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11. Intersectional Feminist Zines and DIY Guide (with Template) In our digital age, intersectional feminist activists have revived the art of zine-making to create grassroots publications for consciousness-raising and community-building around anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, disability, queer, and feminist politics Order zines! To view the full descriptions of each zine, click the photo of the zines. If you have any questions about our online shop or shipping, please refer to our Shipping FAQ! Our online shop contains a fraction of the zines we carry in our distro. We now ship internationally! If you want even MORE zines, please visit our physical location welcome to feminist writes zine. an online and print community by and for young creative feminists. a safe space for the grrls, gays, and non-binary babes <3. listen & add to our collaborative playlist I have pulled together a list of digital sources where zines can be accessed for free. Update, April 2021: I have published a sequel to this article offering up a number of additional resources for free zines online for those in need of more resources or eager for more zines than what a single article could suggest. CPE Digital Zine Librar But, Valelly added, zines are still out there, continuing to challenge the status quo. To this day, feminist zines are still a considerable presence in the zine universe. Feminism doesn't always connect to zines, but when it does, the impact is profound, zinester Elvis Bakaitis, another member of the NYC Feminist Zine Fest, told The FBomb

Feminist zines shaped zine culture established riot grrrl movement and rejected notions like how a girl should be. In Japan, feminist zine scene can be seen through Tokyo Zinester Gathering, online shop called Lilmag and Mishima (Shizuoka)'s Cry in Public. For this article, we will be interviewing three zine publishers in Japan Feminist zines; Get your zine On! International Zine Month 2021 virtual exhibition; International and non-English language zines; LGBTQIA+ zines; Sessions; Some covers; The Collection; Voices from the underground: a series of zine readings from the LCC Zine Collection for IZM 2021; Zine Index; Categories. Online zines; Zine websites; Zines info. Barnard Zines with Online Links | Barnard Zine Library. The Zine Library is physically closed until further notice, but zine library staff are active. Email zines@barnard.edu with questions, for research support, or to learn more about our growing COVID19 zine collection How to be a Feminist Bitch (.PDF) Feminism, Gender, Positivity, Intersectionalism, Activism, Support, Allyship The End of Madness #8 ( .PDF) (Dwayne Carter) Photo Novella, Graphic Novel, Illustration, Dram Welcome to the Zine Library! Barnard's zines are created by women and non-binary people, a collection emphasis on zines by women of color and a newer effort to acquire more zines by trans women. We collect zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on activism, anarchism.

As zine scholar Alison Piepmeier argues in Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism. 3. , zines enact what bell hooks describes as a pedagogy of hope.. 4. Zine making allows women, gender minorities, and other marginalized people to engage in creative self-expression, to speak for themselves in a society that often silences them The growth of feminism since the beginning of the 21st century, finally becoming established as an intersectional movement deeply entangled with issues of sexual, racial and class identity, has benefited from the online world, and current feminist zines thrive collaboratively in a digital/physical balance

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Feminist Zine Making Why zines and why now? During quarantine, zines (short for magazine) have become a medium to explore and express the thoughts that are swimming around in my head. Making these 8-pagers, in particular, brings me (Joshlyn) so much joy. just in the process of taking an ordinary piece of paper and making a medium for art. Here are the feminist magazines worth checking out: 1. Bitch Magazine - The purpose of Bitch is to act as a feminist response to pop culture [and] to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtfulresponse to mainstream media. Founded by pop culture critic Andi Zeisler, Bitch Magazine has gradually become one of the best-known and acclaimed feminist publications feminist zines. Hi. My name is Joi and I'm a part of LYR: an intersectional feminist collective from SWFL. We're currently accepting new submissions from other like-minded feminists for our upcoming zine, LYR Issue 8. I was hoping you wouldn't mind helping us spread the word by posting our flyer Every time I looked at a feminist zine, I was able to see a small part of myself that I was trying to lock away, and I was able to appreciate it. For about a year, I struggled horribly with my mental health and eating habits; but I was able to turn to feminist zines, usually online publications, to help me grapple with my self-worth Feminist zines and online feminism are not, I argue, materially polarized outlets, but practices within the same repertoire of contemporary feminist media activism. Whereas existing scholarship positions zines and digital media in tension with one another, my interviewees' experiences illuminate a symbiotic relationship between the two genres

Ms. was rated by Good magazine one of the top 50 magazines in the United States and is widely regarded as an influential thought leader and valuable tool for feminist activists, leaders, and teachers. Ms. is published by Liberty Media, LLC, which is wholly owned by the Feminist Majority Foundation. Bitch offers its readers a feminist. Zines also have roots in the informal, underground publications that focused on social and political activism in the '60s. By the '70s, zines were popular on the punk rock circuit. In the '90s, the feminist punk scene propelled the medium and included such artists as Kathleen Hanna, who produced riot grrrl out of Olympia, Washington

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Apr 3, 2020 - zines, arts zines, digital zines, free zines, new zines, feminist zines, feminism zines, illustration zines, collage, digital collage, mixed media. See. The Feminist Library Book Shop has gone online! Get your hands on some of our amazing feminist products. We sell a rotating selection of digital and paper zines, artist prints, new and used books, periodicals, bags, t-shirts and badges. Please note: when purchasing you will be redirected to our online shop Feminist Findings also marks the first project of Futuress, an online magazine and community space launching in fall of this year. It's mentors—Corin Gisel and Nina Paim—are of the design research practice common-interest , which is a non-profit design research practice collaborated with journalist Madeleine Morley The Feminist Findings brightly coloured, Riso printed zine presents their collective research. Inside, you'll hear from the co-founder of India's first feminist press, meet the tight-knit community behind a 1980s San Francisco newsletter for Asian/Pacific lesbians, learn of the subversive logo of a 1930s Tunisian feminist journal, discover how swinging sixties women's titles Nova and.

Cindy Crabb is the author of the long-running, autobiographical feminist zine Doris.She is also the editor of the zines Support and Learning Good Consent, and is a sexual assault survivor advocate.Her new book The Encyclopedia of Doris is now fresh off the Doris Press and she's on tour, reading from her new work. This weekend, she'll be in Guelph and Toronto, reading alongside other. Where to Find Free Digital Zines, Part Two. April 30, 2021 Graphic Novels and Comics, History, Nonfiction, Personal and Opinion, zines. thefeministbibliothecary. Three years ago, one of the first articles I published on The Feminist Bibliothecary was Where to Find Free Digital Zines, a resource I created in the hopes that people would be able. Gata Negra is an anarcha-feminist collective born in Valencia/Spain with feisty collaborators from around the world. This is a working-class based zine, hopefully accessible to all people, not just for activists and 'those in the know'. PAPERS / ZINES Zines & Anarcha-feminism. Do you want to find out more about how di

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  1. ist Zines in Cyberspace is an archive blog that collects, digitalises and presents fe
  2. ist, punk, and queer circles that are generally anti-establishment or anti-capitalist. Sara Century believes that political pamphlets - from as far back as the 1700s - and sci-fi fanzines are the spiritual ancestors of modern zines
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  4. LIFE RAFT's new zine on the theme of Nature premiered at the Santa Fe Zine Fest on April 14th, 2018. Thanks to the work of Organizer Bucket Siler, and host, The Center for Contemporary Arts, the Zine Fest was incredible again this year!! Nature features works by the following Artists: Courtney Currier, Emily Smith, Taylor Yokom.
  5. OOMK (One of My Kind) is a biannual zine which thrives within DIY publishing, creating a zine which promotes creativity, spirituality and activism amongst women of colour.Since its launch in 2013, founders Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Sabba Khan have become a flourishing all-female collective, contributing to the current rise of zine publishing and DIY culture combatting sexism and changing.

Nov 17, 2016. Courtesy issuu. #NastyWomenUnite: the latest wave of feminism has been largely heralded by the internet—viral campaigns, the spreading of ideas via social media and even the. Through an analysis of the persistence of zines in university collections, K-­‐12 classrooms, and D.I.Y/maker communities online and in the physical world, I will examine craft/craftivist cultures of feminist zines and their creators, particularly pertaining to issues of gender, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and related, recent politics Zines are a radical and powerful way to share experiences, feelings, and stories. In this workshop, adults (18+) who self-identify as female or non-binary will explore ZILF (Intersectional Feminist Zine Library) zines, talk about feminism and self-expression, and make their own zines. Co-presented with Feminist Zine Fest PG

Polyester is a self published, intersectional feminist fashion and culture publication aiming to bridge the gap of URL cyberfeminism with the IRL world. Website by Hello Heale . Instagram. Search / Community / Press / Become a Contributor / Shop / FAQ. Red Chidgey, Free, Trade. Distribution Economies in Feminist Zine Networks, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 35(1), 2009, pp.28-37. Elke Zobl, Cultural Production, Transnational Networking and Critical Reflection in Feminist Zines, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 35(1), 2009, pp.1-12 The riot grrrl punk feminist movement was a dig influence to my zine. The movement started in the early 90's and was thought to be the starting point of third wave feminism. The during the movement lots of people started to produce feminist zines under the riot grrrl title Zines tend to be a bricolage of various images, texts, and messages. Here is a list of just a few of the things you can do with the zine format: Publish sketches, drawings, and mini-comics. Match recipes with whimsical illustrations. Mix words with images and textures. Print lines of poetry

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  2. ism and the Zines of the Third Wave. by M. L. Fraser [From Fe
  3. ism, and lots of stuff in-between, and I started selling them at zine fairs (I prefer this to online, as zine culture is linked to a strong community and you can meet some amazing people, doing some amazing work) after a few zine fairs you get a real taste for it, and I then helped put.
  4. ism by Alison Piepmeier With names like The East Village Inky, Mend My Dress, Dear Stepdad, and I'm So Fucking Beautiful, zines created by girls and women over the past two decades make fe
  5. es the potential of recent fe
  6. ism/columns/ reviews/shows/a tape trading list and general all round cool stuff :) We're from all over, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Sheffield to.

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I <3 the The Feminist Library and The Feminist Library Bookshop! They have an online shop too for those unable to visit! Can you spot one of my zines on the photo

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  1. ist zines in the fight against Franco. September 10, 2020 September 10, 2020 by Era Magazine, posted in Culture. Words: Anusha Persson. For Spanish fe
  2. ist inquiry. Zines explore the greater political scene of gender, sexuality, and reproductive rights, and the realms of personal testimonials and individual experiences. With the persistence of zines alongside blogs and other digital.
  3. ist communities. Using critical discourse analysis as my analytical approach, I illustrate the interpellation of capitalist ideology in online questionnaires completed by 11 queer, White, fe
  4. ist viewpoints made by and for women, and queer and transgender folks
  5. ist Zine Fest 2016 (photo courtesy Barnard Zine Club) From illustrated sex dreams to a guide to queering herbalism to comics about the queer and trans Armenian.

Secondhand Emotion: a Zine About Love, Anxiety, Gender, Race, and Feelings . First up: first-time zine maker Cassandra L., who published Secondhand Emotion: a Zine About Love, Anxiety, Gender, Race, and Feelings in time for this year's NYC Feminist Zine Fest. Cassandra's writing style is a blend of personal, political, and academic The art and politics of riot grrrl - in pictures. An early-90s feminist movement, riot grrrl inspired many fanzines, posters and flyers. Now some of the best examples have been brought together in. Thank you so much for applying to table at the 2019 Feminist Zinefest. We had a wonderful response- 160 applications, the most ever . While that is great news, signaling a tremendous investment in feminist zine culture in NYC and beyond, space is finite , so we anticipate not having enough space to accommodate everyone Feb 5, 2017 - Explore am mo's board Zine examples, followed by 104 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about zine, zine design, book design

The making of a feminist zine. 08/29/2019. By Nicholas Sweeney. When Julie Shayne began her Rad Womxn in the Global South class at the University of Washington Bothell last spring, assignments explored feminist theory, queer theory and the lives of womxn in countries located in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean The Mujeristas Collective is an art collective and platform for the voices of Latinas and women of color based in Queens, NY. The Feminist Book Club is excited to be supporting this September. The Collective publishes zines showcasing contemporary art and writings from women around the world, and hold community events centering on Mujerismo and art. We interviewed Stephanie Aliaga, Founder and. Taking guidance from its printed, folded, and stapled form and aesthetic design, a zine can also translate and package other digital objects, such as Google Docs of crowd-sourced mutual aid lists, Twitter chats, Instagram posts and online comics. Specifically, the latest zine on care and coronavirus zine was a way to practice rapid response in. Queer Feminist Zines; for publication on Feminine Moments' art blog. Feminine Moments' art blog has recently been updated with a flip book, pdf-viewer. The full-screen mode of the new pdf-viewer makes it an attractive and intuitive experience for the readers to browse an artist book, a catalogue or a queer feminist zine Because zines can touch on multiple subjects, such as politics, art or music we went through great lengths with our zine design. For passionate fans we created fanzine templates. This way they are able to gather up all of their favourite pop star or movie star photos or quotes and add them in a fanzine layout template

Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism by Alison Piepmeier. Available in print, e-book, and as an electronic resource. If you want to know more about the intersection of Riot Grrrl and zines then this is the book for you. Girl Zines is the first book-length exploration of this exciting movement. Alison Piepmeier argues that these quirky. Feminist Zine Fest Pittsburgh. 712 likes. Feminist Zine Fest Pittsburgh is an intersectional feminist event Today's prompt for International Zine Month is: Post online about your favorite zines! (see Stolen Sharpie Revolution for the entire list of prompts) and I'm going to combine it with the bonus prompt read a zine a day.. From the beginning of the July I've been trying and succeeding in reading (at least) one zine every day, yay! I'm happy to be able to read a combination of. Like this feminist art zine template from Flipsnack. You can gather all the information you know about female artists and put it into an online template. Our intuitive drag and drop editor allows you to upload your own photos, texts and fonts Girl Zines. Book Description: With names like The East Village Inky, Mend My Dress, Dear Stepdad, and I'm So Fucking Beautiful, zines created by girls and women over the past two decades make feminism's third wave visible. These messy, photocopied do-it-yourself documents cover every imaginable subject matter and are loaded with handwriting.

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ang (st) is a space for underrepresented and marginalized feminist voices. We explore the physicality of feminism - our relationships with our bodies, with society, and with other bodies - through a series of themes. We are especially committed to showcasing the experiences of bodies that are considered outside the realm of 'normal' and. Calling for artwork/writing submissions for new feminist zine. We at GSTP have decided to expand our audience by producing a monthly zine. This zine will be offered online as well as distributed in (at least) my community. If we could get some folks who are all in to distribute in theirs as well that'd be awesome!

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OOMK (One of My Kind) is a biannual zine which thrives within DIY publishing, creating a zine which promotes creativity, spirituality and activism amongst women of colour.Since its launch in 2013, founders Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin and Sabba Khan have become a flourishing all-female collective, contributing to the current rise of zine publishing and DIY culture combatting sexism and changing. On Tuesday, the very first issue of The Recompiler — the self-described feminist hacker zine — premiered online for all your technological interests and gadget-based needs. Its contributors vary in how they cover the evolution and use of technology (there are explainers, personal essays, how-tos, and reporting), but The Recompiler is best digested as a whole anyway Feminism Lost and Found: Neoliberal Values and Post-Post Feminism in New Wave Activism. Manuscript submitted for publication. Nguyen, Mimi. 1994. Evolution of a Race Riot. Berkley: Self-published. Nicholson, Linda. 2010. Feminism in Waves: Useful Metaphor or Not? Pp. 43-55 in Feminist Theory Reader, edited by S. Kim. New York. In this episode of Dare to Use the F-Word, Research Assistant Michelle Chen '15 interviews Barnard Zine Librarian Jenna Freedman and Jordan Alam '13, founder of As[I]Am, an online Asian American social justice publication, on zines as a feminist project. The episode also features interviews with participants at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest.

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Make sure the fold is really good, and reinforce it by pressing it down a few times. 3. Unfold your paper, and then fold it in half crossways. Same thing here, make sure the fold is good and defined. 4. Unfold your page again, and now fold both sides from the outside into the middle to make two creases. Unfold again. 5 You can trade zines with people you've met online. You can get on zine mailing lists and talk about your zine there. You can make a webpage to promote your zine and have an e-mail address so people can contact you. Send your zine to bigger zines like Punk Planet, Factsheet Five, Maximumrocknroll and ask them to review it

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Feminist news websites and magazines have also become important sources of feminist analysis on current events and issues. Magazines such as Bitch and Ms., as well as online blog collectives such as Feministing and the Feminist Wire function as alternative sources of feminist knowledge production. If we consider the creation of lives on our own. Riot Grrrl Zines: Exploring a Feminist Mindset and Movement in the '90s. Elizabeth Blackmore, Literary Studies. Mentor: Alyssa Loera. Kellogg Honors College. The Riot Grrrl Movement began in Washington in the early 90s. The idea behind this movement was to carve out a space for women within the male-dominated pun Feminist Ephemera in a Digital World: Theorizing Zines as Networked Feminist Practice Rosemary Clark-Parsons Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, US The Scholarly Feminist: Archiving with Kate Eichhorn. Welcome to the first edition of The Scholarly Feminist, a bi-weekly series featuring interviews with feminist academics. The aim of the series is to bridge the blogging/academic divide by linking discussions in academia to those taking place online. Today's interviewee is Kate Eichhorn. Feminist Library management group member Ayesha at the key handover Westminster Bridge Road has been our home since 1987 until recent plans to redevelop the building left us facing closure. A very successful Crowdfunder saw the public give over £65,000 to save the Library and will enable the moving of the collection, the refitting of the new.

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It's also a good idea to open an online store - Bigcartel is a good shop hosting site, with basic accounts where you can stock up to five products for free. Another great way to distribute zines is to take part in a zine fair. This is also a great way to meet other zine lovers, zinesters, and maybe even do some swaps Introduction: Feminist Media: Participatory Spaces, Networks and Cultural Citizenship. (pp. 11-18) Ricarda Drüeke and Elke Zobl. Women have always played an important role in movements for social justice. Using media to transport their messages, to disrupt social orders and to spin novel social processes, feminists have long recognized the. Feminist: someone who associates themselves with the feminist movement. Feminist Theology: is a movement that reconsiders the traditions, practices, scriptures, and theologies of religions from a feminist perspective. Zine (or fanzine or magazine): is a small circulation publication of texts and images. Zines cover a variety of topics such. Identity How Feminist Zine Culture Has Evolved From Riot Grrrl to a more inclusive and high aesthetic present, a new exhibition shows the changing faces of a century of independent print. By Ione Gamble Jun 14 2018, 11:00am ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF SOMERSET HOUSE This article originally appeared on VICE UK. To the untrained eye, it would appear the golden age of magazines is over These days, feminist 'zines include everything from poetry to comics to creative writing to doodles and paper dolls. Clip art is used in generous measure along with appropriated news items and fashion magazine spreads. Women use 'zines as a forum for interacting with, reacting to, hacking up and re-assembling pop culture..

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