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  1. Experimented with wrapping the handle in some jute I had laying around, and it feels a lot better in the hand. I've seen a few different tutorials on this, and was also curious about how folks are doing it (soaking the jute in epoxy first, or wrapping the handle then painting it on). Any input would be appreciated
  2. You can get the correct amount by holding one end close to the centre of the package and wrapping it round once. Loop the spool around the end and do the same for the other side
  3. I would like to wrap the handle with jute twine, apply epoxy and wrap some more until I have a full handle. I tried something similar to this before with fiberglass resin and the resin never fully cured, I think maybe because I live in Miami and it was like 99% humid outside
  4. Today we'll demonstrate Coxcombing to wrap our paddle and finish off the top and bottom with Turk's Heads. This Coxcombing can also be applied to the handle of a knife, much like previous Knot of the Week articles like the Strider Knives / TAD DUK Paracord Wrapping. How to Wrap a Paddle or Handle with Paracord » Decorativ
  5. Drawer Handles If you don't want to fully replace handles, you can embellish them in the easiest way possible: wrap them in rope! If you want something a bit more exciting than neutral, mix different colors of rope or dye it to get the exact shade you desire. DIY Instructions and Project Credit - DIYInspire

Anthropologie Inspired Twine Cabinet Handle Makeover If you've ever wanted new cabinet handles and you just didn't want to spend money to get them, this project is for you. You can wrap those handles in twine and give your cabinets a great rustic look, while saving yourself a lot of money You said your Instructable was on How to Wrap a Samurai Sword Handle, and this is not the case. You showed everyone how to wrap a cotton/nylon string onto the saya (sheath) of the sword. This is where the sageo should be, not handle wrapping. The sageo is a very important part of a katana, especially if you do Iaido/Iaijutsu Hey everyone! This is how I put jute handle wraps on my bows. When I first started out building bows, most of my guava selfbows were wrapped with jute or hem.. Make a Paracord Knife Handle Wrap -Simple West Country Whipping Knot - CBYS Wrap around your knife handle with this simple tutorial. List of the material u..

The first of two leather handle wrapping techniques to get that stylish and comfortable finish is to actually wrap cord OVER the handle. Not only is this more comfortable and secure in the hand than smooth leather, but it can also be used to cover unsightly stitching on low priced swords or tighten a loose or damaged leather cover Aug 10, 2017 - Walking Sticks with Handle Wraps consisting of Hitching, Turks Head Knots or Cox combing. May also contain other various types of handle wraps. See more ideas about knots, paracord projects, paracord Cut the twine about three inches out, and tie it in a knot. Trim the twine a little, but not too much. You'll have the chance of unraveling from this end. You don't need glue or anything

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First of all, you always wrap from skinny wood to fat wood. In that direction, the loops cannot fall back on themselves and go slack. Second, wear gloves and pull really hard to set the cord. Next, about 3 wraps from the end, lay your loop so some hangs out the end and wrap over it Take the piece that you separated from the original larger piece before applying it to the handle. Roll this into a sausage, long enough to wrap around the sides and bottom of the handle. Place this sausage about 1cm back from the edge of the masking tape Hi my friends, in this video I will show you how to make A Leather Knife Handle from an old belt.You will need only some knife without a handle, some leather.. For the basic wrap we are doing, you will need to wrap the end of the string around the handle (the side that is near the blade). Hold the string taut and use your thumb to keep the string in place while making the loop. Then make another loop under the first one to ensure that the string remains tight as you continue

Preparing and braiding rawhide onto a handle by Julia McCormack - McCormack Hill Leather www.mhleather.com: Preparation of the rawhide string: This is a stretched, fleshed, de-haired deer rawhide, dried into a hard, thin disk and ready to be cut into a single, long, 3/8 wide string C & M Custom Tackle. Polyester Butt Cord. Aprox 1/16 Diameter X 300' Spools. Used on Deckhand style rods in place of cork. tape. Also used for Rail Rods by wrapping a 6-8 section of the blank between the reel. seat and the foregrip, allowing the rod to be placed on the boat rail while fighting large fish, preventing damage to the foregrip Another method for wrapping twine around mason jars is to use glue to hold the twine in place. If you plan on decorating with the twine wrapped mason jar permenantly, this is the best option for decorating your mason jars with twine. Start by putting a line of hot glue along the back of the jar. Then, wrap the jar with the twine according to. No matter how you handle, transport and store your bales, minimizing material loss is the name of the game. Granted, twine-wrapped bales can also get the job done, but if you are using twine and storing your bales outside, make sure you store them properly on well†drained surfaces (like pallets) to reduce water damage

Posted September 26, 2015. 666. tuck the starting end as you go and use a doubled over length of cord on the side you will want the lose and to reside on with the loop sticking out wrap as normal/wanted put the lose end in the loop when done and pull the loop out of the wrap and it will tuck the lose end in the wrap for you You can also use Jute twine, which can be used for an emergency birds nest / tinder bundle (Mixed with other dry materials to make it bigger.) for fire lighting. Or wrap using FireCord, or Titan SurvivorCord. To give the handle, or haft the most protection, oil the handle and let dry before wrapping with paracord The next step is to wrap the wooden core with a length of twine with wood glue to give it that cord wrapped texture that is so popular, but that so few production swords have. If so desired, additional smaller risers can be added to the sword handle wrap using hemp cord soaked in wood glue - which when it dries has the consistency of wood 2. Hemp Twine. This provides a classy finished look to the project. Forget electrical tape! You can get crazy with the twine and wrap it around all sorts of stuff, but for this demo we are sticking to the top center. I found an assorted bag of colored twine for pretty cheap at Joann's, who also stocks the natural jute kind. Any hardware store. 13 Pretty Ways to Wrap Your Bouquet. by Simone Hill. Simone Hill. Wedding Planning and Style Expert. Simone Hill is a Technical Product Owner for Estée Lauder Companies. A former editor for The Knot, Simone has experience in web development and editorial writing. Simone has a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia Business School

291. Apr 26, 2009. So this is a stale post but i'll give it a shot. Whenever i cord wrap a handle, i make it up as i go. I suggest just playing around with wrapping. Once you get the basic idea down, it goes pretty smoothly. Not sure how jute will hold up, even if sealed. It frays a lot on its own Secondly, place the strip of leather vertically down the handle and fold the end over at the bottom to start winding around the handle. Leave enough over length at the top to hold onto once the wrapping is finished, you can trim this later. The aid of a second person here really helps. Place the wire under this strip and hold in place while you. Tip of the Day: Wrap Your Skillet Handle in Aluminum Foil. One of the drawbacks for me for a smooth frittata-making process is having to transfer the almost-set egg mixture from my non-stick non-ovenproof skillet to my cast iron skillet so that I can put it under the broiler at the end to set the top and brown the cheese 5 Answers5. noWrap: If true, the text will not wrap, but instead will truncate with a text overflow ellipsis. Note that text overflow can only happen with block or inline-block level elements (the element needs to have a width in order to overflow). Note the capital 'W' in 'noWrap'. Suggest that you wrap your Typography element with a div that. No matter how you handle, transport and store your bales, minimizing material loss is the name of the game. Granted, twine-wrapped bales can also get the job done, but if you are using twine and storing your bales outside, make sure you store them properly on well†drained surfaces (like pallets) to reduce water damage

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  1. Lay the twine against the rope and wrap the long end around the rope about 8 turns. Make a bight in the short end. Wrap the long end about 8 more times around both the rope and the bight. On the final turn pass the long end through the bight. Pull the short end to hide and secure the long one. Trim the ends off
  2. Style/Color: SKU: 1864669. Create distinctive furniture and decor when you install hardware such as Metal Ring Pull With Twine Wrap! This hanging metal ring handle features an antique bronze finish. The ring itself is wrapped with natural twine, giving it a characteristic appearance and texture. Use it to create sliding drawers and doors that.
  3. Wrap on a modern reproduction liuyedao. Done with high-grade green cotton cord, I also made a lanyard for this one. Re-wrapping of an antique jian handle with paper background. I got this handle in the mail with the request whether I could re-wrap it in a way that it was usable in practice but would be pretty much the same as the original
  4. How to Wrap a Handle with Cord To make the wrapping of the handle on his table flawless, Mike Pekovich uses some tricks borrowed from his days building fly rods in California. By Michael Pekovich #263-Sep/Oct 2017 Issue. Video by Jeff Roos, Produced by Ben Strano

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  1. This is a guide tying the most common and useful knots with rope and/or paracord. Learn how to tie 11 basic and advanced knots fast with these animated illustrations. It's a simple tutorial you can follow at home or in the backcountry. Square knot, figure eight, clove hitch, marlin-spike toggle, trucker's hitch & more
  2. wrap the handle in paracord. In most cases you want the wrap to be as tight as possible. shrink the paracord in your wrap by using hot water- this will make the grip a lot stronger. use wax on your paracord to make the grip last longer, more resistant to the elements as sweat as well as adding friction. Let me say a few words on these steps
  3. Glue under the wrap can increase the longevity of your wrap, but it makes the wrapping process much harder. Tape or hold down the first 2 inches of rope to the handle end of the wrap zone. Make a sharp 90° bend (perpendicular to the shaft) and then wrap over the top of it, entrapping the rope to the oar. It is important that this first wrap is.
  4. Wrap the paracord around the width of the handle, working your way down the entire length of the handle until you reach the opposite end. Once at the bottom of the knife, slip both ends of the paracord through the lanyard hole and tie them in a firm knot to secure the wrapping
  5. The item you are wishing to wrap. In this case it is my Gransfors bruk axe. 5. Cutting Board, used so that you don't cut into your table. 6. Boiled linseed oil, I use this to keep my axe handle and tool leather hydrated so it does crack. 7. Foam, I used a old sole from a flip flop
  6. A more traditional look is to wrap and finish in hemp or twine. The good folks at Rivendell have a good description of how this is done. Some folks paint on a few layers of varnish, but I'm not a fan of holding on to bug poop, so I've been finishing in 6-10 thin coats of Titebond III wood glue: totally waterproof, really durable, and.
  7. Wrap new packing string counterclockwise around the stem, making three complete turns. 5 Push the stem back into the faucet, screw on the packing nut and tighten the nut with a wrench
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Step 3: Step 3: Middle Knot. Make a U loop on rope under middle rope. The other rope make opposite U loop and insert into 1 loop. Pull ropes apart to tighten middle knot. Ask Question Having learned how to craft leather handle wraps the traditional way, with stitching, he decided to experiment a bit: I had an idea a while back for a way to join a seam in leather without anything but the leather itself. The idea is similar to a zipper. I finally got a chance to try it out on a handle wrap, and was quite happy with how it.

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Create a handle for the basket. Use a single braid or braid three braids together, sewing them on the edges to keel them flat. Wrap the ends with twine, and sew the ends into the top inside of the basket After a while you will have a length of woven strap for your carrying handles. Try to get each knot as tight as you can. This will ensure a uniform look and will keep the weave from loosening with use. To tighten each knot as much as possible, I use leather gloves and wrap the lines around my hands a couple of times to get a good grip

Step 2. Make a 4-inch-long loop with one end of the leather. Hold this loop vertically against the walking stick, in the middle of the part of the rod where you want your leather wrap to be. The top of the loop should be pointing downward. The bottom of the loop, which contains one end of the leather cord, will be up top; call this endpoint A. Handle Wrap. This wrap is a little more complex of a style. It is often used on sword handles, machete handles and the like. It creates a thicker layer of paracord on the handle and so is softer and allows for a firm, sold, no slip grip. To tie this wrap, you start by laying a loop along the length of the handle

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Your bouquet wrap can be sentiment. Jul 17, 2014 - We're talking about that pretty piece of fabric, twine or lace that keeps the stems of your flowers tidy. Your bouquet wrap can be sentiment. Jul 17, 2014 - We're talking about that pretty piece of fabric, twine or lace that keeps the stems of your flowers tidy. bouquet handle option www. Wrapping the handle of a wedding bouquet holder in ribbon lends it a more elegant, polished look. Advertisement Step 1 Cut a 2-foot long piece of ribbon with scissors. Use ribbon that is 2 inches wide; this will ensure that it covers the wedding bouquet holder's handle with ease I'm always looking for new, creative ways to use mason jars. This quick project pairs mason jars with another favorite of mine-jute twine! Here's what you need... Step 1: Take a length of your twine, and, leavin The hack, which seemingly works for most gift bags, involves feeding the bag's handles into one another. By threading the stringed handles into the other side of the bag, you can make a sort of lock that holds it shut. In theory, the trick removes the need for decorative tissue paper, as the bag is basically wrapped instead Prettier does not wrap those strings. I see several ways to handle this: Enable soft wrapping in IDE, breaks indentation. Wrap them in a React.Fragment, it than get's wrapped nicely by prettier but there are a lot of useless <Fragment> elements everywhere. Wrap them in a <p>: often not semantically correct

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Game birds, like the turkey, goose and duck, are very prevalent in Native American featherwork. In the Northeast, in addition to arrow fletching, upright turkey-tail headdress, single wing- and tail feather decorations, ceremonial fans and other items, turkey feathers are also woven together into capes. Noted in the 1600's, Native Americans. Next, remove the handle to the bucket. I used a pair of strong needle-nosed pliers to cut through the plastic and pull the handle off. In a big, open space, lay out your burlap. For a bucket 14 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter, I purchased 2 square yards of burlap. Place the bucket in the center of the burlap Personalized Leather handle grip, leather handle wrap, handle grip, bag handle cover, handle grip wrap, bag handle wrap, luggage handle wrap, Bag handle wrap, handle grip wrap. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 16. $13.99. $13

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Wrap the handles with a printed scarf. Kathleen Kamphausen. Yellow Bag, ZARA, $70, Floral Printed Scarf, H&M, $7. Knot the corner of your scarf to the base of the handle to secure it and just. Paracord Knife Handle DIY. This tutorial shows to tie gutted paracord (inner string removed) knots around a knife and give it a sturdy grip. It is easier to use with a wrap around the handle. Using 2 colors of paracord for this project gives it a bright finishing look! Paracord Knife Handle Wrap Pattern Unique handle on every roll. Easy to apply and remove. It has a hook on the dispenser for easy storage. Ties tighter than twine, tape, string. No knot, no tying - one hand application. Does not mar surface - no sticky residue. Squeeze and rub against itself to cut-off - no knife or scissors. Endless applications - tie, wrap, bundle, compact How to Wrap the Menuki. A fellow SBG member was asking on how to wrap the menuki on a katatemaki. So I thought of updating this thread with the technique I use on how I do it. I got one of my old tsuka lying, excess ito, and spare menuki and did a quick wrap just to show how it's done. I'll let the pictures do the talking Fold a pleat in the centre of the foil and parchment to give the pudding room to expand as it cooks. Tie the foil onto the basin with string; wrap it twice to keep it tight. Use the remaining string to create a handle over the top of the pudding. Trim off the excess foil and parchment then tuck it underneath to create a watertight seal

On some models, twine wrapping is fully automatic. If not on your machine, study the owners manual for the proper procedure. Use enough twine to wrap the bale securely. If the bale is too loose, losses will occur during handling and storage. Short, dry material such as straw will require a closer twine spacing than longer grasses. Adjust the. Cut twine, mesh, plastic wrap, feed bags, and more! Large handle provides an easy grip, even with thick gloves. Uses standard replaceable utility knife blades. Hayknife's 28 inch length easily reaches across 6 foot bales. You'll lose 10 pocket knives before you lose this hay knife! New (3) from $43.95 & FREE Shipping 5. Fabric Gift Pouch. This how-to on making your own gift pouch out of cotton fabric is a simple yet creative way to ensure the proper packaging of your gift. Complete the wrapping with cotton twine and you will have a wrap that shouts homemade. Check it out at A Spoonful of Sugar Designs. 6 Dusky Lake - handmade leather mason jar sleeve - Hand Crafted, Lake & Sunset, Fish, Perch, leather mason jar wrap, True Craftworks. TrueCraftworks. 5 out of 5 stars. (184) $29.00 FREE shipping. Favorite In this Outdoor Recreation video tutorial you will learn how to decoratively wrap a wooden staff in rope. First make the clove hitch at one end of the wooden staff, and tighten it firmly. Pass the rope around the staff and take the working end of the rope above the standing end, take another turn and pass it under itself. Push the knot to the end of the staff and tighten firmly

Your handle wrap should look like the image below. Make sure there are no spaces in your wrap. **Failure to create a snug fit will create a cord wrap that will slip and can become dangerous. ** Cut off the extra cordage with scissors. Melt the freshly cut end of your trailing cord with a lighter and tamp it down with the lighter 5. Tie off your bouquet with string Gently place your bouquet down on a table. Cut around 50cm of twine. Create an open loop by holding the string in the middle, so you've got two loose ends of even length. Now wrap this around the bouquet stems, with your fingers through the loop

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I used about 6 feet of twine. It's annoying having to patch in more twine so longer is better than too short. Too long is harder to handle though. I also use a pair of pliers to pull my thread through the hole. Since my twine is quite fat using pliers made it easier to pull stitches tight Spiral Cable Wire Wrap Tube COMPUTER Handle Twine 10mm Black 10M Diameter 8&6mm 33Ft. Our Low Relaxation Sprial Ribbed LAPTOP Wire is the primary in China to move the hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity take a look at performed according to American Customary, reaching the highest leval of 200h, and the product is applied to key national initiatives such as the water diversion undertaking in.

Lay your string or cord with a loop at the top of the handle and the loose end and wrapping bulk at the bottom. Tightly wrap up the handle. When the wrap gets where you want it near the top pass the remaining bulk through the loop. Pull the loose end at the bottom and it will pull the bulk end under the wrapping Cloth tape, in particular, can be finished with a wrap of twine, as described on the page from Rivendell Bicycle Works linked at the end of this article. Foam Grips. Foam grips such as Grab-on brand were quite popular in the late '70s and early '80s. They cushion road impacts and can be a good choice for riders with long fingers 1. Starting at the top of your bottle, take the end of your roll of twine/jute and wrap it around the neck of your bottle where you want your netting to begin. You are going to be making a ring. 2. Cut the twine/jute the length you need around. 3. You can either tie a knot (cut a little extra to allow for the knot).... or, I wanted my ring.

When you get the strips right where you want them, tie them tightly to the tiller with a few wraps of waxed whipping twine around each end before you remove the rubber bands. Trim the strips close to the twine. You'll cover the ends and the twine next. Tie Turk's head knots over the ends. At this point, your whipping has uneven cut ends It all depends on the diameter of a handle you want. I like the feel of the cord over the cork tape if the blank is not too thick for the reel clamp I plan to use on the rod. If you wrap the cord straight to the blank put some spray adhesive or even black spray paint on the the blank to make it alittle tacky

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the middle of the mouse pad. Wrap the mouse pad around the staff while spiraling masking tape around the mouse pad and staff to compress the mouse pad around the shaft. Further wrap a shoe string over the tape covering the mouse pad and tie it off at both ends of the mouse pad. Let the Aquaseal dry for 24 hours before removing the shoe string an Then wrap it around one more time. If you wrap it tight enough, you don't even have to do it the other way and then you can carry the pile using the tape as a handle. If the pile is too big to manage, wrap two or three sets of boxes. Regarding the put all the smaller boxes into the biggest box method, local businesses do that all the time Strap-A-Handle, The Easy Way To Carry More! STRAP-A-HANDLE. Is the easy way to carry boxes, groceries and so much more! No more bending to lift heavy objects! Eliminates the need to make. multiple trips to and from your car! We are a quality hand-crafted product. Do not settle for imitations Wrapping your cane handle can turn a simply decorative piece into an equally attractive, useful tool. Advertisement Step 1 Cut a piece of leather cord about 10 times the length of your cane handle. For instance, if the cane handle is 5 inches long, you need about 50 inches of cord

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Pass the cord wrapping with the plastic film. This cord has different colours on each side. Tying way. Completed. (=> Sageo, Kaerizuno, and two holes on tsuba) The next type is just for display. In such style, the cord can't do its duty to hold the scabbard on the waist. It is not for Samurai. Such a style was taken by wealthy merchant or so Keep wrapping (make sure it's tight) until you've reached about half-an-inch from the U-loop. Now cut the trot line and slip the remaining piece under the U-loop and let it dangle about four inches. Now cut the trot-line at the roll-end at the bottom of the handle and leave about five or six inches of trot-line Wrap a piece of twine around the handle of a country-inspired bucket. Knot the the ribbon on one end, wrap it around the handle, and knot it at the other end to finish. Another option is to tie a simple bow at the top of at the corners of the handle Use binder twine to make a simple strop lashing with six or eight wraps and a square knot. Use binder twine to hold the cross spars of a light bridge walkway in place. Two strands of binder twine quickly twisted together will equal a light cord. Use binder twine for the back stays of anchor stakes. Use binder twine to outline the ax yard for.

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CSS : .wrap-it {. word-wrap: break-word; } After wrapping the long h2 text in the sample image, here's the output: That's it! You now know how to wrap words onto a new line within your DOM using CSS. However, as stated earlier, word-wrap and overflow-wrap work the same way and accept similar properties. To use overflow-wrap instead, just. 39. Pins. •. 60. Followers. Walking Sticks with Handle Wraps consisting of Hitching, Turks Head Knots or Cox combing. May also contain other various types of handle wraps. Ringbolt hitching is a beautiful way to decorate a staff or wheel. Also called coxcombing, it was once a common tie used by sailors to dress-up items and parts of a ship Jul 6, 2021 - Explore Mary Lou Buchman Closs's board Rope, twine & string, followed by 284 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about crafts, twine, rope crafts Trying to represent a string as a number doesn't really make sense, but representing a number as a string does, so the browser rather cleverly converts the number to a string and concatenates the two strings. You can even do this with two numbers — you can force a number to become a string by wrapping it in quote marks

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The apostrophe, or single quote, is a special character in SQL that specifies the beginning and end of string data. This means that to use it as part of your literal string data you need to escape the special character. With a single quote this is typically accomplished by doubling your quote. (Two single quote characters, not double-quote. It also give you the ability to apply tension to the wrap by tightening your grip on the handle. With hand wrap, there are a couple of options. One is our Eliminator bundler. The Eliminator allows you to easily wrap bundles as large as 24 x 24 x 24 and up to 70lbs and it supports stretch wrap between 10-15 wide If your file-like object is expected to contain bytes, the string should first be encoded as bytes, and then a BytesIO object can be used instead. In Python 3: from io import BytesIO string_repr_of_file = 'header\n byline\n body\n body\n end' function_that_expects_bytes(BytesIO(bytes(string_repr_of_file,encoding='utf-8')) The techniques are used to create various wraps for handles, but can be used to wrap many different objects. Traditionally they were used to wrap parts of the ship to pass the time, while also providing much needed grip. These wraps will come in handy for wrapping walking sticks, rowing paddles, parts of a boat

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Then yes, if you have it generate into a text block it should wrap. You may need to research CSS parameters to force a wrap if it doesn't work. Revolution (Revolution) October 30 , 2014 Dropped in a paragraph with the string of text as required. 3.) Gave the div a custom attribute name of word-break and value of break-word. 4.) Added this. Any toy store clerk can tell you: December 24 is not when you want to go in search of the year's most sought-after kid gift. If you're out of time (and ideas), a gift card or cash packaged in a fun way — say, buried in candy and concealed inside a tube of colorful wrapping paper that's tied up with clear cellophane and twine — turns a potential letdown into a sweet surprise

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Feed the string into the glue mixture. Go about a yard or two at a time, squeezing off the excess with your thumb and forefinger. Wrap your string around the ball haphazardly, criss-crossing in whatever pattern (or non-pattern, really) you think looks good. One 220 foot (67.1 m) spool should suffice for an average-sized beach ball Step 2: Wrap String and Apply More Glue. Lay one end of the cotton string at the top of the repair, and begin winding the string around and around the axe handle. You don't even need to tie the string, just cross over the end a few times as you begin winding and that will hold it tightly, especially as the glue begins to set Start by finding and cutting the loops that are hanging from the handle. Afterward, all of the rope hanging from the whip handle should have free ends. Now, make a horizontal cut across the lash rope extending from the handle about 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm) from the bottom of the free ends

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You need to wrap the last Column with - Expanded or Flexible widget. That Way Column can take up the required available space for the text. body: Column ( children: <Widget> [ Row ( children: <Widget> [ // The long text inside this column overflows. Remove the row and column above this comment and the text wraps List<String> integers one that is typically seen is to wrap the call in a try/catch block and handle it. The solution that comes to mind is to wrap the lambda around another lambda that. Grip-Tek Grip Tape - Grip Wrap Tape for Handles on Bikes, Tennis Rackets, Garden Tools, Dumbbells, and Much More (6 Foot Length) 4.4 out of 5 stars 366 $11.29 $ 11 . 2 Make a crocheted base by following our instructions for crocheted string baskets to the end of Round 5 (48 stitches). End with a slip stitch into the next stitch. Round 6: 2ch (counts as 1 treble), 1ch, 1tr in every stitch. When you have completed the round, slip stitch into top of 2nd chain and weave in ends. Cut 48 two-metre lengths of twine Buy the selected items together. This item: IPG Bundle Wrap Stretch Film, 2 x 178 ft, (Single Roll With Handle) $5.19. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Duck Brand Stretch Wrap Roll, Clear, 5 inches by 1000 feet, 1 pack, 285849 $9.99. In Stock