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Select a tool for the shape you want to draw. In the options bar, choose a Fill color and other options for your shape. These can be changed later. Hold the Shift key to avoid distorting the shape as you drag in an image to create an editable shape Just make the Custom Shape Tool selected. Step 2. From the Options Bar click the Preset Picker triangle icon, then click the gear iconon the right of Preset Picker Panel, and after that select the Import Shapesoption from the drop down list (or Load Shapeswhen using an older version of Adobe Photoshop). Step 3 Open the Custom Shape picker and you will see a small button to the right. Click it, and choose Load Shapes from the list. Be aware that Photoshop takes you to the predefined Custom Shapes Folder that is created on installing Photoshop. You have to go to the path where you saved your CSH file, and load it from there What you learned: To add a custom shape In the Tools panel, click and hold the Rectangle tool (or whichever Shape tool is showing in your Tools panel) and select the Custom Shape tool. In the options bar, click the down-facing arrow to the right of the Shape picker Add a shape to an image. What you learned: To create a shape In the Tools panel, click and hold the Rectangle tool (or whichever Shape tool is showing in your Tools panel at the moment) to view all the shape tools. Select a tool for the shape you want to draw

How to add shapes in Photoshop Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial : Import Custom Shapes into Photoshop Tutorial - How to import / add CSH files / custom shapes presets into Photoshop. A quick guide to ad.. Before installing new free custom shapes in Photoshop, make sure that they are available in a file with .CSH extension. If you have a ZIP package, then unzip it and get the Photoshop shapes in the correct format. When everything is ready, you can add custom shapes to your collection in Photoshop. Select the Custom Shape Tool in the toolbar If you're in Windows, choose Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Custom Shapes (this may vary depending on your version of Photoshop and where you installed, but the last few directories will be the same) 50 Photoshop Sun Shapes. Clocks Pattern (Vector PSD, PAT) 30 Cookware and Tableware Photoshop Shapes. Code Geass Symbol Set. 32 Fancy Stars Photoshop Custom Shapes. 50+ Photoshop Random Shapes. Red Faction Guerrilla Shapes. Isometric Shapes II. 34 Creative Photoshop Custom Shapes How to Add Legacy Custom Shapes to Photoshop 2020Download Legacy Shapes:- http://bit.ly/37lmcvJ. Best Web Hosting:-https://harshvardhanart.com/siteground..

Install Photoshop Shapes into Photoshop - It's Easy

Add Sparkle Effect to your photo - Adobe Photoshop

Then, I'll return to the tab with the shape layer in it. In this file there should be two layers; the original background layer and then the shape layer. I'll click on the shape layer to select it. Then, I'll go to the bottom of the Layers panel and click on the Add Layer Mask button. This will add a layer mask to the right of the shape Open the menu by clicking on the cogwheel and choose All. Now you can see all the Custom Shapes available in Photoshop. Pick a shape and click and drag anywhere in your workspace to add the custom shape. Hold the Shift key to constrain proportions Method 1of 2: Open your Photoshop project. You can do this from the Photoshop File menu. Alternatively, you can open Windows File Explorer or Finder, right-click the file, select Open With, and then Photoshop . Click on the Shape Tool icon. This is in the menu along the left of the application window. Click a Shape Tool Apparently all of the earlier (legacy) shapes are in a folder by that name. Here's how to find them: In Photoshop -Go to the Window option in the top menu bar of your screen (between View and Help). 2) Click Shapes to add it to active panels (or the panel dock)

How to Install Photoshop Custom Shapes Tutorial Custom

  1. Following our collection of 2,000+ Patterns for Photoshop, we are bringing you a massive collection of Custom Shapes.Like patterns, shapes are a somewhat overlooked resource for Photoshop. If you require silhouettes or solid shapes including people, animals, arrows, speech bubbles, etc., suitable custom shapes will probably be available, but you may not think of using shapes and may focus your.
  2. You can download free shape presets on the web (they should have the ending *.csh). To add the presets to Photoshop place them into the folder Custom Shapes in Photoshop Presets folder, for example
  3. With the Custom Shape Tool selected, right-click (Win) / Control-click (Mac) anywhere inside your Photoshop document. You'll see the Shape selection box appear, allowing you to select any of the currently available Custom Shapes. The shape you just created will appear as the very last shape in the selection box
  4. Learn how to add custom icons to the custom shape tool in Photoshop. This will speed up your design time by having icons and shapes you often use, right there in the shapes panel. Design more efficiently by having popular social media icons, graphics or shapes you love using only a click away
  5. Photoshop Custom Shapes. Custom Shape is a simple tool for inserting monochrome vector shapes in Adobe Photoshop. The fact that they are vector allows you to scale them freely without losing quality. Some examples of custom shapes are included in Adobe Photoshop, such as flower custom shapes, trees, custom shapes, animals, and boats
  6. Step 1. First, open your Adobe Photoshop 7.0, then open your image (short cut- ctrl+o). Create a duplicate image. Step 2. Next, you have to create a new layer. Step 3. Click custom shape in the toolbar (shortcut-u). Then select the shape. Draw the shape of the image

How to use the custom shape tool in Photoshop Adobe

55 Hearts Photoshop & Vector Shapes (CSH) Lovely photoshop hearts custom shapes in CSH file formats (55 vector heart brushes in set). Photoshop hearts shapes are ideal for romantic graphics, illustrations, Valentine's Day designs, wallpapers etc. Enjoy! New to photoshop shapes? Read how to install custom shapes into Photoshop Download water drops photoshop custom shapes in vector CSH file format (16 photoshop water drop shapes in set). A useful pack to add to your collection of free vector silhouettes! New to photoshop shapes? Read how to install custom shapes into Photoshop. You May Also Like 2020 update for photoshop, -The free form shape has change to trees, flowers and rediculous stuff I would never use, how do I get the basic freeform shape back? 2020 update is frustrating already. I do product photography and photoshop and need the freeform shape for blocking to white, as our prod.. 1 Correct Answer. davescm. Adobe Community Professional , Jan 15, 2020 Jan 15, 2020. davescm • Adobe Community Professional , Jan 15, 2020. Jan 15, 2020. Go to menu Window > Shapes then click at the top right of the panel that opens and in the drop down menu choose Legacy Shapes and More Dave. Likes 1300+ Adobe Photoshop Custom Shapes for Download. As Photoshop brushes, custom shapes save you a lot of time and energy when you're in the middle of the creation process. Besides the ability to insert a good-looking object into our designs instantly, they can be used in any size as they are vectorized. You can also create a new copy,change.

Add text and shapes to an image Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Drawing shapes with the Custom Shape Tool. Before we look at the new Shapes panel and the new ways to draw shapes in Photoshop CC 2020, I should point out that the traditional way of drawing shapes using the Custom Shape Tool still works. The only problem with using the Custom Shape Tool is that at first, you'll be limited to the default shapes myPhotoshopBrushes.com gathers Photoshop brushes, psd files, patterns, custom shapes, styles, gradients and tutorials created by artists from all over the world. All of those - free to use. Download for free whatever you need and make your design easier than ever Click on the custom shape button on the side bar and select the ellipse tool. Carry out all the steps of making sure shape 1 is selected and the add to shape area button is selected. As shown in the last picture click and drag starting roughly where the red cross is so that the circle lines up well with the background image 350 Free Vector Web Icons Shapes icons. Speech Bubble Shapes florals and ornaments. Photoshop Scotch Tape Shapes other. Frame and Border Custom Shapes florals and ornaments. Free Photoshop Shapes for Windows Phone 8 icons. Free Vector Trucks vehicles. Medieval Flowers Heraldry Shapes symbols. Divider Line Photoshop Shapes florals and ornaments Yet another set of Photoshop custom shapes. This one contains two versions of Che and Lenin (jagged and clean), a map of the world, the shape of an old airplane, some stars and the hammer& sickle-symbol to add to your collection of Photoshop custom shapes. 20 Animal Shapes for Photoshop

Select the Custom Shape Tool (U key) from the Toolbar. Design more efficiently by having popular social media icons, graphics or shapes Learn how to add custom icons to the custom shape tool in Photoshop. Once you place the circle you cannot easily move or adjust it. With the Pen Tool selected, look up in the Open a new Photoshop document to use the custom shape you created, then press Ctrl+n. Step 16. To fill in with a foreground color press alt+delete and right-click on the shape tool in the toolbar and select the Custom Shape Tool from the pop-up window. Step 17. You can select your custom shape Photoshop custom shape tool is very helpful while making any specific form of shapes/complex design. If you do not have a suitable brush, you can use predefined custom shapes present. These Custom shapes differ from brushes. You can smoothly scale the size of shapes smaller to bigger vice versa without compromising their resolution Gift Tag Photoshop Shapes. Download free gift tag photoshop custom shapes (16 free vector gift tags in set). It's a great addition to your collection of free shapes & silhouettes. As always, this set is free for personal and commercial use

Photoshop Shapes (also known as Photoshop Custom Shapes) are pre-made vector based elements that you can install to save yourself time. Feel free to browse and download Photoshop Shapes available or submit your own! Display. all versions CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS PS7 or Lower Other. sorted by. newest first most popular first highest rated first Get 64 custom shapes fonts, logos, icons and graphic templates on GraphicRiver. Buy custom shapes Photoshop shapes from $3 Add Ons / Photoshop / Shapes / Objects. Clear all. 127 Speech Bubble Photoshop Custom Shapes. by ideaofart in Objects $4 (20) 551 Sales. Show more. 551 Sales 33 Ribbons Retro For Photoshop Custom Shapes. by ideaofart in Objects $4 (3) 66 Sales. Show more. 66 Sales. Last updated: 12 Oct 12. Minimum Adobe. If you've ever dabbled with shapes before, you probably know that when you draw one shape and then draw another one, Photoshop puts the second shape on its own layer by default. If you'd like to add the second (and third and so on) shape to the same layer as the first, you'll need to change one small setting

Draw shapes with the shape tools in Photosho

Download custom-shapes-2 and other Photoshop Add-ons for Free. You can use these Designs Commercially. We also Offer Brushes, patterns and Custom shapes However, creating custom shapes from scratch is time-consuming, especially when you have a design deadline looming. That's when using premade custom shapes for Photoshop comes into play. We've rounded up the best free custom shapes for Photoshop. You'll find custom shapes for silhouettes, martial arts, flowers, and more. The best part 1.With the Custom Shape Tool selected, in the Options bar at the top of the Photoshop screen, click on the Shape drop down. Then click on the sub-menu (it looks like a cog wheel) and choose Talk Bubbles. 2. A dialog box will open asking if you want to Replace or Append the current set of Shapes

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How To Add Default Custom Shapes In Photoshop CC 202

The basic Shape tools allow you to form your photos and projects into rectangles, make circles, ellipses and polygons, but Photoshop also offers a Custom Shape tool. This tool allows you to add various stock shapes to an image, like music notes, hearts and flowers. Where it differs from a brush is that it allows you more freedom to control the. Honest Fare is a cooking blog which features step-by-step recipes for all-natural, organic and sometimes vegetarian and vegen dishes. Easy to prepare ideas for desserts, pastas, grains, vegetarian and fish are updated several times a week The shape can be as simple as a standard rectangle or a complicated custom shape. Here is how it is done: Adding Text to a Rectangle This is a very handy procedure if you have to constrain text to specific boundaries in a design for a poster or Web site layout. Start Photoshop and create a new image. To do this click File on the Menu bar, then. Also Read:- How to Add Default Custom Shapes in Photoshop CC 2020. Read the Post to get back or Restore Default All Custom Legacy Shapes in Photoshop 2020 Step #1. Go to the Windows. Go to the Windows Step #2. Click on the Shapes. Click on the Shapes. Now a new Shapes Panel will open on the Right called Shapes. See the image below Unlimited downloads of Photoshop shapes. Create better projects faster with unlimited downloads of fonts, mockups, presentations and more. Millions of creative assets from $16.50/m. Go to Envato Elements. Add-ons

4 Click and hold the Rectangle tool to access the other hidden vector tools; select the last tool, the Custom Shape tool. When the Custom Shape tool is selected, a Shape drop-down list appears on the Options bar at the top of the screen. You have lots of custom shapes to choose from, including the one you've just created Moody Orange Tone Photoshop Action+Camera Raw and Lightroom Presets. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 10.00 $ 0.00. Top10 Cinematic LUT Pack-Outdoor-Free Download. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 10.00 $ 0.00. Ronni Gracia Look-harshvardhanart-Lr-ACR Preset. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 5.00 $ 0.00 Click the gear icon (top right corner of the Shape submenu, then navigate to the Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Custom Shapes folder. Select All from the list of files and click the Load button Photoshop users are able to benefit from the vast amount of high-quality resources that are freely available to the community. Brushes get a lot of attention, but **custom shapes** are also extremely useful in the right situations. Finding a custom shape that has already been created can save you some time and headaches in your design, and fortunately there is a very wide variety of custom.

1500+ Free Photoshop Custom Shapes Download AI, PS

1. Just in case you didn't get it from the comments here is how to do it. First make 6 sided polygon on page (I assume you can do this) Then using the white mouse (direct selection tool) If you can't find it there might be a black one instead hold it down or right click for menu, alternatively you can just press (A) Making the custom shapes. First, we need to determine what the shape for the placeholder is. There are many ways to create a custom shape. It all depends on what you are looking for, or the level of complexity of the shape that you are trying to create. Here are three different methods you can use to create the custom shapes that you want: 1 01. Photoshop custom shape tool can be found at the toolbar where the rectangular and ellipse tool is. Just click on it once to bring up new options. 02. When opening the shapes selection we can see that by default Photoshop doesn't have very many shapes to choose from Step 2: Add Playful Custom Shapes. Let's add some custom shapes to the rhino. In the Tools panel, click-and-hold on the Rectangle tool and then slide down to activate the Custom Shape tool. Press D to set black as the Foreground color. In the Options Bar, ensure that the tool mode is set to Shape For graphic designers, custom shapes for Photoshop can prove to be a huge timesaver. Custom shapes are a preset similar to brushes, gradients, patterns, and layer styles.Photoshop comes with a small selection of shapes pre-installed and you can download and install other sets of shapes, or create your own

How to load a .csh (Photoshop Custom Shape) file - Design ..

  1. Open a blank document in Photoshop (File > New). Set the size to 500 pixels by 500 pixels at 72 ppi. Step Two. Select the Rectangle tool. Set the tool options to Shape Layers and click-drag a rectangular shape. Step Three. To add to your shape, click the shape layer in the Layers palette and select the Combine Shapes from the tool options pull.
  2. 1) As first click on rectangle tool and then on shape layers selector. 2) After that draw a new layer and click with a right mouse button on that layer. You will see Define Custom shape option. 3) Or you can create a new layer with a pen tool. 4) And then take a Path selection tool and right-click this layer
  3. Sadly the location for custom shapes in PS CC 2019, which I found under Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2019/Presets is empty, so must have been deleted during the update to 2020. T
  4. You can also add arrowhead to the start or end of the line. Activate it from the tool option drop down menu. Step 25: Custom Shape Tool. And last but not least, we have Custom Shape tool. From the tool option drow down menu, pick the shape you want to draw. Click and drag to draw the shape. Hold Shift key to constrain its proportion. Step 2
  5. 2,569 Best Photoshop Custom Shapes Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Photoshop Custom Shapes Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more
  6. Adding a border is a great way to set off your image and make that picture pop! Using Photoshop to add a border to your photo is faster and easier than you think. Plus, there are several Photoshop borders to choose from, so you can add custom flair! Read on to learn how to add a border using Photoshop. How to Create a Solid Borde
  7. Bringing back the Legacy Shapes. If you're like me (i.e. limited in intelligence, and a casual Photoshop user) you may not know that there are TWO shape panels: the one that comes up when you select the Shape tool (see above), and the one that comes up under Window - Shapes

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Mac: User Folder (Amanda Padgett for me) / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Photoshop Elements 9 / Presets / Custom Shapes There is another way to load them, which I have done before, but it mixes the custom shapes with the Default shapes and I like to keep my separate (they show up below a line in the list) Photoshop shapes allow you to use vector graphics to their full potential. They are useful since, in the absence of the necessary brush, you can select the right one and use it without restrictions. However, shapes are different from brushes in that they can be easily scaled without loss of quality and sharpness Free Photoshop Frame Shapes. Download these free Photoshop frame shapes and use them to add fancy borders to your photos. This set includes 12 frame and border vector shapes that you can use in Photoshop.. Simply download the CSH file and you have some cool Photoshop fancy borders to play with

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Add a triangle shape using the Photoshop Custom Shape Tool . The triangle Photoshop shapes are easy to edit. In Photoshop edit shape after drawing using these tools: Pen Tool, Convert Point Tool, Add Anchor Point Tool, etc. Then, you can combine the triangle shapes using the Custom Shape Tool to create interesting new shapes Learn How to Add Default Custom Shapes in Photoshop CC 2020 If you want to learn the quick and easiest way to add Default Custom Legacy Shapes in Photoshop 2020 then read the blog post below: - Or continue Watching the Video Post. Watch the Video Tutorial below Download Custom Default Shapes for Photoshop CC

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Here is one method to create a custom shaded gradient or a gradient along a path. Draw a shape on its own layer: Stroke the shape, it'll start something like this: Adjust to Inside and then Size until it fills your shape. In this example 18 did the trick. Really you can adjust all the way up since it won't go outside the edge anyways When you create a star shape in Photoshop using the Pen Tool, you obtain a vector shape that can be saved and used in other projects. These vector shapes are saved in Photoshop as custom shapes. In this new collection I giveaway a set of free Photoshop star shapes that I hope you will find useful. The CSH file is made with Photoshop CS4 and contains 18 Photoshop star shapes and vector stars. There are lots of tools in Photoshop, and what you use most is very personal. To me the shape tool would not have a high priority, because most of the work I do is compositing of photos. So for me Select & Mask would have a much higher priority, for example. Adobe simply can't satisfy us all so quickly. 1 In Photoshop, i can easily add custom shapes to the panel, save custom shapes in sets and distribute those sets for others to use. I am by no means expecting the same functionality from PowerPoint, but if 1 is possible, I am hoping there is a way to make the custom shape set thus updated to others. That may well be wishful thinking

In this tutorial I will show you a quick way to create custom shapes in Photoshop using a selection. All you have to do is make a selection of an object, refine the selection edge, turn to work path and finally define custom shape. All this in 5 minutes opposed to let's say 20 minutes if you decide to draw the silhouette from scratch using the Pen Tool Open Adobe Photoshop CS5.1. Step 2. Open an image using Ctrl+o to be placed inside shapes. Step 3. Select this image layer in the layer palette. Then right-click on it and select Duplicate Layer from the context menu. Duplicate layer in layer palette. Step 4. Take a new blank layer between those image layers and fill it with the white color

Photoshop Tutorial : Import Custom Shapes into Photoshop

Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Using shapes creatively in Photoshop Elements Shapes are vector-based objects that can be used like brushes to add emphasis and excitement to your work. The details of vector-based artwork aren't really important here, but the advantage of vector-based shapes is that, unlike photographs, they can be scaled to any. You can do as many image-filled shapes as you want in the same canvas, as they will just be stacked as additional layers. For example, you can add text to your project. To do that, instead of using the Shape Tool go to the Type tool and select a font type broad enough to make the effect noticeable But, there's many of FREE shapes you can download and load to use in your projects. If you do a quick Google search for Photoshop Shapes you will find a ton. You could even get more specific and search Scroll Photoshop Shapes and find an entire new style. Watch this short video and you'll see how I create this custom 5×5 card Download Default Custom Shapes for Photoshop CC 2020. Use these to add default or legacy Custom Shapes in Photoshop 2020

Get 1 rock custom shapes Photoshop shape. All from our global community of graphic designers. Envato Market. You found 1 rock custom shapes Photoshop shape. Filter Best match Best sellers Newest Best rated Trending Price. Filter & Refine 1 result. Clear all Done. Category. Add Ons / Photoshop / Shapes. All categories 1 Add Ons. This tutorial is recorded in Photoshop CC. The interface was different in older versions, but the principles were similar. First, click and hold on the Rectangle Tool near the bottom of the toolbar, and chose the Polygon Tool: Then in the Options Bar, make sure it's set to Shape. Also a good idea to leave the Stroke at 0 px for now Make sure the Retro Shape layer is selected in the Layers panel. Then click the New Layer button () to add a layer above it. Rename the new layer Pattern, and then press Enter or Return. In the Tools panel, select the Custom Shape tool ( ), which is hidden under the Polygon tool ( ). In the options bar, choose Pixels from the Tool Mode menu Particle Effects with a Custom Brush. Custom Photoshop Brushes are a great way to enhance special effects. In particular, custom brushes are the best way to create particle effects and atmospheric effects, since we can build in randomness and natural variation into the brushes themselves

Open up the image. Click on the Custom Shape Tool (Shift+U). The watermark shape is already selected, so hold the Shift key and click and drag right across the image. Leave the color as it is. This watermark is going to be transparent. Click on the Add a Layer Style icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel and select Bevel and Emboss How to Use a Basic Pattern in Photoshop. Open the image you'd like to use as a fill. If you want to use the entire image as your fill, go to Select > Select All. Otherwise, use the Rectangle Marquee tool to make a selection. Go to Edit > Define Pattern to open the Define Pattern dialog box. Give your selection a name and click OK

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Photoshop CC 2017. The stylized strokes work only on shapes and paths drawn via their respective tools. Draw a shape or path and go to the Stroke drop-down at the top. Expand it and enable the stroke. You can set a solid color for the stroke or use a gradient. Next, it's time to add the stroke style Now that you're set, let's start by learning how to add a speech bubble in Photoshop. 2. How to Add a Speech Bubble in Photoshop Step 1. Pick the Ellipse Tool (U) from your toolbar and create a 180 x 140 px shape. Remove the Stroke color applied to this shape and keep the Fill color set to black. Step Photoshop Brushes - Brusheezy is a HUGE collection of Photoshop Brushes, Photoshop Patterns, Textures, PSDs, Actions, Shapes, Styles, & Gradients to download, or share

Installing & Using Photoshop Custom Shapes Obsidian Daw

The custom shapes tool used to have actually useful shapes like arrows and such which were very useful for quick design needs. Now its full of trees and boats and flowers. I appreciate the new shapes, but why did you have to remove the old ones that were actually more useful in everyday situations? (Similarly, patterns is in a similar boat Using Adobe Photoshop to Add Callouts. Once you've located a sample image from a FamilySearch Historical Records article that you are able to translate, follow the instructions below to add callouts of the genealogical data in English. Open the image in Photoshop. Resize the canvas to make sure that the callouts will fit around the image Snowflake Custom Shapes 5 Coffee & Tea Vector Shapes Set. About. myPhotoshopBrushes.com gathers Photoshop brushes, psd files, patterns, custom shapes, styles, gradients and tutorials created by artists from all over the world. All of those - free to use. Download for free whatever you need and make your design easier than ever Vectorize Text in Photoshop - Convert Text to Vector. Learn how to turn a text into a custom shape in Photoshop from this easy to follow tutorial for beginners. You may wonder why is this necessary, well there are a number of important reasons why it is useful to transform a text in shape.For example you may want to make small adjustments to the text letters and still have a vector shape Download: 20406. Preview: View Larger Preview. Other Info: Facebook Logo custom shapes for Photoshop , you can easily use this Free Shapes in your Facebook Designs , these custom shapes are related to social network logos Facebook logo custom shapes. Exclusively on Brushez

You know how it is, sometimes you just can't find the right arrow shape - well no more! Arrow Abundance is a collection of over 230 arrow shapes. Including picture arrows, distressed arrows, outline arrows, and even the Union Jack and Star and Stripes, you'll never be stuck for an arrow again How to Draw an Arrow in Photoshop. Click the Shapes tool in the toolbox. Click the Foreground Color box, then choose the desired color for the arrow. Click the Custom Shape Tool at the top of the window. Click the drop-down menu to the right of Shape, then choose the desired arrow type. Click and hold on the image, then drag your mouse to. How To Add Text Around A Shape In Photoshop. Again this is another technique frequently used by designers, particularly in logo design. Let's take a look at how to add text around a shape. In this case, I'm adding text around the outside of a circle, but you can do this with ANY vector shape. 1. Create a new document in Photoshop Shapes and Clipping Paths. Although Chapter 3, Harnessing the Power of Selections, covers the use of path-making tools, Adobe Systems wants every user to get with the program and start using the power of vector paths in Photoshop, right from Day One. Okay, suppose it's Day Two or Three with you and Photoshop; we are still going to show you the easiest way to start using vector paths

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The Bundled set includes series 1 and 2 total of 850 Custom Shapes for Photoshop. Thank you for your purchase, enjoy and create How to Create a Speech Bubble in Adobe Photoshop. Open your image. Right-click the Shape Tool and choose Custom Shape Tool. Choose the Shape dropdown and select the speech bubble. Click the Foreground Color box, choose a color, then click OK. Draw the speech bubble on the canvas. Select the Move tool and position the speech bubble

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