yard

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Wooden Bird Houses Bird Houses Painted Painted Birdhouses Large Bird Feeders Humming Bird Feeders Martin Bird House Purple Martin House Plans Purple Martin Birdhouse Exterior Grade Plywood Purple Martin Bird House to Build for 8 Families with Free Plans Purple martin bird house plans - Preferring to live in groups, build a Purple Martin condo to house a number of breeding pairs. Mount it 15 to 20-feet above ground Purple martin houses placement of copper top round purple martin house purple martin gourds super by purple martin houses placement of royal wing purple martin bird. Taverner Martin House. The start of the Purple Martin section of the article: The Purple Martin. The original blueprints of his Martin house design: Original Blueprint. Taverner's first attempt at a Purple Martin House (Photo below) required that the house could only be accessed with a ladder or taken down at the end of the season S and K Purple Martin House, 12 Room, Houses up to 12 purple martin families By Brand S K Mfg Product description S&K BH12 12 Family Purple Martin Bird House Green / Tan -by# greatbrands, #UGEIO62301628781044 Walmart.com Designed for use with S&K's telescopic poles, this durable, lightweight birdhouse provides shelter, space, and privacy for.

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  1. 6. Hanging DIY Birdhouse. Imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy the first sip of coffee in the backyard while watching cherubic birds playing around their newly built home. Easy Birdhouse Plan. 7. Unique Eastern Birdhouse Plan. Bluebird Birdhouse Plan. 8. Build a Purple Martin House for the Birds
  2. Martin houses became so common by the turn of the 20th century that most purple martins east of the Rockies had abandoned their ancestral nesting sites in tree cavities or old woodpecker holes and.
  3. S&K Manufacturing Round Pole for Martin Houses, 1.9 W X 13.5 H. ( 1) $69.99. S&K Manufacturing BO9 Gourds House with Rack for Birds. ( 1) $59.99 - $109.99. S&K Manufacturing American Barn Purple Martin House. ( 11) $39.99 was $49.99
  4. Purple martins are large, iridescent swallows and highly desirable backyard birds, and attracting purple martins can be easy. Because they eat thousands of insects each day, do not require bird feeders, and can nest in compact colonies, birders only have to take a few steps to make their yard suitable as prime purple martin habitat
  5. Amish Gourds . Another purple martin site from Pennsylvania. The Iowa Purple Martin Organization. Purple martins in Iowa... The Purple Martin Society Check out all the different materials that can be used to make bird houses Here's a good site explaining all the benefits of bird watching from start to finis

This large format, 12 cavity Bird in Hand Series Lancaster Barn 25 in x 22 in x 25 in Purple Martin House comes directly from the amish country and is made from reclaimed and recycled materials probably from an original barn in the area The best bird feeders reviews by climate change will disrupt half of national audubon society field guide to 13 free birdhouse plans easy pdf video pocket 8 lb nyjer black hills a chapter launches nabb cedar bluebird house says trumpNational Audubon Society 7 Lb Safflower Bird Seed In The Wildlife Food Department At Lowes ComNational Audubon Society 10 Read More Protect your Purple Martin colony! Predators are everywhere. Whether a martin colony is located on a public park, at a school, or in your own backyard, Purple Martins are vulnerable to aerial predators such as hawks and owls, and ground predators such as raccoons, snakes, and squirrels. Poles Guards are the solution

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