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If you want to know exactly how to rig up for tope, how to present a bait properly, and how to play or handle a good fish, then you need to speak to a man wh.. Live Boat Fishing - Fishing For Tope, Bass, Pollock, Mackerel!!! #bassfishing #pollockfishing #topefishing #mackerelfishin The best bait to catch tope are whole live or freshly killed fish, with mackerel, dab, herring, pouting, whiting, sprat and squid being the best options. Fish strips and sandeels can also be used

Experience has shown that for all-round work (which includes shore fishing for tope involving long casting) a multiplier is the best reel to use. However, if only boat fishing is contemplated, a single-action centre-pin reel is perfectly adequate. One thing must be stressed : there should be plenty of line The boat tope rig is constructed with a bite length of either heavy duty monofilament or a short length of wire. It also incorporates a rubbing leader to help protect the rig from damage from the tope's rough skin. Tope Rig Components Tubing Boom. 1 x Bead. 1 x Link Approx. 500 mm 60-80lb BS line. Main Body. Approx 2 metre length 80-100lb BS.

Boat Angling / Angling Afloat. Drifting for tope ?? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts When I was a kid and Screaming Reels with Nick Fisher was on Channel 4 I think I remember seeing them tope fishing in west Wales/Cardigan bay on the drift. They were fishing over a reef and as it was so snaggy they were using the balloon float metho TOPE FISHING WEST WALES , OUR FIRST EVER TOPE CAUGHT TOGETHER our first ever tope caught together on the boat , some cracking footage here , we did experienc.. Totally Awesome Fishing pulls out all the stops in this action-packed episode of Tope Fishing. Mike and Graeme Pullen fish about the company boat Hi-Sea-Dri.. Boat. Mar 22, 2021. #9. Beach said: After you caught your record tope, try for shark or marlin and blue fin tuna. and can watch the scenery as you are towed along. Just jesting. I have caught tope on a 9ft 3-5oz uptide rod and a Abu 5500c reel with 20lb line, had to play it for ages before it tired

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  1. The tope is Britain's largest inshore native shark, and grows to a maximum size of around 2 metres in length and 95lb in weight. I love my freshwater predator fishing, so when I was offered a chance to fish for these sleek predators, with two Scottish International anglers, Brian Burn and Willie Kennedy; I just couldn't refuse
  2. If I'm fishing off clean beaches, 15-20lb is ample for any tope in our waters. Does it always have to be wire for the trace? For me it has to be wire, again this is my personal choice and mono and circle hooks work very well for some
  3. We do not have rod/tackle hire for tope fishing. For Bookings Telephone Boat Direct on 07774 492856 or evenings telephone 01255 821255 . Tope Fishing Adventures for the Game & Sportfishing Angler. The Tope is one of the hardest fighting fish found in our waters of the Thames Estuary the premier area in the UK for this species and record holder.
  4. Butt this up against a rubber bead. The slider on, tie in a size 6 swivel followed by 5ft of 50-60lb mono to act as a rubbing trace against the abrasive hide of the tope. The actual biting trace needs to be 18ins long and from 50-60lb wire. The nylon covered is okay, but plain multi strand wire is better and more supple
  5. If your fishing for tope, smoothie,Huss, bass or rays etc you maybe anchored at the other side of a sandbar waiting for the tide to wash food over it to where your anchored. Where you anchor is dependent on if your fishing that ebb or flood (it would be one side or the other) We normally troll for mackies/herring until we hit them
  6. Boat anglers fish for tope use fairly heavy powerful rods and reels as tope is a powerful fish which can run in the tide making it even more difficult to land. Rigs consist of a wire hooklength to protect against the tope's sharp teeth and a heavy monofilament rubbing leader as the rough skin of the tope can tear through weaker line

The majority of boat anglers north of the Border spend their days drift fishing while targeting cod and pollack over hard ground or haddock and whiting on clean ground marks. However, some boats have adapted their schedules to dedicate time to drift fishing for rays. Drift fishing for rays produced this thornbac by David Proudfoot 18th May 2018. by David Proudfoot 18th May 2018. Long Stem Float Rig The long stem float rig is suitable for pelagic species such as garfish and mackerel but it can. Read more. Boat Rigs Float Rigs New Rigs and traces Shore Rigs The sandy beaches of Norfolk allow us to enjoy some of the UK's best Tope fishing trips (Small Shark). If you're visiting the Norfolk Coast or planning a small fishing holiday, a sea fishing trip on the Norfolk coast will a memorable highlight for many. Our boat Whitby Crest is fully insured and coded Cat 4 for 20 Miles

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  1. The boat fishing on the coast has been very prolific, tope are in higher numbers and bigger sizes this year with loads over 50lb boated. Lancashire Boats Finding Tope. Back Fishing A Favourite Beach. Lancashire Sea Fishing Unpredictable. Hounds Released On Lancashire Coast
  2. Re: Tope fishing Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:49 pm Now you have me drooling for one my largest smoothie was 12lbs and amazing fight dying for a tope been watching videos of lads in the UK catching tope just looks brilliant
  3. Whilst the fishing wasn't spectacular in terms of quantity the quality more than made up for it! Thanks to the early tides it meant a 5am start on Friday, I could have put the boat on the breakwater until a more civilised hour but I really fancied my chances of a good Tope over the middle run of what were very small neap tides
  4. The boat fishing on the coast has been very prolific, tope are in higher numbers and bigger sizes this year with loads over 50lb boated. planetseafishing.com Lancashire Boats Finding Tope | Planet Sea Fishing
  5. s ·. While kayak fishing for tope with a whole mackerel bait in Cardigan Bay, Garry Willis had his bait taken by this angel shark. Find out more about our #CatchOfTheWeek - a brand new feature from Sea Angler. Here, our Sea Angler Editor Cliff Brown selects his favourite catch of the week
  6. Boat. Mar 22, 2021. #24. Depends on tides & conditions such as weed etc.- uptiding is one way so a rig mentioned using an uptide rod suits strong tide and down tide up to 6oz depending on depths. Where I fish for tope - its either as above or in the deep gullies where uptide is a waste of time. 20-30 if you have to use lead above 6 oz
  7. The weight of your lead will also vary with tidal strength and the depth that you are fishing. 1. Sliding leger rig. Boat anglers all over the country frequently rely on this rig for a variety of species - dabs, tope and conger to name a few. The lead weight is free to slide on the main line. You can use many different pieces of tackle to.
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  2. Typically you are fishing from a boat close to the shore in 25ft -40ft of water, you can enjoy fly fishing or spinning with a lure, the action is fast and furious. When targeting Tope, we head into deeper water and utilise the tide to target this shark species. What to expect Stunning colours on the Scottish Ballan Wrass
  3. Michael's boat is ideal for 6 - 8 anglers general fishing, however, if you can hire the whole boat, I recommend a smaller party of between 3 -5 anglers when targeting Tope. On the drift The plan was to spend most of the day drifting, something I had never done in the Bristol channel but a very effective method for fishing sharks
  4. 56lb. We havent been able to catch anything bigger yet. Our modern Tope rigs are designed from advice. from one of the UK's top boat anglers - Dave Barham (Boat fishing. Monthly Magazine editor) and use the following components -. 1.5m of 200lb mono. 10/0 Circle Hooks. Size 2 Power swivel 695lb test
  5. Specimen tope Kit with a topeBig pollack and specimen tope for Wicklow Boat Charters Go Fishing. Angling Charters are offered on a full-day, half-day and evening trip basis and can be tailored to suit your needs. Two boats available - Lisin and Castle Maiden. All levels of anglers are catered for

Nice Day out fishing on Four Reasons, Anglers were treated to a fish eye view of The ARMED FORCES Air show , amazing being under the Lancaster bomber Hurricane and Spitfire, Red arrow and modern jets were awesome, some great fishing too Tope Mackerel targeted and caugh The Tope shark is a popular catch of anglers, commonly taken by rod and reel in very deep waters of the sharks' habitat range. This species is characterized by a rather long, pointed snout, oval eye, and distinctive teeth, which have a sharp oblique cusp and 3-5 coarse basal serrations. The second.

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  1. Very good boat fishing a mile out to sea for cod, dogfish, mackerel, ray, tope and whiting. Worm bait available locally. Lug at Siddick. Maryport: Good beach, harbour, pier and estuary fishing - prime beach marks along Grasslot and Promenade beaches. Main species from the shore include bass, cod, dab, flounder, plaice, pollack and whiting
  2. His latest boat, 'Nab-Cat' is a 33ft Blyth with a walkaround island wheelhouse. The boat has a massive 16ft beam, so it's very easy to have five or six anglers fishing across the stern - very handy when fishing for tope. The boat is powered by two Iveco NES 280hp engines, which push her along nicely at a cruising speed of around 18-knots
  3. The Fishing. Tope and pollack are the main species targeted, but any kind of sea angling undertaken, including fly-fishing for pollack, mackerel fishing and species hunts. Tope fishing tackle can be supplied free of charge
  4. Tope back on the east coast as Wicklow Boats gets a nice haul. 2 Jun 2021. Fishing picking up nicely for Wicklow Boat Charters. 27 May 2021. DiadES Ireland - Fishing for 'less well-known species' survey. 14 May 2021. Sea Angling News - Return To Competition and Great Conservation Video. 14 May 2021. Nurse swops frontline for fishing.

Boat Fishing Trips is a trading name. Kestrel Warrior 5, C/O Marina Office, North Lock Side, Midway Quay, Pacific Dr, Eastbourne BN23 5BJ. Email - info@boat-fishing.co.uk. Telephone - +44(0) 7896 471 691. Terms and condition First tope and good fishing out of Carrigaholt. 26 May 2021. Good fishing off the Clare coast. 17 May 2021. DiadES Ireland - Fishing for 'less well-known species' survey. 14 May 2021. Sea Angling News - Return To Competition and Great Conservation Video. 14 May 2021. Nurse swops frontline for fishing line to catch specimen Shad. 13 May 202

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What a fantastic day out Tope fishing on Wicklow Boat Charters with Kit Dunne. The first spot didn't work out with the weather being much more blowy than was forecast so Skipper moved to another spot & within minutes the first Tope was on the deck followed by 8 more in a hectic few hours & a lovely BullHuss to finish the session, I can't. With a brief demonstration given and help and advice available throughout the fishing trip from your skipper. We currently offer 2 types of trips 3 hr Mackerel and Bass fishing - £ 35.00; 8 1/2 hr Tope, Mackerel, Bass and Skate fishing - £70.00 ; 12 hr Tope, Mackerel, Bass and Skate fishing - £PO

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Tope are the biggest inshore shark species in the UK and the Solway is renowned for its exciting summer tope fishing. Record breaking numbers and individuals have been caught in the area so be prepared for an energetic experience. Your best chance of success is from a boat but tope are also caught from shore marks along the Galloway coast SERIAL THRILLERS • Tope fishing rates as one of the most exciting forms of boat fishing in our waters. Give it a try FIVE GO MAD IN PADSTOW • Dinky the Seagull Whisperer, Bryan, Ed and Pops set off for some tope fishingand Rosie Brown samples the hectic spor A boat rig for tope fishing (UK tied). Construction:A 7/0 hook to a short wire trace to prevent bite offs. then a length of 80lb line acting as a rubbing leader. Components: 7/0 Sakuma 545 Mantra Extra Hook. 75lb nylon covered trace wire

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  1. The Mackerel shoals arrive in April and are abundant until October and this coincides with the best of the summer fishing for a wide variety of species including Conger Eels, Ling, Rays, Smoothhounds, Flatfish, Bull Huss, Dogfish, Tope and of course summer is the height of the Bass Fishing season too. Advice on Boat Rods and Reel
  2. Fishing has improved dramatically in the last few weeks, Mackerel now spread around area so some good sized Tope have been landed in Luce Bay by Boat Anglers also a few from Rock Marks. Smoothhounds and Bass also making an appearance, good sized Gurnards odd Thornback Rays, Whiting, Dogfish , Pollack, Coalfish and odd Conger being caught.. Portlogan and Portpatrick Rock Marks producing some.
  3. al tackle should include for general sea fishing a range of hooks from size 1 fine wires up to 8/0, most shore and boat situations being covered by for example a Kamasan B940 2/0. Use a 7/0 or 8/0 for tope fishing and a size 10 for estuary mullet
  4. g run with the rod bent double
  5. Boat fishing in the Isle of Man is mainly concentrated around the rocky south coasts with the main charter boats port being Port St Mary which gives easy access to some of the most productive inshore reef fishing in the UK with Pollack to 18lbs being the species which most anglers target although Cod, Ling, Conger, Coalfish, Mackerel, Tope.
  6. The Patriot - FIshing trips from Tenby. May 15 at 12:06 AM ·. Great day yesterday, Species League, 13 species hundreds of fish including: tope, bass, hounds, huss, dab, pollock, wrasse,spotted ray, thornback ray, whiting, mackerel, Scad and more dogfish than you could count . 'Patriot' fast fishing charter boat
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Recreational fishermen usually fish either from a boat or from a shoreline or river bank.When fishing from a boat, or fishing vessel, most fishing techniques can be used, from nets to fish traps, but some form of angling is by far the most common. Compared to fishing from the land, fishing from a boat allows more access to different fishing grounds and different species of fish Trying to find the best boat reels, equipment and accessories? At NETS we supply a fantastic array of boat reel for amateurs and professionals offering you the very best choice of boat reels and equipment to match your needs. With boat fishing reels from Okuma, Daiwa and Shimano NETS can help

Famous for being one of the hardest fighting fish in our waters, female Tope can weigh in at over 70lb and the British record has been held here in the past. Occasional reports of shore caught Tope are received from our deeper water beach fishing marks along the Kent coast but the vast majority of catches are taken off shore from boats fishing. Fishing In Wales - June Sea Fishing Report (30/06/2021) Early June was tough due to the weather, but it soon improved allowing for some fun charter boat fishing. Tope started to appear in the catches, especially in Cardigan bay. We joined Epic Fishing along with Rob Hughes (below) and Julian Lewis Jones for a great day on the tope in early June UK's top tope tagger from 2005-2011! This part of The North Sea is one of the world's finest tope fishing areas. If you're visiting the UK on a fishing holiday, a sea fishing trip with us would be a memorable highlight of your itinerary

Fishing Kayak & Canoe Guides. We know what floats your boat (as well as when to use a horribly timed pun). We have waded through the choices and produced the essential tips and tricks to maximize the fishing time out of the water while minimizing the negative surprises along the way As well as the superb shore fishing available, there are many charter boats who fish both sides of the peninsula and offer deep sea fishing for bass, pollack, tope, bream, pollack and bull huss. If you have an interest in the local history, head to Porth y Swnt to learn more For me, being on a fishing boat, whether it does 5 knots or 50, is all about the sound of the engines and waves, the smell of the exhaust fumes mixed with the fresh salty air, and the voyage into the unknown. Tope will give you the adrenaline rush that you become addicted to Fishing Trips. We offer both Day and Evening Fishing Trips aboard our Charter Vessel - Karen Ann. Beginners and novices are all welcome, free tuition is available from our experienced skipper. We also hire out rods and reels at €10 per person (if required)

Whether LRF for the plentiful minis or bottom fishing, also Tope do show in the right conditions. On sunny days the views alone will make your day, fishing is the bonus. Try the most northern rocky section on the flat point, on high tides the lower rocks behind you may become covered Fishing Trips, experienced and novices welcome. Sightseeing and Commercial Charter. Individuals or Groups. Hot drinks provided. Fishing Rods & Reels available on boat. Wreck fishing :- for Pollock, Cod, Coalfish, Conger etc. Bass fishing midweek in season. General fishing for Tope, Huss, Conga, Whiting, Dabs & Mackerel

Tope are a protected species and we only use barbless hooks and if possible, release them at the side of the boat. Bull Huss, Rays and other species will also come to the boat. Fresh Mackerel is the best bait or whiting caught on the day. 20lb class gear is good, 6/0 barbless hooks on heavy mono rubbing trace and a selection of weights The Boat Tope Rig. This rig is designed around a basic sliding leger, but encourages early hook-up of the tope to minimise any chance of deep hooking. It is also ultra-strong, plus it presents bait naturally on the sea bed where the Tope spend the majority of their time hunting. It was initially developed in Cardigan Bay, Wales, where much of. Boat Fishing: Excalibur Braid 12-20lb Class VS Tope - Rob Smith. September 7, 2015. Having recently had an Alderney boat trip cancelled, Dorset angler Rob Smith had been itching to get out and put his new Century Excalibur Braid 12-20lb class rod through its paces. So he took a boat charter out of Poole Harbour with his brother Nick & friends. Tope excess of 80lb have been brought to many boats and spurs to 18lb have been landed recently with both fish reaching on average 35lb and 12lb respectively. For example pictured below is Anthony Meli with a 79lb tope, caught and released aboard My Way in August 2005. This fish was later confirmed as a new WFSA record The Boats were getting some good fishing, before the weather changed for the worse, Codling, Haddock, Pollack, Plaice even odd Spurdog and Bullhuss from Portlogan and Portpatrick marks. Tope, Thornback Ray, Dogfish and Smoothhound in Lucebay

Article 3 of this Order prohibits the fishing for tope by any method other than by rod and line. The retention on board of tope up to a maximum liveweight of 45 kilogrammes per day is permitted. Article 4 prohibits the trans-shipment of tope. Article 5 prohibits the landing in England of tope caught by rod and line or beheaded tope Willie Worth's Big Tope from the Codling Bank. Posted on December 23, 2013 by irishfishingadventures. Dublin angler Willie Worth joined us on a recent Predator trip, due to the fine weather we were able to get to the Codling Bank off Greystones. Leaving the new marina at Greystones we were soon hitting the waves with Target species for time of year. February Wreck fishing for Pollack . March Pollack, Turbot, Brill. April Pollack, Turbot, Brill, Tope. May Pollack, Turbot, Brill.

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When we tie up the little boat behind the big boat for cruising down lake, I think a floating rope of about 75-100' length would be good. I'm wondering what would be the best rope. We take houseboat trips on Lake Powell, and often cruise for a few hours to quieter zones. In fact, most of the.. Targeted game fishing trips for sea trout, common skate, tope, blue shark and Giant Bluefin Tuna are available whilst in season and general fishing or evening mackerel trips depart daily by appointment. Other half day, full day and evening fishing trips options are available to try and catch some of Sligo and Donegal Bay's many varied species

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Lund 2075 Tyee. 2021. Request Price. When quality is demanded, the 2075 Tyee delivers the ultimate comfort, style, and performance in a 19' aluminum fishing boat. Setting the new standard for big water fishing, the Tyee is the premier fishing boat in the industry. More It's known for tope to travel up to 50 miles a day, so being mobile and able to hit a number of marks to find the fish over a period of time is critical. Detailed knowledge of multiple marks will always separate the best tope anglers from everyone else. Finding marks at first is a challenge Whitby boat fishing - Porbeagle Sharks and tope are the latest target of the Whitby Charter fleets fishing trips. Shark fishing at Whitby Whitby Shark Fishing lets go sharking with Rich whitby sharks. These are the new words on the lips of anglers taking fishing trips from Whitby Boat-caught Tope Nudges Past the Current British Record. Portsmouth landlord Dinks Ash is as happy as hellhe's just caught a tope that beats the British boat record for the species. The 84-pounder just nudges ahead of the current record, which stands at 82lb 8oz and was caught nearly 20 years ago. Dinks told Sea Angler: I was fishing. Female tope do not mature until they are around 11years of age, which makes then very susceptible to any form of commercial fishing and equally susceptible to ill handling from anglers as well. In recent years tope has become a protected species in our waters and should be handled with care at all times, releasing at the side of the boat the.

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The Solway offers good fishing including plaice, flounder, dab, cod, codling, pollock, whiting, dogfish, pollock, sea bass, mackerel, Tope, Ray, Spurdog, Smoothound and Bull Huss. Fishing Boat Trips Fishing trips are usually 5 or 10 hours and we can cater for individuals or groups of up to 8 people Tope fishing is a GO Angling favourite. Sitting and waiting patiently for that small click and then accelerating first run of a tope is really an exciting experience, and one we love to share with our anglers 2016 has been another good year, not too many large females but plenty of pack tope resulting in a few first and some new personal bests for our anglers Tope Fishing In Wales: Ceri Thomas reports on tope fishing out of Newquay, where the fishing is simply epic. New Quay in west Wales is a simply stunning location. Situated between Cardigan and Aberystwyth it's the perfect place to visit for a family holiday, with many amenities locally, including a lovely intimate beach and harbour, with.

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Tope fishing has been hit and miss one day we have caught up to 25 Tope the next day just one or two, the Bream fishing has been excellent when the conditions have been just right up to 120+ per day to 2lb. Again most of the lads are happy to put the bream under 1lb back and just keep a dozen or so bigger fish Tope fishing around here is often a waiting game nowadays so it is important to make the most of any fish that come our way. Using circle hooks has meant fewer missed bites and the majority of fish made it to the boat once hooked Lengthen the flowing trace to six or seven feet if fishing for Tope. To avail of all the angling opportunities available, when planning an angling trip to Kilmore Quay be sure to include; 20lb line class kit for gilling, 20lb and 30lb line class kit for heavy paternoster and ledgering, full surf casting kit, 10ft pike rod for shore spinning. Fishing for tope at Herne Bay, Kent L/S Quay man jumps on to boat. M/S Men studying chart. C/U Men talking. C/U Chart pan up to men. L/S Quayside, men preparing. L/S Quayside, two men pass camera with fishing tackle. L/S Fishing boat putting to sea. L/S Another boat passes camera. C/U People on quay watching. L/S Three boats setting off Site information : Welcome to the Chris Mole Charter Boat. UK Charter Boat Dairy now online, view our latest bookings and calendar events by Clicking Here. The Enterprise is our renowned charter boat fully fitted out with all the latest electronic and safety equipment to ensure we can provide the very best Charter Boat Experience. with uptideing/downtideing and drift fishing all available to.

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There are also sea trout in the lough which are taken on flies but they can also be caught on spinners. There are big species for the boat anglers in the lough as well with skate, tope, conger eels and ling all caught, although the numbers of tope and skate are very much reduced compared to previous generations and these species are now protected Chartered sea fishing boat near Edinburgh. Sea fishing from a boat, for cod, pollock, and wrasse, close to a shoreline that is one of the most important geological sites in the world. Breathtaking scenery. Your boat will be chartered for you and/or your guests. Season - May - October -Fishing can be fly or multiplier/spinning

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2021 MANX BOAT FISHING FESTIVAL Topics Posts. Last Posts. 2021 FESTIVAL INFORMATION: 3: 3: Sat Aug 22, 2020 2:56 a Our fishing trips include deep sea fishing & wreck fishing for Cod, Pollock, Ling and Conger eels, offshore bank fishing for Bass, Spurdogs & Rays, and drift fishing for Turbot, Brill, Tope & Plaice. Inshore sea fishing targets the superb fighting Sea Bream , Mackerel and many other species Welcome to Manx Sea Fishing, we really believe that the Isle of Man provides some of the best sea fishing of anywhere in the British Isles.Isle of Man fishing opportunities are numerous and we try to get out as often as possible and share them with people.. Although the Isle of Man is only a small island it provides such a diverse marine environment that it has long been recognised by divers.

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In the 1960's, The Wash area of the Norfolk coast was famed for its Tope fishing. But over more recent years, little has been filtering through on Tope catches via the angling press. With that in mind, a run out aboard the Brancaster Staithe based 'Katie Louise' was arranged to check out the current Tope fishing situation, with some spectacular results Welcome to Predator Charters. We offer fishing trips from Mudeford Quay and accommodate anglers of all skills, from absolute beginners to the experienced boat fisher. Regardless of your experience we can provide rods, reels & tackle on the day. Join us for an inshore wreck trip for cod, pollack, ling and conger fishing. Drift the inshore banks. Wreck fishing first made its impact in South Devon and boats based on Brixham, Torquay and Plymouth regularly bring in catches top-ping 2,000 lb. These include huge conger eels, many of them weighing more than 60 lb., some topping 80 lb. And two outstanding conger have exceeded 100 lb