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  1. My French bulldog sounds very congested and sometimes sounds like he's struggling breathing. Archie 6 months - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website
  2. We have a new Frenchie named Lucy. She is 16 weeks old. In the last few weeks she has started having congestion in the morning after she has slept all night. It sounds like its in her chest but the Vet says her lungs are clear and suspects allergies (pollen is already thick and high here in Florida)
  3. When your Frenchie has an episode of reverse sneezing, they will make multiple sudden, rapid inhalations through their nose, followed by some snorting and gagging sounds. They will also stand still, extending their neck and head

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  1. While many dog breeds slurp and slobber while drinking, French Bulldogs make slurping noises even away from their water bowls. These sounds are normal, especially in Frenchies with very heavy or loose lips. Most will make a soft slurping sound when drinking, eating, or waiting for a treat. 2
  2. This is especially true for snub-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds such as the Pug, (French) Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Boxer, and Mastiff. For some, their anatomy means that they sound congested 24/7. For others, however, sounding congested may be new territory
  3. Re: Congestion! It could just be some allergies, and may clear up in a few days. Hazel's nose has been a little runny here lately too. Have a Great Frenchie Day. Frenchie hugs and kisses from: Hazel, JLO, Hillary, Henri, & Coup. Member of French Bulldog Club of America, Bulldog Club of America, & Bulldog Club of Texas. 07-12-2014, 09:51 PM #3
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  5. Esophagitis will usually mean a trip to the vet for your Frenchie and the condition can usually be managed with medicine or a change in diet. A high in carbs and low fat diet that contains low protein foods with no allergens in them can help heal the oesophagus. Antacids may be prescribed along with other drugs to help your French bulldog swallow
  6. A fever often accompanies cases or respiratory congestion caused by bacterial or viral infection. A dog's normal temperature is between 101 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature above this indicates a probable infection with conditions such as kennel cough or canine influenza

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  1. If your French Bulldog has a runny nose or sounds congested (sometimes accompanied with runny eyes, a cough, reverse sneezing and nosebleeds) please take the time to read what this could mean, when you should be concerned, and what you need to do. Nasal discharge in French Bulldog
  2. But, if you close your eyes and hear noisy breathing that sounds like honking or rasping, your French Bulldog may have a breathing problem. Breathing noise is caused by the compressed anatomy of the French Bulldog's airways. The noisier the breathing, the worse the condition
  3. Breathing and heatstroke Due to a short nose and scrunched face, French Bulldogs tend to snort, wheeze, grunt, and snore more than other dogs. This may be something that you find endearing about the breed, but this smaller airway can present a problem if your dog catches a cold or becomes congested
  4. You're familiar with the obvious signs of a stuffy nose, such as difficult, noisy breathing. Dogs might suffer from nasal congestion without the telltale sniffing and snorting. Other signs of a canine stuffy nose include face pawing and sneezing. If your dog is breathing through his mouth but not panting, it's likely his nose is stuffed up
  5. Mucus congestion can sometimes be triggered by environmental allergens known as inhalant allergies, and often include tree pollen like cedar or oak, grass or weed pollens, mildew, mold and even dust mites around the home, says VCA Hospitals.Runny and stuffy noses can sometimes be symptoms of these allergies, although most dogs react by scratching their skin
  6. Typically congestion is a sign of fluid in your dog's lungs and can result from conditions and diseases like infections, kennel cough, allergies, and like we said, heart failure. Like humans, dogs will get a runny nose, coughing symptoms, have difficulty breathing, and will often have a fever as well

1. Take your dog to the vet. If you see any or all of the symptoms of respiratory distress, then do not move your dog, except to carry him to the vet. The vet will examine the dog and listen to his chest with a stethoscope. This helps decide if the problem is in the chest or the upper airway Why does my French bulldog sounds congested? It is common for Frenchies to have runny noses, but that comes with a caveat You indeed love almost everything about your Frenchie, however, I'm pretty sure there's one smelly habit that doesn't thrill you at all. French bulldog farts are probably one of the most annoying characteristics of this dog breed. Imagine that you are sitting on your couch with your Frenchie in your lap when suddenly an evil-smelling gas starts to conquer the air

Is it normal for French bulldogs to sound congested? It is common for Frenchies to have runny noses, but that comes with a caveat. If you notice any abnormal nasal discharge, especially if this includes any blood or pus, or if your Frenchie is struggling to breathe and sounds congested, you will need to get your pup booked in to see a. Give twice a day. 1. Nebulize three times a day with coupage drumming on lungs. 2. Give mucous pill if cough. 5. Vitamin c 50 mg. YOUR blue French bulldog puppy will be fine. Following these directions from when you have a puppy and it will develop good habits for prolonged health of your dog Noisy breathing can be an indication of many different medical issues. When a dog has a breathing abnormality, whether acquired or congenital, this means an indication of a respiratory issue, which should be evaluated by a veterinarian. Compare Pet Insurance & Wellness Plans. Save up to $273 per year. Compare plans. Noisy Breathing Average Cost

French bulldog's personality. Generally speaking, these lovely furry companions posses enormously huge hearts. They love their owners so much that actually become their shadows. French bulldogs act very friendly with everyone, whether we talk about kids, people or other dogs. No matter if you're single, or you have a big family, Frenchies. There are many reasons why your French Bulldog may have a runny nose or your French Bulldog sounds congested, and whilst some can be treated at home yourself, others need urgent medical attention from your vet Breathing Problems Bulldogs French Bulldogs puppies include some of the most common respiratory and airway disease's in the breed such as bulldog elongated soft palate and French Bulldog stenotic nares.Each topic is going to be divided into four major sections: 1. Dr. Kraemer's V 4 B Breathing Problems Bulldogs French Bulldogs INTRODUCTORY: details of the specific bulldog medical condition.

Hilarious French Bulldog sounds just like race car. A cute video posted on July 8 shows Chip the French bulldog humming and barking for his owner's attention and sounding just like a small race. Turns out, a dog can develop a hoarse bark as result of aging and some associated complications. A hoarse bark in your dog may have you wondering whether there's such a thing as a dog barking too much to the point of losing his voice. However, this doesn't make sense if your dog is pretty chill and doesn't bark at every leaf that falls. Turns. Aspiration pneumonia in bulldogs and French bulldogs is typically due to the inhalation of foreign material such as vomitus, regurgitated food, and gastric acid reflux contents. That foreign content may cause extensive damage to your bulldog puppy lungs due to the acute inflammation it elicits which is often compounded by a bacteria infection present in the inhaled foreign material She seems to spit up mucus in her mouth each time she hacks. It sounds like when we are very congested in our chest when we have a really bad cold. Deep breaths she sounds horrible sounding like fluid in her chest. She doesn't eat much, goes potty regularly and plays. I'm just worried about her Why does my dog sound congested when sleeping? Rhinitis. Dogs can get colds just like we can and that can lead to stuffy noses. Your pet's mucus membranes get inflamed and irritated from an infection, fungus, trauma or other cause. That can result in symptoms that include nasal discharge, sneezing, snoring and labored breathing

This is a rare, progressive disease of the spinal cord common in older dogs between the age of 8 to 14 years old. It worsens as time goes on. Though French bulldogs are less likely to develop this genetic problem, it is still a possibility. It is caused by the degeneration of the white matter within the spinal cord French Bulldog skin problems tend to fall in a few categories, and any (or all) of them can occur with your Frenchie. Allergies are a common immune system-related problem for Frenchies and often show up as sores or itchy flakes of skin that your pup will pick at with his paws or teeth If your dog has started making an odd honking sound, it can be a bit concerning. Reverse sneezing often sounds worse than it actually is, but it can indicate a more serious problem. Here's what. Home remedy suggestions for common problems the bulldog breed may encounter. Bland Diet for Sickness, Flatulence, Chin Acne, Shedding, Allergies, Yeasty Feet and/or Inter-Digital Cysts, Hot Spots, Head Shakes, Emergency Phlegm Problems, Pain Relievers and more

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Malachi,the pug scared his owner because they thought he was choking. Many dogs reverse sneeze due to allergies, excitement, inhaling dust, drinking or eat.. The pet will usually stand still, extend the head and neck, and make snorting or honking sounds. This can last for several seconds or longer - possibly up to a minute or so - but is not harmful. After the pet exhales through the nose, the sneezing usually stops Hello! My frenchie had surgery for her nares and elongated palette and now she suffers from sleep apnea. She sounds congested. Our vet described it as sucking a thick milkshake through a straw that collapses. Of the 3 vets that I have contacted about this, they all say that due to her small airway that they cannot do anything to help

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Dog respiratory system. A dog's respiratory system is complex and contains several parts, including the lungs, windpipe (trachea), throat, nose and mouth. Diseases in any part of this system can cause breathing problems in dogs.. Difficulty or laboured breathing is known as dyspnoea, and excessively fast breathing is called tachypnea.. Breathing problems can occur in any breed or age, but. Dogs with colds are often lethargic, sneeze, cough and have a poor appetite. Treat a dog with a cold with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on dog. Step 3. Listen to your puppy's breathing sounds. A puppy that has milk aspiration will sound severely congested from his nose and will make snuffling sounds. He may also shake his head and sniff to clear the congestion, which may add to the fluid in his lungs. Severe aspiration makes a rattling sound in his lungs

I have a dog that was breathing and I could hear the congestion. I took her into the doctor. He did a lot of testing and after a cool grand$ he said it was seasonal allergies. He prescribed a pill. She got through that season. The next year she go.. It is a low-pitched, snoring type of sound that usually arises from the vibration of fluid, or the vibration of tissue that is relaxed or flabby. It usually arises from airway blockage in the throat (pharynx). Stridor is high-pitched, noisy breathing. The higher-pitched sounds result when relatively rigid tissues vibrate with the passage of air

This congestion can be due to illness such as: a cold. flu. respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Congestion that affects your baby's breathing or moves into baby's lungs may signal a more complex. My dog sounds congested after anesthesia. If your dog is coughing after surgery, it could be due to irritation from the tube that was inserted down their throat. The irritation should pass in a few days. The coughing could also be a sign of stress. If your dog is also very lethargic, weak or has difficulty breathing, call your vet immediately. Before it happened to my own dog, I had no idea what acid reflux looked like — or that dogs could even get it. Until I saw this: Shiva, my three-year-old Boxer, swallowing and licking his lips in an almost compulsive manner. And snapping his jaws like he was trying to catch his tongue. It wasn't until another dog owner recognized the telltale signs, that I learned this was acid reflux Fluid in the Lungs Average Cost. From 135 quotes ranging from $1,200 - $8,000. Average Cost. $5,000. Protect yourself and your pet. Compare top pet insurance plans The common cold is not only one of the most common diseases in humans, but also among dogs and cats. Changes in temperature, the cold and colds spread by other dogs are some of the causes of canine colds.A dog cold has similar symptoms as a cold in humans but can be a bit more difficult to identify

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If your baby sounds congested, it's important to narrow down the potential causes. Seeking professional medical advice from a doctor or nurse should always be your first line of defense. But knowing what causes infant congestion and learning some ways to ease your baby's suffering can make you both feel better quickly As mentioned above, one of the potential side effects of Zyrtec in dogs is urine retention. Urine retention can present serious problems in a dog with kidney problems, as administration of the drug can make the pre-existing conditions much worse. The same potential harm exists for dogs with liver issues I have a one week old puppy whi has a runny nose and sneezing. He sounds congested. He is eating and gaining weight . Hi, and thanks for your question.This sign could be compatible with an upper respiratory tract inflammation/infection or possibly to a acute rhinitis (infective causes are quite common). A clinical.. If your dog is showing any signs or symptoms of aspiration pneumonia, your dog will need emergency care immediately. The vet will listen to your dog's breathing, examine respiratory rate, and test oxygen saturation to help determine if lung involvement. Chest x-rays can display if a foreign object, fluid, or bacterial growth is within the lungs

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It's common for a French bulldog or pug to snort from time to time, so if your dog seems happy and healthy and hasn't keeled over from breathlessness, you're probably in the clear. But if your flat-faced pup is breathing rapidly, gagging, or coughing constantly, she may have a more serious respiratory issue going on a Frenchie, though, all of the internal nasal structures are squashed together in a variety of ways that may further impede air flow from nostrils to pharynx (throat). Thus, even if the nares are normal, crowded nasal cavities may obstruct air flow. Moving down the airway, we next come to that bugaboo of flat-faced breeds, the soft palate Treatments for chronic congestion. With such a long list of possible causes, how do you get to the bottom of your runny-nose problems? It's tough to diagnose on your own, Dr. Reisman says

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Long story long, curious if anyone in CA is having similar issues that they think may be related to the air quality, opinions on raw food for Frenchies and related allergies. We are going to the vet later today but thanks in advance for any input Coughing in the morning means there is congestion settling in the chest or lungs during rest -- either from sinus or lung congestion. Could have many originations -- needs vet intervention. The fact that it's in the morning likely simply means there's not a lot of it, but it does settle during inactivity They'll make more sounds such as snoring, wheezing, sneezing, or coughing. One of the best things you can do is invest in a pet bed that helps them breathe easier at night. If your dog struggles with breathing on a regular basis, you may want to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian To start off, a Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs is a condition in which the dog's heart is having problems pumping blood. When it happens, the required blood we need to be pumped every day won't be met which can result to increase of pressure and fluids that may leak out in the lungs or everywhere in their body

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She sounds pretty clear and not congested at all. We clean her nose out at least once a day. Def. ask your dr. for suggestions though. This is what we have found to help. . a. autumnj. @aquariusgrl83, My baby girl is 6 weeks old and has been suffering from nasal congestion since birth. She was not a c-section baby 1. Allergies. Just like humans, Pugs can suffer from allergies too. It is one of the most common reasons behind an abnormally runny nose. Pugs can be allergic to all kinds of things, with some examples including pollen, chemicals, food and even our shed human skin (called dander)! But this list is far from exhaustive The sounds of this disease look like a sneeze more than a cough so many owners may be mistaken for choking or coughing. When there is something such as the sudden change of weather, pollen, too tight collar, doing exercise, or just excitement which stimulates your dog's the soft palate and throat, making a spasm, that may be a symptom of. Bassets, Newfies and Other Droopy-Eyed Dogs. The Basset Hound is the classic example of a breed that lives with a certain degree of eyelid deformity, meaning the eyes look a bit droopy.. This degree of eyelid droopiness ( ectropion) can lead to conjunctivitis and other problems. If your dog is a breed like this, be aware of the normal.

Nasal congestion: Many times, mouth breathing is the result of nasal congestion that forces a person to breath through the mouth instead of the nose. This can be from allergies, chronic colds and stuffy noses, sinus infections , and any type of respiratory condition that affects your ability to breath through your nose properly -French bulldog puppy (four to 12 months) who doesn't exercise a lot, weighing an average of 12lbs, needs around 500 calories per day, split between three or four meals.-An active, adult French bulldog in the 28lbs range should get around 700-800 calories per day.-Older, lazier French Bulldogs 470-400 calories per da 1 Answer. Dogs don't get colds like humans, but they can develop upper respiratory illnesses such as kennel cough and canine influenza as well as bronchitis and inhaled allergies. Please consult your vet Bulldog chokes on flem/mucous sounds congested. Home. Bulldogs World Forum Archives These archives contain a copy of the contents of the old Bulldogs World Forum for reference purposes.Posting is disabled in the archives. Click here to visit the active Bulldog Forum When your dog begins to cough so loud it sounds like a honking goose, there's a reason why. This is actually your dog sneezing. But the type of sneeze is called reverse sneeze. During a reverse sneeze episode, your dog might tense up. His eyes may bulge a bit. And he might extend his neck

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Part 4 of our article on French Bulldog health and genetic conditions is on congenital heart defects. Heart issues are among the most traumatic for owners and for breeders. The puppy pictured above is Ema, a rescue French Bulldog from a Quebec puppy mill. Ema was afflicted with severe pulmonary stenosis and an atrial septal valve defect The same is true for dogs, so if your dog's breath sounds are normally quiet but they appear to have a case of the snuffles, this can lead to noisy sounding breathing and snoring while awake. Minor infections of the respiratory tract usually clear themselves up within a day or two in healthy dogs, but if the problem persists or your dog doesn. Years ago, when my chihuahua puppy matured from a puppy into a 2-year-old dog, I noticed he had developed a blue-purple spot on his tongue. To me, a purple or blue flesh tone indicated a lack of oxygen, or maybe a bruise. The color of my dog's tongue had me concerned, so I took him to his veterinarian

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French Bulldog Allergy Remedies. The first step to treating your French Bulldog's allergies is to determine the exact cause of the allergies. Once you know the cause, you can start to take steps to avoid the allergen. If your Frenchie has food allergies, you'll need to find a new food that contains a different type of protein they can tolerate When your French bulldog won't eat, in the worst-case scenarios, it may point out to cancer, liver issues, and kidney failure. Environmental changes. Despite the fact that Frenchies easily adapt to any kind of environment, they can also react very emotional to location changes The Frenchie is playful, alert, adaptable, and completely irresistible. The French Bulldog resembles a Bulldog in miniature, except for the large, erect 'bat ears' that are the breed's trademark.

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Reverse sneezing will often be accompanied by a honking sound, and will accelerate your dog's respiration at the time. To help you get a better understanding of the behavior, here is a video that shows reverse sneezing in action. What a reverse sneeze looks like in a dog Raspy and congested. Q: We have recently acquired a female chow. She is of the smooth coat type, with a heavy head. She is quite a beautiful dog, so I hope you can help me with this. The chow sounds constantly congested. She snorts and snores, and her normal breathing is generally raspy AnswerThis is a common trait in bulldogs of all breeds. Do what you would with a baby. Take the dog into your bathroom and turn on the hot sink tap, the hot tub tap and let that steam roll around. A baby may sound congested in their nose, such as from breathing in dry air, without actually being sick. True chest congestion, when there is fluid in the airways of the lungs, is less common Noisy breathing that sounds like there may be an obstruction in their pathway . If you notice any of those issues with your puppies it's critically important that you call your vet right away. Especially if noisy breathing sounds like something is obstructing their airflow. It doesn't take a lot of oxygen deprivation for a puppy to lose.

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Strict activity restriction is necessary following spay and neuter surgeries. Activities like running, jumping, and playing can result in stitches failing, bleeding, pain, and other post-surgical problems. Restrict your pet's post-spay/neuter activity for 10-14 days, according to your veterinarian's instructions Pulmonary edema in dogs is a buildup of fluid in the lungs that can cause difficulty breathing and poor oxygen circulation. Permanent damage to the lungs can occur. However, depending on the cause. Maybe. Maybe not. French bulldogs have been bred to have such deformed nasal passages that many of them can never breathe freely and are always struggling to get enough oxygen. Your dog is probably already in some discomfort. The dogs with serious.. My dog has a cough that sounds like something is stuck in her throat and then she pukes a little. And she won't really drink too much. This sounds like kennel cough or a similar upper respiratory infection. Kennel cough usually goes away by itself within about 4 weeks, but if the dog shows signs of illness (lethargy, constant..

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Head congestion: Head congestion may also cause green eye discharge in dogs. Front-clip harness to reduce head congestion-induced eye discharge. The most common cause of head congestion is excessive pulling on the leash. If your dog seems to have a liking for tugging so much at the leash, consider using a front-clip harness However, if your pup's lungs sound congested or wheezy, he has fever, or he generally appears ill, he will need chest x-rays and other diagnostic tests. Pneumonia is a lung infection which often requires hospitalization for antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and nebulization treatments

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Below is a list of 10 things you should do to manage symptoms of congestive heart failure in dogs to ensure your pet lives a quality life. 1. Coughing. If coughing becomes severe, contact your. At 9:30 p.m. tonight my dog started drooling excessively with bubbles and making a weird coughing sound as if she's trying to clear her throat. She is 8 years old, is a Maltese and about 12 lb. She's never drooled before and she's been eating normally Frequent coughing and gagging sound too indicate the problem. Don't use anything that may cause respiratory problem in your dog. Use body harness instead of a dog collar. Keep your dog away from respiratory irritants, such as perfumes, smoke, and extremely cold environment. A vet may suggest medication or surgery depending on symptoms He sounds in a constant struggle . He drinks and eats ok but he sounds like he is out of breath. I had him checked for heartworms though he takes prevention for that. He is an Ole Victorian Bulldog

Every morning when you wake up to the melodious barking (sarcasm) to your cute Frenchie the feeling of a new day dawns on us. Owner of French bulldog all over the world know the feeling of waking up to the spit of the Frenchie on their faces while they are being licked. The affection showered on their masters is for either of the two reasons The sound of a pooch's hack or gag could give you a clue as to what might be going on. The Many Reasons Behind a Persistent Cough. There are a ton of reasons why your pooch has a cough that won't go away. These reasons could be due to a specific condition built around persistent and obtrusive hacking. On the other hand, coughing could be. A trained task for a French Bulldog Service Dog could be to retrieve items such as medication or a cell phone in an emergency, alert owners with hearing impairments of sounds, support people with PTSD or depression...etc. So yes, French Bulldogs can make excellent Service Dogs with proper, persistent training As with humans, when your dog has a cold, it is often best treated with simple home remedies to help soothe and relieve cold symptoms. But, be aware that a dog's cold symptoms may be a sign of other ailments, like kennel cough, so it's important to get him checked out by a veterinarian to make sure his illness not more serious than a cold.. If your vet says home care is the best way to go. Coughing / Attempting to Clear Throat. Hi-- My bulldog Rocco always seems to get some sort of phlegm caught in his throat. Recently it has been a little worse than usual. I was told by my vet that it is acid reflux. He rarely ever vommits it out, but when he has, it is all white and foamy Soak Kibble. If you feed any type of kibble or compressed food, try adding warm water and letting it soak for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use bone broth as a more nutritious way to do this. Adding moisture can help your dog get the kibble down