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Bamboo is a fastest growing plant and renewable as well. 6. While buying furniture or other goods people opt durable goods and this is the other reason why bamboo products are so famous. 7. Bamboo has been used to make almost everything from clothing, textile, flooring, stationary etc because of these reasons bamboo is called versatile product. 8 Bamboo species can be divided into clumpers and runners. The seven species of bamboos. 1. Bambusa Balcooa 2. Bambusa Bambos 3. Bambusa Nutans 4. Bambusa Tulda 5. Dendrocalamus Giganteus 6. Dendrocalamus Strictus 7. Melocanna Bambusoides Species of Bamboo 14. Sizes Bamboo sizes are generally specified by minimum diameter, wall thickness and length PPT ON BAMBOO - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. PPT ON BAMBAOO AS A CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL processing for manufacturing mat based composites and other market driven bamboo products BAMBOO RESOURCES MAJOR BAMBOO GROWING IN INDIA REGIONS / STATES. AREA Gross (%) Share. North East 28.0 66. Ko Than Naing Aye - Bamboo Clock - Nyaung Shwe From We Are, Myanmar Shan State Printing, and Products Our creative and good at Tres ice Much Print Quality. Use of Myanmar We Combining Traditional Craft Ideas to Make Our Creative With clock, kiosk for home interior and Decorative Accessories

Bamboo Protector & Fence Paint - Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenater has been developed by Crystal Paints just for treating bamboo products.Bamboo Protector & Rejuvenater will help protect the bamboo and assist in retaining the natural colour of the bamboo by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to. Bamboo as a Building Material Seminar and PPT with pdf report: It is widely used for many forms of construction, in particular for housing in rural areas. This page contains Bamboo as a Building Material Seminar and PPT with pdf report Enhancing bamboo, wood, metal, and other finished products through sketching, shading and outlining A good design must be enhanced more to be attractive to customers. As you have learned the techniques in sketching, outlining, and shading in grade 4, you will now be able to apply these in enhancing your finished products. 1 Bamboo products are the best replacements for Plastic products. Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to many of the plastic products we use in our daily lives. Why use Bamboo in place of plastic products? Environmentally friendly. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and deadly gasses 3.1.1 Methods of enhancing/decorating bamboo and wood products. Woodcraft and bamboo craft can be enhanced using a variety of methods and techniques. These include: · Woodturning is a process of using a lathe to make various forms and shapes of wood. · Hand carving is considered a woodcraft in which a sharp object is used to create designs on.

All of our Bamboo Products are biodegradable, sustainable, earth-friendly and recyclable.. We are Bamboodu an online store and community promoting healthy live style, ecology and low waste. Single use plastic is one of the worlds worst contributors to waste Bamboo is a beautiful building material that's appearing in more buildings and homes. You'll find sustainable flooring options, island-inspired furniture, rustic decorations and more when you look for bamboo products.Cultures have used bamboo for countless purposes for centuries Bamboo products disadvantages: 1. It is easy to be worms and moldy, and it will be affected by environmental deformation and cracking. If the bamboo wood furniture properly controls the moisture content of the material during the processing and the surface painting process, it can basically eliminate this problem Methods of enhancing/decorating bamboo, wood, and metal products Woodcraft and bamboo craft can be enhanced using a variety of methods and techniques. These include: Methods of enhancing/decorating bamboo, wood, and metal products Woodturnin g is a process of using a lathe to make various forms and shapes of wood

From raw products like bamboo charcoal or edible bamboo shoots, to finished pieces like furniture and instruments, there are many kinds of bamboo products out there. Whether they are made of raw or treated bamboo, they all seem to be used with more frequency now that we are re-discovering the versatility of the products TLE - INDUSTRIAL ARTS - GRADE 6 - LESSON 4 WOODCRAFT & BAMBOO CRAFT A product is only expected to be saleable at a certain period of time but this could be prevented if some strategies and methods will be applied in enhancing and decorating products. You must never stop inventing new and better ways to enhance our products for the business to keep going Cane and bamboo essentially involve manual weaving of bamboo slivers to produce utility products like sofa-sets, chairs, tables, rocking-chair, beds etc. The bamboo and cane furniture business can be started on a small scale with the owner setting up his or her workshop in his compound or garage, if such is allowed in your locality Many people's experience of bamboo products is limited to sitting on bamboo furniture and matting, using bamboo baskets or using bamboo chopsticks to eat some bamboo shoots. The last 15 years has seen a dramatic growth in the variety of commercial bamboo products such as flooring, laminated furniture, building panels (similar to timber-based.

Using bamboo products to replace plastic is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. It may seem like a small reduction, but it's a decrease nonetheless. If done collectively, we can make a big dent in the growing plastic waste on our planet. With every item you swap with eco-friendly alternatives, you're giving Earth a big favor TLE 6 I.A. - Enhancing/ Decorating Finished Products. TLE 6 - Industrial Arts DLP-Based lesson video with the code TLE6IA-Oa-2. Can be use as reference for the subject. Just download and edit according to needs..

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Bamboo Natural Straw ( Pack of 4) Bamboo Natural Straw ( Pack of 4) ₹ 80.00. Made from natural Bamboo Bio degradable. Kid friendly- Odorless and tasteless. Save the world from the straw menace One straw at a time. Nontoxic and safe no harmful chemicals used in making the straws. Reusable Comes with a brush for cleaning the straw Each straw is. Bamboo Industry Value Chain INSTITUTIONAL Machine, Tools Fabrication, Adhesive Floor Boards, BUYERS Production Tiles, Sawali NHA, DPWH Boards, Panels, OTHER MARKETS ENGINEERED BAMBOO Hardware and Construction Supply Bamboo Poles Stores Primary Processing Milling and Composing Furniture, Designers Furnishings, Accents Cultivars Treated Poles. TLE 6 - Industrial Arts DLP-Based lesson video with the code TLE6IA-Oa-2. Can be use as reference for the subject. Just download and edit according to needs.. Bamboo detects new branches in Git, Mercurial, and SVN repos & applies the main line's CI scheme to them automatically. Triggers Bamboo can trigger builds based on changes detected in the repository, push notifications from Bitbucket, a set schedule, the completion of another build, or any combination thereof

Best Bamboo PowerPoint Templates. CrystalGraphics is the award-winning provider of the world's largest collection of templates for PowerPoint. Our beautiful, affordable PowerPoint templates are used and trusted by both small and large companies around the world. Look around. You'll like what you see TLE 6 Quarter 3 Week 1 Enhancing and Decorating Finished Products video presentation. You can edit it according to your needs. Just like , share and subscrib.. \ ON-WOOD FOREST PRODUCTS 18 World bamboo resources A thematic study prepared in the framework of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 by Maxim Lobovikov Shyam Paudel Marco Piazza Hong Ren Junqi Wu NON-WOOD FOREST PRODUCTS 18 World bamboo resources A thematic study prepared in the framework of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005 b

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There is potential to develop more industrial products based on bamboo. Tripura cane and bamboo handicrafts are considered to be among the best in the country for their exquisite designs, wide range of products and artistic appeal. This industry has a great export potential as well. PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by A free customizable presentation with bamboo theme template is provided to download and print. Quickly get a head-start when creating your own presentation with bamboo theme. Apply it to your presentation and make your audience impressed. There are also a great number of illustrations in Edraw to make your presentation vivid and attractive Download Bamboo PowerPoint templates (ppt) and Google Slides themes to create awesome presentations. Free + Easy to edit + Professional + Lots backgrounds

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  1. Wacom Inkspace is an app that helps you nurture work created on paper. Inkspace works in harmony with our Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads and Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition pen tablet, enabling you to craft, enhance and share ideas more effectively than ever before. Learn mor
  2. Odisha Bamboo Development Agency is an initiative aimed at integrated development of Bamboo sector in Odisha. The focus is on bamboo resource regeneration by commercial cultivation of bamboo and building highly competitive clusters producing commercially accepted bamboo products through value addition as well as setting up bamboo based industries with recent advances in technology
  3. the value added products assume great significance for busi-ness potential. Obviously, it would demand process standard-ization for small scale processing units. Literature review reveals that studies on food safety aspect of bamboo shoot are unsystematic and scanty, hence need special attention
  4. Bamboo Rhizome Barrier. Bamboo rhizome barrier permits the control of bamboo growth by surrounding it with a physical barrier such as concrete or specialist heavyweight plastic.. If the barrier is not sloping outwards the rhizomes may well attempt to get under the barrier, or just grow through it in the case of plastic
  5. Bamboo Reinforced Concrete - Application and Analysis After the fabrication of the first proof-of-concept high-tensile specimens of our bamboo composite material the next logical step was the analysis of the reinforcing qualities for concrete applications. Similar approaches have already been attempted decades ago
  6. The state has an edge as far as eco-friendly handicrafts are concerned because it has a tradition of making beautiful handicrafts with articles like ivory, bamboo, palm leaves, seashells, wood, coconut shells, clay, cloth, metals, stone and so on.. Kerala's rich cultural heritage is depicted in its art and crafts. You can find artefacts ranging from ayurvedic soaps and balms to wood carving.
  7. ishing wood supply, bamboos are now in high demand as raw material sources for furniture, handicraft and many products. Because of this, bamboos are over cut by improper harvesting methods, causing serious genetic erosion due to unabated pressure

(see pictures for the types and sizes of bamboo they have in the store, as well as some products made from bamboos! Totally awesome!!) - Wire to hang them. 10 - 15 cm per lamp. I used stainless wire that I have laying around. Bamboos are not heavy, so I'm not worried for wire strength. - Small nails or hook-screws. 2 per lamp Bamboo is mostly used for house construction, scaffolding, fencing, garden support, fodder, handicrafts etc., and for several other articles of everyday use. Edible young bamboo shoots are used as vegetables. In the present paper a list of bamboos occurring in Sikkim with their vernacular names,. Beema bamboo is sympodial bamboo with the clump forming rhizome (but the monopodial bamboo is invasive by rhizome) andnew culms only grows around the mother shoot.Hence, Beema Bamboo is a non-invasiveclumping variety. The species Beema bamboo is sterile because of its aneuploid nature with 2N chromosomal number of 70, instead of regular.

As a result of modern technological advances, new uses of bamboo and its products are also being explored such as the use to reinforce cement concrete, in medicines, charcoal, and bacteria culture. A pen in the hand. A pen. A paintbrush. With the right tools, designers, artists and photographers know what to do. The hands and eyes communicate. Intuition takes over. With a Wacom pen in your hand, the work flows like paint onto a canvas We also manufacture custom wood and bamboo products. Import & Export. We export products such as Tropical Plans, Tropical Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Syrups and Fruit Pulp. We import a variety of North American products. Sourcing Bamboo Paper. Turn your Windows device into a paper notebook and capture your ideas everywhere, anytime. Taking notes, sketching, and drawing is as straightforward and simple as using real pen and paper. CREATE YOUR OWN COLORS Set any color and create a custom color palette with 36 color swatches. Express your creativity with all possible colors

The project vision is to meet the increasing demand of bamboo products in our country. Alive bamboo tiles and furniture is flourishing in its five aspects. It is a partnership firm established according to the partnership act 1932 prevailing with a view to ensure proper utilization of investment. The initiative was taken by eleven promoters The India bamboo products market is segmented based on species, application, end user industry, and region. Based on species, the market can be categorized into Bambusa Tulda, Bambusa Bambos, Dendrocalamus Strictus and others. The Bambusa Tulda species is expected to dominate the market owing to its widespread use in construction industry and. Bamboo is actually a giant grass plant in the family of Poaceae. Some species grow tall and many people refer to them as bamboo trees. And because it is a grass, if you cut it, it grows back so quickly, making it one of the most the ideal crop for rapid actions in terms of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, according to Friederich, who has a PhD in groundwater hydrochemistry Bamboo can be utilized as a building material for scaffolding, bridges, houses and buildings.Bamboo, like wood, is a natural composite material with a high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures. Bamboo's strength-to-weight ratio is similar to timber, and its strength is generally similar to a strong softwood or hardwood timber 100% Free Green Bamboo Forest Background presentation template available for Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint you can download and use in your presentations. Diagram #0775

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  1. Bamboo leaves and shoots are also the staple diet of pandas and elephants. 8. Bamboo is used for scaffolding. Bamboo is often used for scaffolding because it proves to be an eco-friendly and cost-effective resource. In Hong Kong, bamboo scaffolding is preferred over metal scaffolding because of its easy availability and because it is cheaper. 9
  2. Products made from bamboo have earned a reputation for eco-friendliness. And while that may be up for debate, it's true that soft, silky, breathable bamboo sheets have a number of appealing.
  3. In order to create new handicraft products which can be sold locally or exported abroad, different raw materials which are available in the market are needed. Handicraft makers fashion them into baskets, bags, clothing accessories, cabinets, lamp shades, wall décor, bamboo sofa sets, cabinets, clothes, and others that one can think of using.
  4. Back in 2001, our company name was inspired by the bamboo plant — strong, flexible and easily adapted for a variety of global solutions. Today, by adding the consulting services of SharePointXperts to the Bamboo family, we have become a global-leading provider of enterprise-class software applications and consulting services designed to.
  5. Here's how to dispose of a Bam&Boo toothbrush in 3 steps without any waste: Step 1 - Remove the toothbrush bristles. Step 2 - Dispose of the bamboo handle. Step 3 - Reuse or upcycle your bamboo toothbrush. You already know our motto: Reduce waste and plastic. Go green. Go blue
  6. More Products; Home > PowerPoint Templates > Torch > Bamboo-torch-oil-lamp . PowerPoint Template With Bamboo-torch-oil-lamp Themed Background And A Navy Blue Colored Foreground Design . Slide 1 of 18 . Title slides's text position: › Foreground style: Design 3 › Background options: Current Settings ›.
  7. Amazon.com. The Bamboo Pen Tablet turns your computer into a virtual canvas, allowing you to create digital artwork with the touch of a pen. With its textured surface, the tablet simulates the intuitive feeling of pen on paper. Using the easy-grip pen, you'll be able to add hand-drawn embellishments to your favorite photos, add life to digital.
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Bamboo is a popular material for architects working on humanitarian projects in Asia and beyond, thanks to its sustainable nature, low cost, strength and flexibility. Last year, Architectural. Products. T-Shirts PSD T-Shirts KDP Designs Tote Bags PPT Presentations PSD T-shirts Book covers Mockup Generator. T-shirt Maker. Design Request Merch Digest Bamboo light green three close straight icon Bamboo stick single icon. Save

Bamboo as a Building Material Seminar :-General Uses : Creating a flack line in traditional forests-due to the huge content of silica. The shoots are edible. Building and construction. Small scale and cottage industries, for handicrafts and other products. New generation products as wood substitutes. Industrial products. Properties : Tensile. bamboo assured the promoter that the local bamboo was suitable for the envisaged production of bamboo bikes •Identifying the sources of bamboo supply within 60 km radius of Kumasi began. This was aimed at minimizing transportation costs •Concurrently, the promoter secured a medium term credit facility in addition to his capital injection Tree View Web Part provides dual-paned file explorer interface for SharePoint lists and libraries. - Quickly navigate through files and folders with a familiar, intuitive tree structure. Easily manage and organize. - Dynamically filter content using existing list and/or library views. Group related items into folders and subfolders processed and fabricated into different standard industrial products which are mainly used as a cheap substitute for hardwood because bamboo grows much faster than timber and is a renewable source after 4-5 years. But in this process of industrialization bamboo loses its structural advantages and at the same Figure 3- 9 Industrial Bamboo. The term bamboo fabric widely refers to a number of different textiles that are made from the bamboo plant. Fabrics have been made from bamboo for thousands of years, but it is only in contemporary times that the process of making this hardy and fast-growing wood into fabric has been perfected. The story of bamboo fabric is a mixed bag

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  1. c) Bamboo plastic composite is a pioneering technology in which bamboo fiber as raw material is blended with plastic as the core material. These mats are highly resistant to moisture and structurally more stable. Walls Construction with Bamboo as a Building Material Bamboo is extensively used for construction of walls and partitions. Posts and.
  2. Bamboo products can be a good solution for village dwellers and city goers. Its benefits are really fantastic and ideal. A bamboo garden can save money, when a house built with that, but repair is almost impossible, that should be replaced every year.Really The benefits of bamboo products are awesome
  3. Bamboo is very versatile and widely used for every day materials and products in rural areas of the countries of origin. Bamboos are fast growing, with most species being harvested in 3-5 years, and some species reaching maturity in a year
  4. Bamboo roofing is an effective and eco-friendly alternative to your house. While it looks aesthetic and neat there is no compromise on the strength of the structure. Although flexibility, termite resistance, strength qualify bamboo as a roofing material. Bamboo also ensures that there is sustainable development
  5. First there were products made from bamboo, and then there was packaging made from bamboo. This begs the question, is this packaging sustainable, or just another way to put a tick in the Green box. Packaging made from bamboo fibers goes through a process very similar to paper and cardboard, and in the majority of cases there are no additional.
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  1. Bamboo).In this project we provide vision for fashion companies about extraordinary uses and applications of these sustainable fibers to get the competitive advantage in the market. Project briefly describes the story from history to the present use of these fibers for differen
  2. Bamboo and cane craft Bamboo and cane craft are deep rooted in traditional culture of all three ethnic group of Sikkim. Various attractive ecofriendly products are made out of bamboo and cane, such as Lepcha hats, fruit and vegetable baskets, mugs, flower vases, tea trays, carry bags, containers, baskets, dustbins, mats, etc. Conclusio
  3. g about 23% geographical area of the state. Muli bamboo comprises about 80% of the bamboo resources and this is the only single stand- bamboo (non-clump for
  4. Bamboo is basically a form of grass, though with a woody stem (culm). Some are small and almost grass-like, while others have huge culms (over 100') and up to 8 in diameter. It is a fast growing plant with some species growing over 1' a day in ideal conditions. Most are slower than that, and some are painfully slow

At Moretti Interior Design we like using sustainable materials as Bamboo. Moretti Blog • November 29, 2017. B amboo is a very versatile material and it is used often in various fields like building industry, architecture and design sectors. Furniture, rugs, fabrics, textiles make bamboo products showing its natural textures and its elegance. Van der Lugt, P, Vogtlander, J.G., Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Sequestration, Bamboo products of Moso International, Delft University of Technology, 2014. Van der Lugt, Pablo. LCA-Carbon Footprint of industrial bamboo products, 2013, Microsoft PowerPoint file

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Aspen Grove Solutions is an exciting, passionate, people-oriented organization that creates new services and solutions for property and loan management through the digitization and re-engineer of traditional business processes. Our customers are largely US-based and include some of the largest banks in BEEMA (or) BHEEMA BAMBOO is a superior clone, selected for high biomass yielding out of Bambusa balcooa.It is the product of continuous research effort for over 15 years by Dr. N. Barathi, of Growmore Biotech Ltd Some of the characteristics of Beema Bamboo

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Enhance management and collaboration while keeping all the benefits that SharePoint brings. SharePoint features, including permissions and security trimming, are applied to File Share content. File share content is synced for continuously up-to-date data. Manage document folders, upload files, search content, set alerts or trigger workflows in. This is a moderate sized bamboo 6 m to 10 m in height and 5-8 cms in diameter, with yellow or green striped culms. Commonly cultivated all over India upto an altitude of 1000 m. It forms loose clumps. It is widely used for furniture, toys, cages, etc., also used for construction. Commonly used as an ornamental. Type # 3. Bambusa Tulda (Bengali. YOLLY Natural Bamboo Fiber Straw is the most eco-friendly straws in the world. 100% Natural Bamboo Fiber, Plastic-Free, Biodegradable, Combustible, Chemical-Free, Made in Taiwan. With more than 30 years of experience in plant fiber dry processing and forming technology, we have created the most natural and eco-friendly material, the unparalleled disposable straw solution Advanced experience with Excel and using Pivot Tables. Intermediate to Advance experience in Office 365 products including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and SharePoint. Skilled in utilizing Adobe Acrobat Pro. Has a record of punctual, regular and predictable attendance. Ability to communicate effectively and remain calm and courteous under pressure

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The general applications of bamboo, in recent years, cuts across the fields of engineering, as well as non-engineering fields. This chapter offers a thorough review of some traditional and non-traditional uses of bamboo to demonstrate that it is indeed a multipurpose plant. For many centuries, it has been primarily the construction industry. Jun 11, 2018 - This free An Airline powerpoint template is a free template design with airlines on the background that can be used for many purposes. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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The Bamboo Tree Story. Like all other plants and trees, the Chinese bamboo tree requires nurturing through water, fertile soil, and also with enough sunshine to ensure that it grows. If you plant a bamboo tree and you give it enough water, the right soil, and also enough exposure to sunlight, you will NEVER see any visible growth in the first year East Point Energy is an energy storage project development firm. We focus on standalone, front-of-the-meter energy storage systems. We partner with utilities, landowners, and communities to deploy grid-scale projects that make the electrical grid more renewable, resilient and affordable. East Point was founded by renewable energy executives who. Named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 2018 Top Company Cultures, Forbes 2019 Small Giants and Inc 5000's Best Places to Work, Harvest Group is the trusted omni-channel partner for CPG brands looking to grow their business at Walmart, Walmart.com, Sam's Club, Kroger, and Target. Our multi-functiona

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Cane and Bamboo Artefacts. Bamboo and cane are integral to the culture of the region. The forests of the Northeast are abundant in bamboo and the plant is used to make all kinds of items - from. 04. $12.85 shipping. Sorfey Premium 3 Step Modern Bamboo Ladder. Lightweight,-Ultra Slim Profile, Anti Slip Steps, Sturdy-Portable for Home, Office, Kitchen, Photography Use, Black Aluminum Finish. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 307 Properties of bamboo reinforcement, mix proportion of concrete, design and construction technique with bamboo reinforced concrete is discussed in this article. Nature's material, bamboo has been widely used for many purposes. Mainly as a strength bearing material. It is used for building shelters from an earlier time Proficient in, or ability to quickly learn Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and other common office software ; Working knowledge of GIS; Excellent written and oral communication skills; Willingness to travel up to 50% of the time and perform field work is a must

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Bamboo fibre is a regenerated cellulosic fibre produced from bamboo. Starchy pulp is produced from bamboo stems and leaves through a process of alkaline hydrolysis and multi-phase bleaching. Eco Friendly PowerPoint Templates are a collection of presentation templates with attractive environment themed slide designs, which are easy to customize, with visually appealing clipart, graphics and diagrams. You can easily edit these templates right down to the most basic slide objects to fashion presentations according to your precise topic BambooHR. Our global construction group is comprised of Orascom Construction subsidiaries, The Weitz Company, Contrack Watts Inc., and Watts Constructors. Collectively, we specialize in Commercial, Federal, and Industrial construction projects with a best-in-class Supply Chain segment. We have forged our reputation by constantly seeking new. Are you looking for Chinese Cheongsam powerpoint or google slides templates? Pikbest have found 10463 great Chinese Cheongsam Powerpoint templates for free. More animated ppt about Chinese Cheongsam free Download for commercial usable,Please visit PIKBEST.CO

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Red Nucleus is looking for a new teammate! Our Agency Red Nucleus is the leading provider of strategic learning, performance, and process solutions for the life sciences industry. Our team is composed of more than 400 full-time employees whose commitment to creativity, quality, and on-time deliver Proficiency in Google Suite GSuite (Calendar, Sheets, Docs, and Slides), Slack, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Confluence and Trello (or similar project management or productivity applications) with the ability to learn and implement new tools/systems. A desire to grow with the organization and take on new challenges Reibus International is the fastest growing VC backed start-up within the industrial space. Our ability to identify inefficiencies within the materials supply chain has given us an opportunity to introduce a long-lasting SaaS enabled marketplace. We're building the first open and independent B2B platfor Deployment project - Represents the software you are deploying (such as a web application), the releases of the software deployed and the environments that they will be deployed to throughout the lifecycle. Environment - Represents the servers or groups of servers where the software release has been deployed to, and the tasks that are.

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Brush with Bamboo has just released an upgrade to their bamboo toothbrush, introducing bristles made from 62% castor bean oil. The new bristles are not biodegradable, but they are certified bio-based and contain less petroleum-based plastic than other toothbrushes do. I'll have a complete review of the new toothbrush tomorrow Proficient in Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and G-Suite in a Mac environment; Proficient in Keynote Experience with project management and workflow systems Must be highly detail-oriented in work and communication Ability to maintain timelines, priorities and organize wor

Bamboo forests in India occupy an extent of approximately 10.3 million hectares, which constitutes almost 12.8% of the total forest area of the country and about 28% of the total bamboo area of the country is located in the North-East. More than 100 species of Bamboo are naturally available in this region. Inextricably woven in the tradition. Proficiency in Google Suite, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. Bachelor's degree in Business administration, economics, marketing, communications, innovation, entrepreneurship or other related fields a plus. Has had prior experience working in consumer tech, financial services, fintech or management consulting. Your application was submitted. Responsibilities Strategically sell Bitkub Online's products and features through a deep knowledge of the industry, platform, client business models, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Help find internal and external solutions for our existing projects in order to fill in the market demand gaps