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A stopwatch was a fixture throughout school and yet it was never used correctly. In track the coach would decide who made the team through timed races. In football starters would differentiate from benchwarmers by tenths of seconds in the forty or the hundred Online stopwatch. Easy to use and accurate stopwatch with lap times and alarms. Optional split intervals and alarm sound Five Practical Ways to Use a Stopwatch. ClickTime's stopwatch feature lets you start tracking time with one simple click. Find out just how easy it is to get the timesheet data you need: Punch Clock - Know exactly when your projects start and stop. Just let the stopwatch track your company's hours and gauge employee efficiency To time something using the stopwatch: To launch the app, select Start and select Alarms & Clock from the app list or type its name into the search box. Select Stopwatch, and then Start. To mark a lap or split as the stopwatch runs, select Laps/Splits (the flag) About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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  1. A stopwatch is used to measure the time interval of an event. It is a kind of watch that stands out for the accuracy and precision with which it can measure the time of an event . It works by pressing a start button and then stopping it. It is also known as a chronometer and is used to measure fractions of time, usually short and accurately
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  3. How to Use Stopwatch in Windows 10. There is a built-in Stopwatch on Windows 10 computer, and the article illustrates how to use it for your reference. 7 tips to use Stopwatch in Windows 10: Tip 1: Start Stopwatch. Step 1: Access Alarms & Clock from Start Menu. Step 2: Open Stopwatch and tap the Start button. Tip 2: Record split time
  4. If you want to use a stopwatch on your PC, you can do that as well, thanks to the app that comes with OS. The app is Alarms & Clock. You can set the alarm using the app, but you can also use a stopwatch. Here, we will share a quick and straightforward guide on using a stopwatch in Windows 10, so if this is something you want to do, keep reading
  5. A Stopwatch instance can measure elapsed time for one interval, or the total of elapsed time across multiple intervals. In a typical Stopwatch scenario, you call the Start method, then eventually call the Stop method, and then you check elapsed time using the Elapsed property
  6. A stopwatch is useful in the optimization of codes by adding small bookmarks in the code and for using Stopwatch in C# we need to add System
  7. g, the clock is started and stopped by a person pressing a button

One great use of using the stopwatch is by creating a timeout. Let's say you've got a task that sometimes gets hung up and you want to ensure the entire script doesn't stop if this happens. We can use the stopwatch by including it in a while loop A Free flash online stopwatch, quick easy to use flash stopwatch! also a countdown timer

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  1. Use the Stopwatch in FULL SCREEN. Great for meetings, classrooms, conferences, schools, anywhere really..
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  3. To use the stopwatch in PowerShell, we need to use [System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch] class. Below are the members of the above stopwatch mentioned class. You can see above that you can Start, Stop, Restart, and Reset the stopwatch and before starting all values should be 0. Now, we will start the timer using the Start () method

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With a laptop, Wi-Fi connection, and an Online Stopwatch, you always have a way of keeping time. You can time that three-legged race, time a chess move, or even figure out how long that one crazy friend can keep a spoon balanced on his or her nose. There are more serious uses for a Stopwatch A stopwatch can be used for many things: After the start, you can always check the elapsed time (in hours, minutes, seconds). Thus, a stopwatch differs from Alexa's default timer which rings after a definable period of time (for example, five minutes) or Alexa's default alarm which rings at a certain time (for example, 8 o'clock) Open the Stopwatch app on your Apple Watch, then do any of the following:. Start: Tap the green Start button. Record a lap: Tap the white Lap button. Record the final time: Tap the red Stop button. Reset the stopwatch: Tap the white Reset button or the Lap button. The timing continues even if you switch back to the watch face or open other apps

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  1. imalistic approach. Key features: - Clever Stopwatch allows users to disable the operating system lock screen while ti
  2. ute and 30 seconds, the sound will be played at 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, and so on
  3. What is the use of a stopwatch how is it different from a wrist watch? Stopwatch is a special type of watch. it is used to calculate the time taken in a process or an activity. a stopwatch is different from other watches because in normal wristwatches, the time keeps moving whereas in stopwatches, the time starts from 00:00 and can be reset
  4. Other people will use a Stopwatch to time an experiment or a game. The problem is that most people don't own an actual Stopwatch anymore. Like wrist watches are falling to the clocks on mobile phones, Stopwatches are falling to fumbling around on a cell phone or digital watch trying to figure out where that feature is hidden. (That assumes.
  5. Stopwatch: Functions like a real stopwatch, recording times that you choose. This stopwatch is accurate to the nearest tenth of a second. Parameters: Count up from 0 or count down from a set time. and undergraduate instructors for use in the classroom
  6. One great use of using the stopwatch is by creating a timeout. Let's say you've got a task that sometimes gets hung up and you want to ensure the entire script doesn't stop if this happens. We can use the stopwatch by including it in a while loop. Below is an example of checking the total seconds the stopwatch has been running and then.

But give this a try. Have a variable and store the time in it. var x = sw.ElapsedMilliseconds; Everytime you stop the timer using the stop button add the new elapsed time to x. Display x in label1. Please Sign up or sign in to vote By default there is no Stopwatch on a Samsung Galaxy Watch. In this video I will show you how to install and use a Stopwatch on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.***I a.. A stopwatch is a timepiece designed to measure the amount of time that elapses between its activation and deactivation.. A large digital version of a stopwatch designed for viewing at a distance, as in a sports stadium, is called a stop clock.In manual timing, the clock is started and stopped by a person pressing a button The stopwatch is a big part of CrossFit and other functional fitness circuit-training programs: Timed workouts (and WODs, in CrossFit speak) allow athletes to measure their performance against. When you are building it into a GA, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to use the stopwatch. It's better to use it at a slightly not-optimal time than to finish the GA with an unused stop watch. If nothing else, you'll realize that the stopwatch use then wasn't good, and have a better understanding of playing with it and around it.

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The Stopwatch type, found in System.Diagnostics, is useful in many contexts. Tip: Stopwatch provides easy-to-use and accurate measurement of time elapsed. It helps with benchmarking. Benchmark. Example. First, Stopwatch is a class in the .NET Framework that is ideal for timing any operation in your C# programs. You must create Stopwatch as an. Stopwatch control. use the spacebar to start and stop the stopwatch, the 0 key to start or restart the stopwatch from 0, key 2 to restart the stopwatch from the displayed time, key 3 to stop the times. Online stopwatch. 4.2 /5 (30) Online stopwatch with backup and export, 7 different versions to meet all your needs! Time display in the tab. To use the Stopwatch: 1. Add a breakpoint where you want to start the stopwatch. 2. Add another breakpoint where you want to stop the stopwatch. 3. Select Window>Debugging>Stopwatch. Click on the Properties icon on the left of the window and select the start and stop breakpoints. 4. Debug the program again to get the stopwatch timing result.. How to start the stopwatch on your iPhone or iPad. Launch the Clock app from your Home screen. Tap on the Stopwatch tab. It's the second tab from the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on the Start button. You can swipe left on the stopwatch to reveal an analog-style stopwatch if you prefer Use the timer or stopwatch on iPhone. In the Clock app , you can use the timer to count down from a specified time. You can also use the stopwatch to measure the duration of an event. Ask Siri. Say something like: Set the timer for 3 minutes.

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The stopwatch is super simple to use. Unlike alarms and timers, you only have one stopwatch. While the stopwatch is stopped, you can click the Reset button to the watch's left to reset the clock to 00:00. To start the watch, click the Play button Using the Stopwatch. From the watch face, hold MENU. Select Clocks > STOPWATCH. Press to start the timer. Press LAP to restart the lap timer . The total stopwatch time continues running. Press to stop both timers. To reset both timers, press DOWN. To save the stopwatch time as an activity, press MENU, and select Save Activity The Stopwatch, also known as Pocket Watch, Clock, Hourglass, Timer or Watch, is a sub-weapon in the Castlevania series. It is used to slow down or completely stop time temporarily. 1 Description 2 Game specific information 2.1 Castlevania 2.2 Vampire Killer 2.3 Haunted Castle 2.4 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse 2.5 Super Castlevania IV 2.6 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon 2.7 Castlevania.

If you use Stopwatch on iPhone often, then you can add the Stopwatch feature as a quick-launch capability in Control Center for iOS through the customization of Control Center in iOS Settings as discussed here. Just add the Stopwatch button to allow for ultra-fast access from the iPhone or iPad lock screen, or just a quick swipe gesture to. I think stopwatch is best way to calculate the time. In this project i have 2 buttons 1 start break 2 stop break if the button 1 click stop watch want to start if the button 2 click stop watch want to pass how can i implement Please help me thanks in advance Dineshkumar R Posted 11-May-11 2:27am The stopwatch is super simple to use. This stopwatch measures time intervals in hours. This article illustrates how to use it for your reference. How to Set a Stopwatch on windows 10. 1- Open the Start Menu. 2- When the start menu opens, we need to find and click Alarms & Clock. 3- When Alarms & Clock opens, we need to click the. Using the following line a new stopwatch object will be created: System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch myStopWatch = new System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch(); The Start method will start the stopwatch: myStopWatch. Start (); The Stop method will stop the stopwatch: myStopWatch.Stop(); To display the value of the stopwatch then use the code shown below.

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Online Rubik's Cube Stopwatch Timer. Online Rubik's Cube speedsolving timer with built-in scramble generator for WCA twisty puzzles. The stopwatch collects and analizes training statistics, calculates averages for 5 and 12 times and shows the evolution of performance on a graphical display Use the timer & stopwatch. Use the timer & stopwatch. You can time yourself with the Clock app's timer or stopwatch. Timer Count time down to zero. Open your phone's Clock app . At the top, tap Timer. Enter how long you want the timer to run. Tap Start . When your timer finishes, you'll hear beeping /***** * Compilation: javac Stopwatch.java * Execution: java Stopwatch n * Dependencies: none * * A utility class to measure the running time (wall clock) of a program. * * % java8 Stopwatch 100000000 * 6.666667e+11 0.5820 seconds * 6.666667e+11 8.4530 seconds * *****/ /** * The {@code Stopwatch} data type is for measuring * the time that. The English version of the ChronMe online stopwatch has been running since 2008. To date we have received several good remarks from users who use the stopwatch to: prepare speeches. monitor project times. monitor factory delays. measure prenatal labor contractions. measure call times at contact centers Follow this procedure to start, pause or stop the stopwatch in your tracker: On your device, open the Timers app. If you used the countdown timer previously, swipe down and tap the stopwatch icon. Tap the play icon to start the stopwatch. Tap the pause icon to stop the stopwatch. To reset the stopwatch, swipe down and tap Reset

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To use this function we will first import the time module into our code. import time Time to create a stopwatch using Python. We will import time module. The user will press Enter to start the stopwatch. At this point start_time is set using time.time(). So, at this point, start_time has the number of seconds passed since epoch when the clock. We will use these methods to start, stop and reset the stopwatch. We will update the stopwatch using a method we will create called runTimer() . The runTimer() method will run code every second to check whether the stopwatch is running, and, if it is, increment the number of seconds and display the number of seconds in the text view

Stopwatch definition, a watch with a hand or hands that can be stopped or started at any instant, used for precise timing, as in races. See more You can also use reset method to set time elapsed to zero and starts measuring elapsed time. You can also determine the execution of time using Imports System.Threading class in your program. Code. Imports System.Threading Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim stopwatch1 As New System.Diagnostics. Stopwatch stopwatch1.Start() For i As Integer = 0 To 99 Add code below to your stylesheet to use bx-bx-stopwatch as background: Add code below to your stylesheet to use bx-bx-stopwatch as pseudo element's content: Avoid using Iconify in CSS if you can. Images are loaded one by one, which might affect performance if there are too many images. Monotone images cannot inherit color from stylesheet, so. Advanced Physics. Advanced Physics questions and answers. For this activity, use your stopwatch (such as smartphone) to measure the time and calculate the acceleration. There is 80.000 g added to the glider and 15.000 g of mass hanging. *I added Activity 2 and my results*

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Use stopwatch fields in JQL or Reports. Use stopwatch fields in JQL or Reports . More details. Cloud implementation of Stopwatch from the application Time in status | SLA | Timer | Stopwatch (Server/DC) Tracks the time between events. Events can be as simple as creating a task, commenting. So are more complex ones - increasing priority. Simple stopwatch. Select the display that most suits your taste. An easy-to-use stopwatch with an intuitive interface. You can change the color, font, size and so much more! The stopwatch features simple and quick controls. Clean and reliable. Free app. The stopwatch is perfect for every timing situation like sports, cooking, game, work and so on Keep track of the time with this chronographic Timex Expedition watch. It has a timer, stopwatch and alarm, and the digital watch face shows the date and time. This Timex Expedition watch is water-resistant up to 100m and includes an INDIGLO night-light, making it great for use outdoors and in the dark Learn how to use stopwatch on your Samsung Galaxy Gear. This feature allows you to capture elapsed time while letting the stopwatch keep running. From the Home (Clock) screen, scroll to and then tap Apps icon > Stopwatch. Tap Start to start the stopwatch counter. Tap Lap to begin the lap time counter. Tap Stop to stop the counter

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After the stopwatch starts: To pause the stopwatch, tap Pause . To reset a paused stopwatch to zero, tap Reset . If you exit the app while the stopwatch is running, you can see the stopwatch progress and come back later. To reopen the app, open your list of notifications and tap Stopwatch Open Stopwatch is an incredible built-in feature in iPhone, the precision of time can sort out many of your queries like what amount of time is consumed by you while you do anything or any activity. So you can keep tabs on every single ticking of clock. Here you will see how to use stopwatch on iPhones 1. As always start the stopwatch on Windows 11. 2. It is most effective if you simply press the [F8] key. 3. And set the countdown timer in the ⏱ stopwatch without detours! (Image-1) Use the countdown in the stopwatch on Windows 11! Back to the top . FAQ 12: Updated on: 25 July 2021 14:51

Stopwatch app project has functions similar to the digital watch that we see on mobile, computer, or other wrist watches.The project has a simple interface. We use HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap for this project. Stopwatch app project has a simple image background, buttons, timer, etc. When the start button is clicked the timer starts Use Stopwatch.StartNew() in ImageAnimator. b740e55. jeffhandley added the area-System.Drawing label May 27, 2021. Copy link Contributor msftbot bot commented May 27, 2021. Tagging subscribers to this area: @safern, @tarekgh See info in area-owners.md if you want to be subscribed. Issue Details. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the use a stopwatch/729567 crossword clue. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues

Cool ways to use a stopwatch 1. A stopwatch is a handheld time piece that was designed to measure the amount of time. In asports stadium a large digital version of a stop watch called stop clock is used that is designed forviewing at a distance. stopwatch is used when time periods must be measured precisely and witha minimum of complications the number of digits on the device's display for a digital stopwatch or the smallest increment or graduation on the face of an analog stopwatch. For example, if a stopwatch display shows two digits to the right of the decimal point, it has a resolution of 0.01 s (10 ms, or 1/100 of a second) Being able to use a stopwatch effectively is an essential 'how to coach' skills for any Man Tri coach. Whether it's timing intervals at the running track, during turbo sessions or at the swimming pool it's a good idea to have a stopwatch or two in your coaching bag. Some stopwatches have advanced functions that make it easy to calculate cadence whilst running and cycling or stroke rate. Anyone ever use a stopwatch? Been doing this since i started tripping, and its always been my totem (Inception), as it were, and i wanted to share. Im 23 minutes into my drop and I swallowed my tab at 15 mins in. I know this because as soon as i drop, i start a stopwatch timer on my phone that i keep going throughout the trip Press the button at the top of the stopwatch to reset the hands to the zero mark. How to Read Digital Stopwatches. Look at the first two digits on a digital stopwatch. Those numbers represent the minutes used. You can see a digital stopwatch in the picture to the left. Look at the new two larger numbers after the : mark

Stopwatch definition is - a watch with a hand or a digital display that can be started and stopped at will for exact timing (as of a race) How to use Stop and Watch: PAPER: Circle the change, write the name of the resident along with your name, and alert a nurse. Give the nurse a copy of this tool or review it with her/him and place a copy of the tool in the facility's designated area. ELECTRONIC: Document the change in condition per your fa-cility's policy and procedure and ver Digital Stopwatch Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech 365510 Digital Stopwatch with Split Time, Two Competitor monitoring, Alarm and Clock features. The accuracy of the clock is ±3 seconds per 24 hours. Careful use of this stopwatch will provide years of reliable service. Operation NORMAL MODE 1 StopWatch is a coalition, which works to: Since forming in 2010, StopWatch has led a wide-ranging campaign against the disproportionate use of stop and search, the increasing use of exceptional stop and search powers and the weakening of accountability mechanisms. This includes legal and policy analysis, media coverage and commentary, political.

A stopwatch is a handheld timer used in sporting events such as track meets, swim meets, triathlons and other time-lapse games. It is designed to be manually started, for example at the beginning of an event, then stopped with the press of a button at the exact moment a runner crosses a finish line, a swimmer reaches the end lap or a skier. Learn how to use stopwatch on your Samsung Galaxy Gear. This feature allows you to capture elapsed time while letting the stopwatch keep running. From the Home (Clock) screen, scroll to and then tap Apps icon > Stopwatch. Tap Start to start the stopwatch counter. Tap Lap to begin the lap time counter. Tap Stop to stop the counter Within the Clock app on the iPhone there is a stopwatch you can use. Here's how to use the iPhone's stopwatch, and why you would want to use it. Whether you want to track how quickly someone runs a mile, time individual laps or circuits, or simply track the time it takes to complete a task, you can use the stopwatch to do it Using the Stopwatch Class to Log Time. The Stopwatch Class is a really useful way to measure elapsed time in C#. It can be used to keep track of average request times, to send messages to the user based on how long an action might take, or to benchmark your code. Often the DateTime method (which is used to track the current date/time) is used. How do I use the stopwatch? Turn on the screen of the smartwatch, go to Stopwatch feature. Press play to start the stopwatch. Press pause to pause it. Long press the button to exit the stopwatch. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations

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Stopwatch control. use the spacebar to start the stopwatch or to memorize a time, the 0 key for the first start, key 1 to memorize an intermediate time, key 2 to restart the stopwatch from the displayed time, key 3 to stop the times Learn how to use stopwatch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Clock application allows you to access alarms, view the World Clock, set a stop watch, and use a timer. You can use this option to measure intervals of time. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Clock > Stopwatch. Tap Start to start the stop watch and tap Lap to mark a unit of time per lap Use the Chronograph watch face, with a built in stopwatch; Only the Color, Mickey Mouse, Modular, Simple, and Utility watch faces are capable of displaying a stopwatch complication, so keep that in mind when performing customization. Starting and stopping the Stopwatch. To start the stopwatch in the Stopwatch app, tap the green button This stopwatch and timer is free and easy to use. It not only works on your computer but also on your mobile devices like your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet. The full screen automatically adjusts to fill your screen which makes it perfect for classrooms, presentations, and large audiences

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The funny thing is that the stopwatch hasn't changed much since 1965 (or much earlier, for that matter), the only difference is that as early as the '90s, the Thunderbirds chose to use it. Maj. Curran says, It runs like a champ Yes, and it is very easy to continue using the countdown timer in the stopwatch on Windows 11! Also under the latest Microsoft Windows 11 can continue use the Countdown in the stopwatch.It is suitable as a stopwatch and countdown for all Windows OS from Windows 2000 to MS Windows 11 and Microsoft's Windows Server 2019, 2016,. you don't have to use this simple way of stopping the time or. If your weaver is a compile-time weaver, it will inject the aspect's code into your code during the build. Using PostSharp with the example given, the resulting code will be: private StopWatch stopWatch; public void WatchedMethod () { this.stopWatch = new StopWatch (); this.stopWatch.Start (); /* Code */ this.stopWatch.Stop (); /* log (string. Setting a Windows 10 timer, stopwatch, or alarm isn't as intuitive as Android or iOS. Rather than a simple widget or top-bar quick, you have to use a separate app called 'Alarms & Clock' to. How to use the Stopwatch app on Apple Watch. Launch the Stopwatch app from your Apple Watch's Home screen. Tap the green start button to begin timing. To add a lap, tap the white button at the bottom right. Tap the red stop button to stop the timer

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Timer or Stopwatch in Excel VBA. We had a post on the forum recently asking how to create a timer in Excel, to record how long things took to happen on a model railroad. You can use the same code to time anything of course, like how long your code is taking to execute. A follow up request asked for code to count down to a date and/or time To program your Stopwatch, you'll need to-1. Install the official Arduino IDE from the Arduino website. 2. Download the Stopwatch sketch or the source code. 3. Open the IDE. 4. Go to Files -> Open or press Ctrl+O 5. Open the sketch. 6. Now your sketch will load. 7. Go to Sketch -> Upload or Click on the arrow icon below Edit menu and next to. There are several different ways to open up Stopwatch on the Apple Watch. You can open the app by tapping on the orange icon with a complete white circle on the home screen, use Siri to open. The DataMan app costs $1.99 | £1.49 | AU$2.49 and includes the Stopwatch widget, though it will eventually cease being a free add-on and will require an in-app purchase to use

In conclusion we can say that using Stopwatch is a big mistake when we need to measure how long it takes for different block of code to execute when the load on the system is very high, especially on web application where we can use HttpContext well as a hunter I have to point out that don't use this stopwatch while you are in aspect of Cheetah as the speed bonus wouldn't stack over. Comment by Khud0 It works in Druid forms, but, unlike Dash (Druid's alternative of sprint), it doesn't stack with Travel Form (+40% movement speed form) or Feline Swiftness (+30% movement speed outdoors)

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Find 45 ways to say STOPWATCH, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus The Stopwatch app will open with the Start User Interface: Move the Stopwatch by tapping any of its edges and dragging it to the desired position on the screen. Select Start and the stopwatch will begin recording the time. Select pause to Stop the Stopwatch and display the time duration. Close the stopwatch by tapping the red X icon in the top. The Time::Stopwatch module provides a convenient interface to timing functions through tied scalars. From the point of view of the user, scalars tied to the module simply increase their value by one every second. Using the module should mostly be obvious from the synopsis. You can provide an initial value for the timers either by assigning to.

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Start stopwatch timer. collapse all in page. Syntax. tic. timerVal = tic. Description. example. tic works with the toc function to measure elapsed time. The tic function records the current time, and the toc function uses the recorded value to calculate the elapsed time. example. timerVal = tic stores. The live stopwatch overlay will display your marked times precisely as the video is played. Save the video and share it with your friends. Use Video Stopwatch for any kind of measurement captured on video in which you would like to calculate precise elapsed times. The uses are endless Whenever a user wants to start or stop any of the stop watch, he can do it through mouse and save the result. It has the reset functionality too. Buttons. Start starts the clock for the first time, Stop stops the clock, Resume resumes timer starting time has already elapsed, Reset : Deletes all results and reset to 0 the stopwatch Use the Mode button to toggle between the normal time, alarm time and stopwatch modes. Press the Stop/Start button located right of the Mode button when you want to switch between the regular time and the month/date display. Press the Split/Reset button on the left of the Mode button to switch between the normal time and the alarm time Stopwatch is a class in C# to measure the elapsed time. Use it to calculate the time a function took to execute. It is found under System.Diagnostics. To get the elapsed time, firstly begin the Stopwatch −. var sw = Stopwatch.StartNew ()

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Alternatively, you can use the current high resolution millisecond timestamp: import { performance } from 'perf_hooks' ; const stopwatch = new Stopwatch ( performance . now ) ; stopwatch.start( 6 Reasons to Not Use Your Phone as a Stopwatch or Timer. November 29, 2017. If you are serious about timing an event, you need to use a device designed specifically to do this. Using your cell phone as a stopwatch or timer is not a good substitute for the real thing Careful use of this stopwatch will provide years of reliable service. Operation NORMAL MODE 1. In Normal Mode the Hours/Minutes/Seconds and the day of week is displayed. 2. Press and hold the SPLIT/RESET button to view the Alarm Time. 3. To turn the Alarm ON or OFF, press the START/STOP button while holding dow Other features: - Simple to use, it only takes a click to turn start recording your time. Show unlimited amount of lap times. - Professional design. Large numbers and buttons. Stopwatch can run in background by pressing menu button on your Android, back button exits application. - Professional and optimized coding to keep. Ultra Stopwatch & Timer. Very easy to use Stopwatch and Timer with simple and intuitive interface. Stopwatch with pause resume, lap time features. Notification enabled countdown Timer. You can pin your favorite timer settings to Start Screen. Supports all windows 8.1 and windows 10 Multiple stop watch is used to note starting point of more than one object and when they reach at their targets in given time. Advance online stopwatch is easy to use and accurate stopwatches clock. Simple to use timer, ringing alarm, elapsed time display, multiple timers and multiple stopwatches. stopwatch360.com