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ordinance created the Mulholland Scenic Parkway, including both the Inner and Outer Corridors, which established land use controls and a design review process tailored to ensure that development within the Parkway is compatible with the unique character of the Sant LA'S PLANNING DIRECTOR SLASHES PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AND REVIEW PROCESS OF CRITICAL MULHOLLAND CORRIDOR. These changes by LA City Planning Director Vince Bertoni eliminate in-depth reviews of impacts to parkland, scenic overlooks, scenic road corridors, wildlife corridors, riparian corridors, and the urban forest

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Mulholland Highway Corridor - Comment and Response Summary. Mulholland Highway Feasibility Study - Public Workshop Presentation - March 4, 2020. Report to the Mayor and Councilmembers. Dear Mayor and Councilmembers, As you are already aware, the Mulholland Hwy Corridor is a heavy traveled route during morning and afternoon peak traffic hours Area Planning Commission (s): South Valley. Design Review Board (DRB): Meeting Dates and Time: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 1:00 p.m. Meeting Location: 1st Wednesday: 14410 Sylvan Street, Room 215, Los Angeles, CA, 91401. 3rd Wednesday: 6262 Van Nuys Blvd, Room 1A, Los Angeles, CA 91401

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MULHOLLAND SCENIC CORRIDOR SPECIFIC PLAN AND DESIGN REVIEW BOARD (DRB) - ZI 1224, dated December 15, 2000 for further information. Refer all applicants who require a Planning clearance to the Community Planning Valley Bureau, Specific Plan Unit. Note: Advise applicants that not all projects can be cleared the same day and that a within the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan (Outer Corridor) and the Ventura-Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan area. To the north of the site is the 101 Hollywood Freeway; to the south are residential uses zoned [Q]RD1.5-1; to the immediate east are office and commercial uses (including Mulholland Scenic Corridor Specific Plan planner and inserted into the tract file. Note: Prior to recordation, the subdivider shall provide copy of a revised tract to the planning department in conformance with the Bureau of Engineering. Department of Building and Safety requirements, and final elevation drawings a project is in the MSP Inner Corridor, downslope, subject to the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, and on an approximately 87,314 square-foot lot. The project includes the removal of seven protected trees and the relocation of an Oak tree. The applicant has stated that the proposed project is visible from Mulholland Drive The fifty five-mile Mulholland Scenic Parkway and Corridor is one of the most famous thoroughfares in the country. Constructed in 1924, twenty four-mile Mulholland Drive in the City of Los Angeles was envisioned by the famous Water Bureau Chief and City Engineer, William D. Mulholland, as a scenic road that would transport city dwellers to the mountains and beaches

ZI-1224 Specific Plan: Mulholland Scenic Parkway (Outer Corridor) Zoning Information File(s): ZI-2438 Equine Keeping in the City of Los Angele the Outer Corridor of the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan. The total structure would be 2,640-square feet with 400-square feet of additional hardscape, and a maximum height of approximately 32-feet 10-inches. The project is subject to the Baseline Hillside Ordinance and is on the downslop The ordinance contains separate restrictions for two zones--an inner corridor extending 500 feet from either side of the roadway and an outer corridor extending half a mile out. Advertisement Bob Poo

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Mountains. Constructed in 1922, Mulholland Drive was designed to offer the public scenic views of the terrain, open space, and natural character of its mountain setting. In 1992, the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan, Ordinance No. 167,943, was adopted by the Los Angeles City Council in response to public concerns that the majestic views an 10 CD Consent Adoption of Ordinance No. 2020-386, regarding Code amendment to Chapter 1.17 Admin Enforcement 11 PW New Business Mulholland Corridor Study 12 PW New Business PS and TTC recommedantion regarding Automatic Plate Readers Report 13 PW New Business Update regarding anticoagulants 14 CD/Finance New Business Annexation updat An ordinance aimed at restricting development to preserve a scenic stretch of Mulholland Drive will probably come before the Los Angeles City Council in four to six months, city planners said

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Ordinance: ORD-167943 Ordinance: ORD-129279 Ordinance: MULHOLLAND SCENIC PARKWAY (OUTER CORRIDOR) Zoning Information File(s): ZI-1224 Specific Plan: Mulholland Scenic Parkway (Outer Corridor) Zoning Information File(s): ZI-2374 State Enterprise Zone: Los Angeles. MULHOLLAND HIGHWAY AT KANAN DUME ROAD/KANAN ROAD INSTALLATION OF A TRAFFIC SIGNAL SYSTEM IN THE UNINCORPORATED COMMUNITY OF MULHOLLAND CORRIDOR (SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICT 3) (3 VOTES) IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE BOARD: 1. Find this project categorically exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Qualit

Verify street(s) at lot frontage(s) are 20 ft minimum per Hillside Ordinance Bureau of Engineering 14014-10000-05485 BHO/Hillside ordinance MULHOLLAND SCENIC CORRIDOR City Planning Department 14014-10001-05485 Specific Plan. Hillside Ordinance Area: YES LA Preliminary Fault Study Area: NO Planning Area / Community Name: Sherman Oaks-Studio City-Toluca Lake-Cahuenga Pass Zone(s): MULHOLLAND SCENIC PARKWAY (OUTER CORRIDOR) Zoning Administrator's Case(s): ZA-2010-882-ZAD. West Los Angeles. Situated on the Scenic Mulholland Corridor, all the roofs of the building had to sit below the street to protect views and strict sightline restrictions. The sloping site is extremely long and narrow, with a steep hillside to the east and a precipitous drop with maximum sun exposure to the west The project is located in the Girard Tract and the outer Mulholland Scenic Parkway Corridor. The project is subject to the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan and the Girard Tract Specific Plan. Case leader August Steurer presented a revised case report. The Committee offered comments to the updated plans/report Tract Specific Plan Area and outer corridor of the Mulholland Scenic Parkway. The property is zoned R1-1 / Low Residential and is subject to conformance with the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan and the Girard Tract Specific Plan

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It enables cities and counties to pass ordinances regulating subdivisions so an orderly and proper development expressing the needs and goals of the community can be achieved. Plummer Street Scenic Corridor zoning codes and ordinances, and other, special specific plans adopted by ordinance such as Warner Ranch, Mulholland Scenic Parkway. 10 CD Consent Adoption of Ordinance No. 2020-386, regarding Code amendment to Chapter 1.17 Admin Enforcement 11 PW New Business Mulholland Corridor Study 12 PW New Business PS and TTC recommedantion regarding Automatic Plate Readers Report 13 PW New Business Update regarding anticoagulants 14 CD/Finance New Business Annexation updat Specific Plan (Inner Corridor of Mulholland Drive), the Girard Tract Specific Plan, the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, the Canoga Park-Winnetka-Woodland Hills-West Hills Community Plan and the Los Angeles City Municipal Code. LAMC section 12.24.28. The project site is zoned R1-1/ One Family Residential with Mulholland Corridor 3 Cornell Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon Malibou Lake Malibu Bowl Malibu Highlands Malibu/Sycamore Canyon Monte Nido Seminole Hot Springs Sunset Mesa Trifuno Canyon Neenach 5 Newhall 5 North Claremont (islands) 1, 5 Northeast San Dimas (islands) 5 Northeast Whittier (island) 4 Northwest Whittier 4 Norwalk/Cerritos (islands)4 Oat.

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  1. Girard Tract and the outer Mulholland Scenic Parkway Corridor. The project is subject to the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan and the Girard Tract Specific Plan. 4505 San Blas Avenue, WH 91364 App / Rep: Katherine Omelchenko; t: 818.427.1851; e: kolmech@hotmail.co m PLUM rec'd: 2.20.20 6 August Steuer PLUM 11.
  2. Mulholland drive, the City of Oakland and Napa County have adopted a combining district to address Landscaping and Grading: The Scenic Corridor Combining District ordinance could include requirements for landscaping to soften the appearance of structures and signs. Proposed requirements for grading an
  3. easements located near the Mulholland Corridor, and the Lower Topanga Canyon and Rustic Canyon areas. OPERATIONS Public Safety The Park primarily relies on CSP rangers for visitor safety. When a 911 call is received by local law enforcement or fire departments, they contact the Southern Communication Center (SURCOM), which is CSP'
  4. Information, Technology, and General Services Committee. Innovation, Grants, Technology, Commerce and Trade Committee. Innovation, Technology and General Services Committee. Intergovernmental Relations Committee. Jobs and Business Development Committee. Jobs, Business Growth and Tax Reform Committee
  5. The laws regulating development within the Mulholland Corridor are the most important protections that the community and general public have against development interests that lack sensitivity to the environmental value of Mulholland and the unique interests of those living within this low density, residentially-zoned area
  6. Mulholland Scenic Corridor Phase III Project, Specification No. 14-15-06 to C.A. Rasmussen, Inc. in the amount of $3,189,241. Staff also recommends appropriating a 10% contingency of the total contract value of $318,924.10 for potential change orders that are typical of projects of this magnitude

180-foot tower at San Vicente Peak on the Mulholland Corridor, in the middle of Conservancy land. IV. New Business A. Community Care Facilities Ordinance - Maria Fisk (Granada Hills)! Maria reported on an ordinance drafted by the City Attorney that would regulate group homes community of the Mulholland Corridor. The bids must be submitted at the Cashiers Office, located on the Mezzanine level, 900 South Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, California 91803-1331, before 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. The bids will then be publicly opened and read in Conference Room A or at the location posted in the main lobby The Universal City Overlook, located on the north side of Mulholland Drive, provides views of the San Fernando Valley and Verdugo Hills. Funded by a donation from Universal Studios, it was built in 1984 concurrently with the Hollywood Bowl Overlook further east to accommodate visitors to Los Angeles during the Summer Olympic Games. Mulholland Scenic Parkway and Corridor The fifty five-mile. • 1992. 21 years of effort by TPOA and other organizations culminated in the adoption of the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan, preserving the 22-mile corridor and imposing grading and building restrictions within 500 feet of Mulholland • 1993. Hosted a debate by 10 candidates for mayor at the Annual Tarzana Town Hall meeting • 1994

Reading the Los Angeles Building Code for Max Height: § Section 12.21.1 of Los Angeles Municipal code deals with Building Heights.. LADBS has a great informational Bulletin: General Zoning Code Design Criteria For Multiple-Dwelling Development There are four different parts of Los Angeles building code you need to understand to figure out the maximum building height: Zone (Residential Zones. remove discretionary authority to make the ordinance consistent with state law. The Director and City Attorney may attempt to reduce the minimum lot size to less than 7,500 square feet. Carlyle is requesting a letter to Planning asking for a timely report back with the administrative memo. There must be a transparent process BHO/Hillside ordinance Approved Verify continuous paved roadway is 20 ft minimum but < 28 ft, from driveway apron to boundary of Hillside Area per Hillside Ordinance Mulholland Scenic Parkway (Outer Corridor) Bureau of Sanitation 14010-20000-01005 Low Impact Development Approved with Conditions Obtain plan approval for development with more. 2017. Rubberized Asphalt Street Resurfacing. Dog Park - Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) Slurry Seal and Striping Project. Calabasas Park and Ride Parking Lot. Citywide Median Street Name Signs Replacement Program. 2017 Street Resurfacing Project. Calabasas High School Access Improvement Project Park Details. Address: Mulholland Highway and Kanan Drive. Features: Located in the western Santa Monica Mountains on a twisty portion of Mulholland Highway in the Mulholland Scenic Corridor east of Kanan Drive, Seminole Overlook looks north east toward volcanic mountain formations

Consideration of resolution authorizing acceptance of conservation easement(s) over portions of APN 5572-002-005 (2745 and 2755 Outpost Drive), approximately 0.33 acres total, Mulholland Scenic Corridor, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] (d Our mission is to promote, educate and protect the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and wildlife corridors in Los Angeles and beyond. The well-being of people, wildlife and the environment are inextricably linked. The impact of urban development in Los Angeles, particularly in the Santa Monica Mountain range, is having an.

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Zoning Code and Area Wide Planned Unit Development Plans. Code or Ordinance. Guides, Brochures, and Additional Information. Contra Costa County Code - Title 8 Zoning. CCMAP has site specific information, including zoning districts. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance. ADU Application Form (PDF CODES AND ORDINANCES UNIT. 5823 Rickenbacker Road Commerce, CA 90040 (323) 890-4226. HIGH RISE/COUNTY FACILITIES UNIT. 6031 Rickenbacker Road Commerce, CA 90040 (323) 724-3188. PREVENTION DATA SYSTEMS UNIT. 5823 Rickenbacker Road Commerce, CA 90040 (323) 890-4340. CLOSE . Explorer Sign-Up Form Ultra-secure & private, steeped in Hollywood history, this compound sits behind gates on 2.38 acres on the famed Mulholland corridor P.O. Box 491103 o Los Angeles, CA 90049 o T: 310.476.1383 o F: 310.476.2604 o E: BRC90049@aol.co

Experience with multiple specific plans, Mulholland Scenic Corridor, Venice Specific Plan, & Historic Preservation Overlay zones. Extensive work with the building department regarding Low Impact Developments (LID) Standards & Model Water Efficient Landscaping Ordinance (MWELO) 100 S. Main Street, 9th Floor. Los Angeles, CA 90012. (213) 972-8482 or (213) 972-8481. ladot.devreview.cen@lacity.org. West Los Angeles Development Review. All areas south of Mulholland Drive and west of Robertson Boulevard including San Pedro

The project site is covered by both (i) the Mulholland Specific Plan, and (ii) the Ventura/Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan. The provisions and limitations of both specific plans apply to any proposed project(s) for the site. Zhila Ross, Uri Arbel and Shula Arbel will be presenting the proposed project Title 23 Water - the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. California Natives and Drought Tolerant Plant Materials, and Irrigation Design. Environmentally sensitive areas of: Northern and Southern California Coastal Areas, Mulholland View Corridor, and the Santa Monica Mountains. Grading and Drainage and Low Impact Developmen

Location: 22255 Mulholland Drive, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. Council District: 3. Due Date April 20, 2007. Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization's response. The referred project is not acceptable because it requires exceptions to the Mulholland Scenic Parkways Specific Plan that are not acceptable as single family residences under RD 6. Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BHO), which will require all future single-family homes on hillsides to be built in accordance with the scale and character of the surrounding neighborhood. Agenda October 6, 2010 7:00 pm I. Introductions II. Approval of July 7 and Sept. 1 minutes III. President's Report A. President's comment Aside from hillside ordinances, projects can be located in Specific Plan areas which entail additional requirements that can override the cities main requirements. One of the strictest specific plan areas in Los Angeles is called the Mulholland Scenic Corridor. This area requires design review board approvals and a public hearing before a. 13745 Mulholland Dr , Beverly Hills, CA 90210-1133 is currently not for sale. The 2,000 sq. ft. single-family home is a 3 bed, 2.0 bath property. This home was built in 1942 and last sold on 2/16/2018 for $2,600,000. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow • Devonshire/Topanga Corridor Specific Plan (February 2015 - present) (December 2010 - February 2015) • Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan (July 2007 - July 2008) The Ordinances.

The official printed copy of a Code of Ordinances should be consulted prior to any action being taken. For further information regarding the official version of any of this Code of Ordinances or other documents posted on this site, please contact the Municipality directly or contact American Legal Publishing toll-free at 800-445-5588 15105 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077. This beautiful 5 bedroom, 8 bathroom, single-family home in Los Angeles County California was originally constructed in 1992 and contains 10,463 square feet of living space with a 1 car garage. This single-family home is currently listed for sale with MLS #21718266 by the real estate brokerage company.

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Legal publisher offering ordinance codification services for local governments, specializing in providing codes of ordinances in print and on the Internet Mulholland Scenic Parkway. (Amended by Ord. No. 156,534, Eff. 4/24 /82.) reasonable protection of a scenic corridor 500 feet more or less, depending on topography, from each side of. BHO/Hillside ordinance Approved Verify continuous paved roadway is 20 ft minimum but < 28 ft, from driveway apron to boundary of Hillside Area per Hillside Ordinance Mulholland Scenic Parkway (Outer Corridor) Bureau of Sanitation 14010-20000-01005 Low Impact Development Approved with Conditions Obtain plan approval for development with more. San Vicente Scenic Corridor Specific Plan Area. 103 Section 12.21A4 Calculation of Required parking spaces for Areas Accessory to the Main Use. 104 Section 12.21A4 History of Parking for Commercial Buildings. 105 Section 12.21A4 Current Parking for Commercial Buildings. 111 Section 12.21A4 Parking History for residential buildings. 11 corridor of the Mulholland View Corridor (not visible from Mulholland Drive) and is subject to the requirements of the Baseline Hillside Ordinance. 4. Case No. ZA-2017-1551 -- MOD PIZZA, 21857 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Discussion, First Presentation and Possible Action regarding request for a Conditiona The Los Angeles River. Since the early 1990's, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has been a leader in the regional effort to revitalize the once free-flowing Los Angeles River. Its vision is to create a continuous 51-mile recreational greenbelt from the river's headwaters in the San Fernando Valley, to the Pacific Ocean

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Corridor (not visible from Mulholland Drive) and is subject to the requirements of the Baseline Hillside Ordinance. 4. Minutes Approval 5. Adjournment Our next regularly scheduled meeting is expected to be on Thursday, August 03, 2017 at St. Bernadine's Church, Parish Hall from Tyson Engineering, Keith Mulholland, was present and commented that cul-de-sac with the seven (7) lots does meet the County's ordinance as far as lots within a cul-de-sac. He further said that the remaining issues with the subdivision were resolved at the last meeting. Mr. Mulholland distributed information to the Committee for review Within Los Angeles County are 88 incorporated cities, which means they have their own local government (usually city council). But there are also areas within the county that are NOT part of any official city. These locations are known as unincorporated areas and are governed by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, which is equivalent to. Jill Mulholland Answers Our Questions Highland Avenue Development, South Salem Rail, and Salem Woods Question 1 -Ward 3 abuts the the entire southeastern side of Highland Avenue (Rte 107), a very busy and extensively developed entrance corridor. How would you approach any future development pro.. 15600 Mulholland Drive, Room 223, Main Campus, 2nd Floor, Bel Air, CA 90077 Present: 17 Quorum: 15 ATTACHMENT A 2015-2016 Stakeholder Groups / Certified Representatives Present Not Present Bel Air Crest Master Homeowner Association Irene Sandler X Bel Air Ridge HOA André Stojka X Benedict Canyon Associatio

Department of Emergency Management. We manage and prepare for everyday and not-so-everday emergencies in San Francisco. Our dispatchers answer 9-1-1 when you call. Our planners help you prepare for disaster and manage our response and recovery. Our team manages the homeland security priorities for the San Francisco Bay Area FN 8. At oral argument petitioners broadened their attack in this court on the city's approval of the subdivision, as modified, to include a claim of noncompliance with the Mulholland scenic parkway ordinance. (Los Angeles Municipal Code, § 17.05, subd. (S).) We think that this particular attack comes too late. (See Johns v Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) PO Box 50003 Studio City, CA 91614-50003 info@clawonline.org. CLAW is a public benefit non-profit 501(c)3 corporation William Mulholland Conference Room Measure R Ordinance, project delivery schedules and cash flow needs; o Fare revenues will increase 4.3% from FY 12 levels due to the opening of the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor, Bus Acquisitions, Orange Line Extension and othe Ordinance is also being updated. The updated TDM Ordinance's goals are to improve access to destinations as Los Angeles grows, while reducing single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips and increasing sustainable travel mode share. A TAC member noted that it might be difficult to monitor built projects through the update Calabasas ([ˌ k a l a ˈ β a s a s]) is a city in the northwest Santa Monica Mountains region of Los Angeles County, California.The Leonis Adobe, an adobe structure in Old Town Calabasas, dates from 1844 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in greater Los Angeles. The city was incorporated in 1991, prior to which it was an unincorporated portion of Los Angeles County

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