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Abby Holland (Happiest Season) Riley Johnson. Summary. Abby Holland and Harper Caldwell might be in love, but they've never quite been on the same page. Then Harper's ex, Riley, befriends Abby and it seems as though they might end up on exactly the same page. Language: English The one where Riley and Abby reconnect after Abby leaves Harper at the altar. Happiest Season 2 should be about Riley's life as a doctor in a small town in PA trying to find love when she runs. I'm willing to risk it all, and by risking it all I mean write a 600- page fanfic manifesto about Riley and Abby - Rabby - Abley, true soul mates from Hulu's new lesbian Christmas movie, The happiest season.But sadly, the film centers on a much inferior couple, Harpby WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Happiest Season, streaming now on Hulu.. Clea DuVall's Happiest Season features a happy ending for Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis), but fans aren't pleased with this result. Since the movie premiered on Hulu on Nov. 25, social media has been flooded with commentary about how Abby should have chosen Riley (Aubrey Plaza) instead of. Warning! Spoilers for Happiest Season.. Hulu's Happiest Season may have been about Harper's (Mackenzie Davis) and Abby's (Kristen Stewart) relationship, but one of the standout elements of the movie was Abby's chemistry with Riley (Aubrey Plaza). Abby sought companionship from Riley during tense moments with Harper and her family, particularly when she was feeling cast aside

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Happiest Season follows girlfriends Abby and Harper as they visit Harper's parents' house for Christmas. The catch is that Harper isn't out to her parents yet, so she and Abby have to pretend to. Riley and Abby should've been a couple in Happiest Season why lie, one Twitter user tweeted. Many agree—and are, frankly not having it any other way. Many agree—and are, frankly not.

Don't steal/reupload. Share the link. I would also happily watch Abby and Riley (Aubrey Plaza), Harper's ex, in a four-hour movie about bi women, lesbians, and exes. As Happiest Season plays on, Riley becomes Abby's unexpectedly expected ally, the one person who can really understand what she's going through.Given that both Plaza and Stewart are equally strange and skilled at dry humor, I wanted to watch their scenes on repeat But unfortunately the film centers on a far inferior couple, Harpby. Happiest Season begins when Harper (Mackenzie Davis) invites her live-in girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart), who she has been dating for over a year, home for the holidays to meet her family.On the drive over, Abby reveals that her family doesn't know she's gay, or that they're together, and then, um, asks Abby to. Riley arguably is a better match for Abby. But Happiest Season's choices make for a more affecting, interesting watch. So go ahead and write all the Riley and Abby fanfiction you want; I'll be.

what is joe biden's plan to have abby and riley be together in happiest season. 04:51 AM - 26 Nov 2020. a happiest season sequel where riley falls in love at harper and abbys wedding happiest season Abby and Harper Abby x Harper I'm not good at writing my thoughts so I'm so glad that this person was able to sorta do that It's almost new years riley jane really is the coolest tho she made a whole world and developed it for years and years??? amazing if Harper's parents weren't okay with lgbt before i wonder what else they. Many folks have been watching Happiest Season on Hulu—and the object of mass affection isn't one of the main characters. The Clea DuVall-directed movie stars Kristen Stewart as Abby and.

my instagram: https://instagram.com/sazzicsi love them together SO MUCH (not necessarily in a romantic way) and i just wanted to make this video because th.. All of the Happiest Season fans who wanted to see Abby end up with Riley can take comfort in knowing they are not alone - Aubrey Plaza feels the same way. Since its release on Hulu the day before Thanksgiving, Clea DuVall's Happiest Season has been embraced as an instant classic that adds a fresh spin on the typical conventions of the rom-com genre Happiest Season is at times charming. But the cruelty of Makenzie Davis' Harper toward Abby and Riley (Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza) creates problems Happiest Season. Is a Cautionary Tale to Avoid Any and All Harpers for the Rest of Your Days. Spoilers for Hulu's Happiest Season. So. About Happiest Season. Let me just say that, right off the.

Riley and Abby from Happiest Season are movie true soul

  1. Riley and Abby should've been a couple in Happiest Season why lie, one Twitter user tweeted. Many agree—and are, frankly not having it any other way
  2. Throughout the movie, Harper seems dismissive of Abby's feelings while prioritizing her family's perception of her. Therefore, fans watching Happiest Season gravitated toward Riley and hoped that Abby would leave Harper for Plaza's character
  3. Happiest Season is full of subtle sonic nuances that impart a feeling of holiday cheer—like jingling bells adorning the door wreath, clinking glasses at the Christmas parties, and holiday tunes piped through restaurant sound systems and radios. This diegetic music blends beautifully with composer Doherty's original score, which uses two.
  4. Happiest Season is a 2020 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Clea DuVall, from a screenplay written by DuVall and Mary Holland.With an ensemble cast consisting of Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Dan Levy, Mary Holland, Victor Garber, and Mary Steenburgen, the film follows a woman who struggles to come out to her conservative parents while she and her.
  5. g on Hulu.Since the movie's release a few days ago, we sat down.
  6. Happiest Season, a gay holiday rom-com starring Mary Steenburgen's iPad, has caused a lively debate among the social mediati since its release last week: Kristen Stewart's character, Abby.
  7. Such is Happiest Season. This is the tale of a young gay woman who has to face down her fears and come out to her parents and family. It's couched in familiar romcom tropes, laced with twinkling lights, and underscored with totally unrelated Christmas carols and songs. But beyond the tinsel and evergreen garlands, make no mistake: This is a.
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Hulu. Happiest Season follows Abby and her girlfriend Harper Caldwell as they prepare to spend their first Christmas together with Harper's family, something Abby is excited about despite her cynicism about the holidays in general. But soon Harper reveals a big secret she's been hiding from Abby — Harper is not out to her family. They think Abby is just Harper's roommate, and with. Aubrey Plaza Is the True Hero of 'Happiest Season'. By John Boone‍ 1:30 PM PST, November 30, 2020. Hulu. Happiest Season is essentially a heist movie with the number of supporting cast members.

Happiest Season: Why Abby Should Have Chosen Riley Instead

  1. A re-imagined ending and continuation of Happiest Season where Riley finds Abby at the gas station instead. Chapter 1. Chapter Text The cold slapped Abby's tear-stained face the instant she opened the door, but she welcomed the sensation as a millisecond distraction from the searing pain gathering in her chest and radiating to her extremities.
  2. Harper Caldwell. Abby Holland (Happiest Season) Riley Johnson. Lesbian Character. Lesbian Sex. Summary. A different ending for the movie. Harper was too broken and decided not to go right after Abby, but to let her go home and have some time to think. Abby is decided to move out of Harper's apartment and move on
  3. Alternate Universe - Happiest Season; Based on Happiest Season; bisexual abby holland; bisexual harper; but this is a sloane/riley fic did you not expect that; COVID because Riley is a doctor; diverges at the gas station; Established Rabby/Abbey? eventual Harper Caldwell appearance; happiest season; happiest season but make it korrasami.
  4. Clea DuVall's holiday film Happiest Season premiered with immediate discourse. While fans hoped for a fun LGBTQ+ rom-com, there were many deeper issues at play during this film. Much to her surprise happiness, Harper invites her girlfriend Abby home for the holidays for the first time, but the story soon takes a turn. RELATED: Happiest Season: Aubrey Plaza Says Abby Should've Ended Up With Riley
  5. Aubrey Plaza & Kristen Stewart in 'Happiest Season' (Hulu — Fair Use) When H a ppiest Season dropped on Hulu, Twitter discoursed with a fervor usually reserved for cats that are scared of cucumbers. Most of the hot takes boiled down to: Kristen Stewart (Abby, yeah, I had to look it up) should have ended up with Aubrey Plaza (Riley.) But he Abby/Riley ship isn't really a hot take.
  6. 'Happiest Season': Why Kristen Stewart's Abby and Aubrey Plaza's Riley would have been the better end-game. Kristen Stewart's awkwardness as Abby and Aubrey Plaza's slight badass quality as Riley is a match made in heaven and both rock their tailored jackets and plunging necklines like no others in the fil
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Happiest Season eventually gives Abby and Harper a picture perfect ending, but it's Abby's relationships with Riley and John that nonetheless end up stealing the show Happiest Season, 2020's much hyped lesbian Christmas rom-com, managed to deliver us one of the best characters of queer film history — Aubrey Plaza as Harper's beautiful ex-girlfriend, Riley.. The internet is already splattered with pieces on how Abby should have ditched Harper for Riley, and I quite agree. Not only was Harper manipulative and mean, but she left Abby to hang out with her. But even with this information, fans still put the Abby/Riley relationship on the top of their Christmas lists. Watched Happiest Season and all I'm going to say is that Abby and Riley are actually endgame I'm unwilling to acknowledge anything else thank you so much for your time, tweeted one user. riley and abby should've been a couple in happiest season why lie, tweeted another (via Glamour) WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Happiest Season, streaming now on Hulu.. Although Clea DuVall's Happiest Season focuses on the romantic relationship between Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis), the background characters are even more compelling. From the first moment she appears, Riley (Aubrey Plaza) seems to throw Harper off her game in a major way Whether you look like Abby, love an Abby, or think someday you might want to do either of those things, Happiest Season is a rare affirmation that we all deserve to feel gorgeous and loved. Top.

Basically, Happiest Season messed up on two fronts: it made Riley too hot, and it failed to illustrate why Harper was (allegedly) such a great girlfriend to begin with. Abby is a very sympathetic. Debates have broken out on the internet over whether Riley should have been the one, true pairing that Abby wound up in at the end of Happiest Season, and that's all that you really need to know. Happiest Season on Hulu is a variation on this oft-used theme, not that there's anything wrong with that. Harper (Mackenzie Davis) is bringing her girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) home to meet the family: father (Victor Garber), mother (Mary Steenburgen), nasty striver sister (Alison Brie), and needy middle sister (Mary Holland) A majority of Happiest Season's runtime shows Harper forcing Abby into a lie which puts her in the closet, too, and Abby watches as Harper pretends to be a version of herself she doesn't quite. Happiest Season is a 2020 Romantic Comedy film directed by Clea DuVall, written by DuVall and Mary Holland, and starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. The story follows a lesbian couple, Abby (Stewart) and Harper (Davis), as Abby accompanies Harper to her family's house for Christmas. Abby's plan to propose on Christmas morning is.

Happiest Season has problems, but nothing that watching on fast-forward can't fix Back to video Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis star as Abby and Harper, a lesbian couple who are getting serious aubrey plaza as riley in happiest season icons! pls like or reblog if you save them. riley happiest season aubrey plaza icons mackenzie davis kristen stewart harper abby The central relationship between Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis) seems pretty toxic, and Harper's cute ex Riley (Aubrey Plaza) would have been a much better match for Abby. Happiest Season follows girlfriends Abby and Harper as they visit Harper's parents' house for Christmas. The catch is that Harper isn't out to. Through its treatment of Riley (played by Aubrey Plaza), Happiest Season managed to undervalue one if its arguably most cherished Lesbian characters. Many fans agree that a more complex and cathartic ending would have been to see Riley and Abby come together, united by their integrity in the face of Harper's mistreatment

By now you've probs heard of Happiest Season. The Christmas rom-com follows Abby (Kristen Stewart), an out lesbian, who meets her girlfriend Harper's (Mackenzie Davis) family for the holidays—only thing is, she's not out to her folks.But, the real MVP of the flick isn't K-Stew, any of Harper's family—including Alison Brie—or even Abby's best pal played by Dan Levy, it's. Happiest Season: Abby. And, yet, there's more; the shots are absolutely breathtaking in Happiest Season. Many of Abby's vii extreme wide yet close frames are so sweet and elegant that you kind of fall in love with Abby as a character. It makes her appear as an archangel, as Riley viii asserts The Happiest Season is undeniably monumental, a major first for queer women who are excited to see relationships that mirror their own on screen on their own terms, in a film written by and staring largely LGBTQAI+ people. Yet a trailblazing movie does not necessarily equate to a good movie. The first major issue? Abby and Harper are not a good match Abby then goes for a solo walk around a town she doesn't know and runs into Riley (Aubrey Plaza). They go to a gay bar, and Abby smiles for the first and last time in the whole movie. Then, when Abby meets Harper at a different bar, she is with her friends and Connor. Abby wants to leave, but Harper stays

Happiest Season Ending: Why Abby And Riley Should Have Got

Happiest Season's biggest stumbling block is that its opening scenes don't do enough to establish that same level of connection between Stewart and Davis.Abby and Harper's early bond is. There is a moment somewhere in the middle of Happiest Season when it feels like Abby is about to walk off into the wintry sunset with Riley (Aubrey Plaza) instead, who is clearly a better person. Clea DuVall Stands by Abby and Harper's Controversial Ending in 'Happiest Season' DuVall also addressed many fans' desire for Abby to end up with Riley, Harper's ex-girlfriend played. I imagine the internet will latch on to Riley (Plaza) and Abby as the fan-favorite 'ship coming out of Happiest Season, but the internet will be wrong.Sure, Harper isn't the most likable. Happiest Season stars Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart as cutie cute couple Harper and Abby, who recently moved in together in cutie cute bliss. We know this because in the screener we watched, the opening credits feature an almost (unintentionally) comical set of illustrations of Harper and Abby's relationship so far

Happiest Season is a holiday movie that even a holiday skeptic like Abby might appreciate. Before they even arrive at Harper's (Mackenzie Davis) childhood home, however, the first signs of trouble. The. Happiest Season. Director and Cowriter Responds to All That Harper Backlash. Clea DuVall has a lot of thoughts on that controversial happy ending. This post contains spoilers about Hulu.

Happiest Season: Abby Should Have Ended Up With Riley

Happiest Season: Viewers Are Furious That Abby Didn't End

Happiest Season is a rare queer romantic comedy, and one that showcases all the lovely big and little moments that young viewers need to see. Abby quickly befriends Riley. It doesn't take. Abby and Riley's friendship is a fun and intriguing element that at times trumps seeing Abby with Harper. Happiest Season is a warm and comedic story with a plethora of great performances. The film also served as a refreshing feature of queer creators and characters in a typically heteronormative genre like the holiday rom-com Starring Kristen Stewart as Abby and Mackenzie Davis as her girlfriend Harper, Happiest Season has managed to skip the hurdle of being classed as an LGBTQ+ film to win people's hearts over with.

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Harper's openly queer ex-girlfriend Riley (Aubrey Plaza) is whispered about for her lifestyle choice. Dan Levy is doing his best in an utterly thankless role as Abby's stock gay best friend, John. If not for references to ride-sharing and Instagram, Happiest Season might be mistaken for a fairly progressive film from 1998 May 19, 2021 12:30 PM. Aubrey Plaza, Clea Duvall. Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty; Stefanie Keenan/Getty. Aubrey Plaza was a fan favorite as Riley in Hulu's Christmas romantic comedy Happiest Season.

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Happiest Season Is Not a Happy, Gay Christmas Romance

So Happiest Season was really this incredible opportunity to tell a universal story that is warm and familiar from a new Abby and Riley have this incredible heart-to-heart in a gay bar, which. A scene from Happiest Season. Everything ends in a Christmas party blowout that is hell for the participants and comic heaven for audiences. It really is the most wonderful time of the year when a queer romance, dressed up as a mainstream romp, can make the season bright just by existing. In an isolating pandemic, this movie's plea for unity. Kristen Stewart has admitted she would have been jealous if she hadn't landed the role of Abby in Happiest Season.. The actress revealed in the latest issue of Total Film that she's proud to.

'Happiest Season's Riley & Abby Are The True Soulmates Of

Happiest Season, a unique and heartwarming Christmas rom-com, is out now on Hulu, armed with shiny tinsel and warm eggnog. Stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis embody loving couple Abby and. Unfortunately, things do not go the way, me the viewer, wanted them to go. I was rooting for Abby the whole way through and this movie I enjoyed. Too bad I did not get more of that movie. Happiest Season begins streaming on Hulu on 11/25/2020 ''Happiest Season'' (2020) is a RomanticComedy directed by Clea Duvall and starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. The story follows a lesbian couple, Abby and Harper, as Abby accompanies Harper to her family's house for Christmas. Abby's plan's to propose are complicated by the fact that Harper has not come out to her parents 'Happiest Season': Film Review. Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis play a lesbian couple rattling the closet door during a family holiday visit in 'Happiest Season,' Clea DuVall's queer spin. Photo Courtesy of Hulu. Though COVID-19 forced Sony to release Happiest Season on Hulu this holiday season, it was originally intended as a mainstream theater release. Thanks to Hallmark and Lifetime, holiday romances have become a staple for this time of year, but the film, co-written and directed by Clea DuVall, was finally going to provide audiences what those exercises in heteronormativity.

'Happiest Season' Ending, Explained: Why the End Is

Happiest Season Review: Brilliantly playing on the strengths of both the holiday and gay rom-com subgenres and going a long way to normalize the latter, Clea DuVall's second outing behind the. Happiest season definitely reaches up to the mark and proves their title name and the Christmas vibes are so fresh and delightful. Lead actors are nothing but best as we witnessed Dan Lavy before in Schitt's Creek by his ravishing performance, he does not fail to do so again and of course Kristen is a treat to watch

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This year is gayer than ever, with everything from 'Happiest Season' on Hulu to new LGBTQ-led TV movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. Abby and Harper, Riley deserved the movie's happy ending Happiest Season tells the story of Abby (Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis), a lesbian couple in love. Abby is ready to propose to Harper and plans to do so at Harper's parents' house over. In the new rom-com Happiest Season, Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis star as Abby and Harper, a happy couple living in Pittsburgh whose lives are thrown into chaos when Harper invites Abby. Happiest Season. Hulu | Release Date (Streaming): November 25, 2020. 7.5: USER SCORE Boring to boot. Abby and Riley should've ended up together. 2 of 3 users found this helpful 2 1. All this user's reviews. 2. haydentclay Dec 8, 2020. This review contains spoilers, click expand to view

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