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  1. Exterior Dual Reflective Window Tinting Film 35% VLT. Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity preserves your view Outstanding glare control for enhanced comfort 99% UV barrier protects you and you... View full details. Quick shop
  2. Coavas One Way Window Film Sun Blocking 23.6 x 78.7 Inches Non-Adhesive Window Tint Heat Control Mirror Solar Film Static Cling Glare Reduction Anti UV Removable for Home and Office Black 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,36

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Anti Reflective Window Film is an exterior window film to reduce the reflection from windows that can cause damage to artificial grass, vinyl siding, pool equipment, outdoor furniture, grass lawns, flowers, shrubs and more. Windows can act like a magnifying glass, concentrating the sun's energy onto a small area Exterior window films deliver impressively effective heat rejection, glare control, 99% UV ray protection and money-saving assistance for overworked HVAC systems. They also have a strong, scratch-resistant coating that enables them to stand up to the demands and exposure that are inevitable with exterior installation Special Features. Film Choices Complement your home and maintain a clear view with glare control in sophisticated smoke.; Sun Protection, Too All Gila Glare Control window films also block UV rays to help keep carpet and upholstery from fading.; Smart Sizes Gila Glare Control Smoke is available in either 6.5-foot long or 10-foot long rolls for larger windows and bigger projects Residential Films. SunTek is designed for improved comfort, savings and privacy, and help address homeowner and dealer desires for style choices, advanced technology and flexible installation. Choose reflective or non-reflective, interior or exterior application, subtle or bold. EXPLORE SOLYX® Exterior Window Films offer a broad selection of durable UV and Weather resistant glass films intended for exterior use.Available in Frosted, Opaque, and Patterned exterior window film styles. We also offer Bird Safety film which deter birds from striking your exterior windows as well as vandalism proof Anti-Graffiti window films.. SOLYX® Exterior Window Films are designed with a.

The easiest way to stop window reflections melting siding is to apply anti-reflective window film on the exterior of energy efficient windows. Turf Guard Window Film is affordable and effective, and it can be installed easily even by someone with no expertise in building or maintenance. Turf Guard Window Film stops window reflections melting. UltraGlare® Glare Control Window Films are designed from the highest quality materials to create a glare-free environment in your home or office. Ultra Glare® Glare Control Window Films are available in an assortment of styles and colors and are the perfect way to reduce glare while watching TV.. UltraGlare® Glare Control Window Films are also a great way to increase efficiency in your. Amazon.com: anti reflective film. Sun Blocking Heat Control Anti UV Reflective Film Static Cling Window Tint for Home Office Living Room, Black-Silver, 17.5 Inch X 6.5 Feet. 4.2 out of 5 stars 3,049. $8.99 $ 8. 99. Join Prime to save $1.00 on this item. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 29 Exterior window film is applied on the outside glass; this surface is known as surface 1. The main innovation of exterior window film is the hard coat that's designed to withstand the elements. The primary way that exterior window film works is to reflect inferred light (heat) before ever reaching the glass surface Other Uses For The Non Reflective Film. The film is also used by military headquarters and police agencies on doors and windows. It gives a feeling of security and privacy to whoever is inside the room, yet the window offers a soft sight that there is someone inside the room should one need help. These films are also used in the glass walls for.

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Gila Window Film makes you the pro. You can have glass with sun protection, cooling properties or a dramatic look, even without an interior designer or a luxury car. Gila® Window Film transforms home and auto glass in just an afternoon, at a reasonable price. Our DIY products are made for professional results, with precise standards and. Exterior Films. Opalux exterior grade window films have been developed and manufactured to state of the art technology and used successfuly over many decades. They are of weatherable construction having additional UV barriers to help protect the film from degrading through exposure to sunshine, and also having a strong waterproof adhesive

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More than 15,000 Sq Ft of Turf Shield Window film has been installed for the sole purpose of protecting artificial turf, patio furniture, vinyl siding, and vinyl fencing from harmful ultraviolet & infrared window reflection . Base on customer feedback, Turf Shield Window Film has been 100% effective in eliminating the damaging effects of the sun Reflective Silver Exterior architectural film keeps buildings more comfortable while providing exterior reflectivity that offers privacy, cuts glare, and helps lower energy costs. Reflective Silver Exterior is commonly used in situations where an interior installation is either not possible or too risky due to laminated or triple pane glass Highly-reflective material on the exterior provides superior daytime privacy while maintaining your view of the outside. Gila Platinum Heat Control Window Film does not offer nighttime privacy-when it's dark outside and lights are on inside, the film no longer conceals views. GILA 36-in x 78-in Smoke Glare-control Window Film Turf Guard Window Film is an exterior applied perforated window film that is guaranteed to stop the melting of artificial turf, vinyl siding, natural grass, etc from window reflections. Turf Guard is a screen film so you are able to see out your windows (similar to looking through a bug screen) Clear allows for the best visibility out and.

3M™ Scotchgard™ Graphic and Surface Protection Film 8991 Scotchgard™ Graphic and Surface Protection Film 8991, Clear, 48 in x 50 yd 3M™ Sun Control Window Films, Night Vision™ Series 3M™ Scotchgard™ Graphic and Surface Protection Film 8993 3M™ Ultra-Clear Solar Film 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film Climate Control Series 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film Ultra. Glare-Control Window Film. Glare-control window films help prevent television and computer screen glare, making viewing more comfortable. Glare-control films can shield UV rays, helping reduce the fading of furnishings, floors and window treatments. Some glare-control films can also help keep your home cooler by reducing the sun's heat entering. Pros. Window film can cut utility costs by 30% to 40%, says California-based consultant Donna Wells, and at $6 to $14 per square foot, it's much cheaper than replacing windows. Solar films block 99% of UV light that fades furniture, and with better technologies, now do it without looking reflective or dark. Films add security, slowing down a. Blocking window glare with anti reflective window film can stop sun glare melting vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is a versatile and durable construction material used on the exterior of homes and businesses all across America and around the world

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SOLYX® 24-Inch-Wide Window Films feature a variety of unique window film styles available in a 24-Inch-Wide Format.These high-quality glass films come custom cut to your desired length in one continuous roll. SOLYX® 24-Inch-Wide Window Films are a perfect way to inexpensively add privacy to showers or small bathroom windows. All of our 24-Inch-Wide Glass Films are constructed from. 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Neutral Series Residential. Stay comfortable and on budget. Good heat rejection helps provide energy savings and improved comfort. Significantly blocks the amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of furnishings. Helps reduce glare and eye discomfort Our external window films will reflect the sun's solar heat and glare before entering through the glass surface. Making external window films some of the most effective films in heat and glare rejection. Applying an external window film leads to a more comfortable and pleasant living and working environment for the building occupants

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  1. Window Film Depot is nationally-recognized for 3M window film installation, product solutions, and custom glass security systems. From commercial window film installation for buildings and storefronts to residential window tinting solutions for property owners, Window Film Depot offers the depth of products and installation capabilities to handle any project
  2. Ontario Window Film is a leading supplier and installer of window films throughout Canada with 18 years combined experience on our team. From solar film, safety film, security film, privacy film and anti-glare window films, we specialize in servicing both the residential and commercial sectors
  3. Our solar films yield beneficial returns, helping to cut energy expenses while also increasing occupant comfort and productivity. Reductions in temperatures and screen glare are enhanced, as well as exterior building appearance with professional solar film installation
  4. ute holes that create a textured surface light reacts to by bouncing away in countless directions rather than by most light particles being reflected back in the same direction, thus for

LLumar Window Film Experience your world in a whole new way With over 60 years of experience, Eastman Performance Films, LLC is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance window films and tint that are used in automotive, residential and commercial applications SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films feature durable window films designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass. Our Bird Deterrent window films are the best way to put an end to birds flying into your windows.. SOLYX® Bird Safety Window Films are engineered specifically to allow birds to see reflective windows that otherwise appear invisible, preventing injury or death for the birds. Over 3,000 road accidents a year are caused by sun glare resulting in injury to passengers, pedestrians and even cyclists. UV Protection up to 99%. Heat Reduction up to 75%. Energy Savings up to 50%. Find an AP location near you to learn more about the glare reduction window film featured in your area! FIND A LOCATION

Get free shipping on qualified Heat Blocking Window Film or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Window Treatments Department. BuyDecorativeFilm 60 in. x 50 ft. S35 High Heat Rejection Reflective Silver 35 Window Film (10) BuyDecorativeFilm 48 in. x 50 ft. EXNA40 Exterior Sun Control and Heat Rejection Natural 40 (Medium) Window. Anti Glare Window Film is designed for both internal and external applications to combat harsh sunlight. Unlike other sun control solutions, our anti-glare window film reflects the sun's rays while maintaining optical clarity. The even distribution of the sun's rays ensures it achieves the glare reduction you need In fact, window films are one of the most effective ways to get rid of glare because they work 24/7 and do not need to be operated, unlike blinds or curtains. Window films can lower glare by up to 77% or more, all without blocking natural light. That means they will not affect the bright, cheery atmosphere of your office

More Than Just a Slick Exterior. Custom vinyl changes the look of your building when exterior window tint, spandrel and mullions are updated. Installing exterior window film can block up to 75% of heat and protects against 99% UVA and UVB rays. Your air conditioning bill will be greatly reduced with exterior window film, and you might even be. Glare: Under test, Sola-Cure anti-glare boat film blinds reduce glare by 94 to 97%. This provides a comfortable and safe working environment for Skippers, Captains, Crew, Operators and Workers. Precise operation of vessels, plant and machinery often means personnel looking toward the sun Our heat control window films are designed to reduce heat gain whilst allowing plenty of natural light through. Ideal for your home, office or retail outlet, you can purchase our window insulation films by the meter or cut to size. As a rule external films are the most efficient, followed by tinted and reflective films 3. Apply Window Film for Artificial Grass. This tactic is the most affordable and efficient way to stop glare from the window from burning the grass. The film minimizes reflection through refraction. It deflects off the sunbeam and breaks its trail to reduce glare. Moreover, it distributes the heat evenly Once applied to windows and doors, this 100 micron thick solar control window film is designed to hold the glass together in case of accidental collision or breakage. As well as has anti shatter and glass protection quality, the film comes with a mirror finish to keep excess heat, glare and UV rays which cause fading of fabrics and carpets, at bay

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Film Solar Control Window Film Product Bulletin 1. Product Description 3M™ Neutral 35 Exterior is a metallized solar control film for exterior application. It has a durable scratch resistant coating and a weather resistant acrylic adhesive. 2. Applications 3M™ Neutral 35 Exterior is intended for exterior application on flat glass substrates. 3 Reflective window film gives your windows and doors a mirror finish when viewed externally, and a light grey to dark grey finish internally. Silver window film is primerally designed for heat and glare reduction, but thanks to it's mirror like finish, mirror window film also helps to protect your security with enhanced daytime privacy, without losing all your natural light One way mirror film is primarely designed for solar control and to act as a window tint to reduce heat, glare and UV light (the main cause of fading of furnishings). Thanks to the reflective silver finish, one way window film not only rejects solar heat but as the sun hits the mirror finish, it allows you to see out whilst blocking the view in. Titan Window Films Ltd is committed to providing its residential and commercial clients with cost effective, high quality 3M Sun Control Window Film, 3M Safety & Security Window Film and 3M Graphic Film solutions. 3M Window Films are so much more than just window tint!!. Your warranty is only as good as the manufacturer that backs it. 3M invented window film in 1966 and is considered one of.

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Reflective window film has a mirror finish which can turn it into a privacy film during the day. For the effect to work, sunlight needs to shine on the window activating the reflective effect, making the glass mirror like and preventing the view in This anti glare window film will pay for itself in terms of all the repairs you never have to pay for. Visit WindowFilmforTurf.com for more information on how Turf Guard can protect your vinyl siding, artificial turf, natural grass and plants, furniture, and more from window reflection damage

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Exterior Prestige 40 Window Film to the Rescue Fortunately, there is a remedy for melting siding and that is to reduce the reflection from your neighbor's windows. The best way to minimize the reflectivity associated with Low-E windows is to install a window film covering on the outside of the windows, 3M TM Exterior Prestige 40 window film LLumar Exterior Window Films are made of strong scratch-resistant coating that enables it to withstand the demanding sun exposure. It delivers impressive Heat rejection, Glare control, 99% UV ray protection, and it is great at cost reduction assistance for building's HVAC system. Aesthetic is also an added feature for buildings like hotels. Reflective blue window tint ~ High Reflective Blue Window Film is a high performing solar control film which gives a uniform blue appearance to glazing externally. More than 75 sold. Your Reflective blue window tint images are available in this site. Reflective blue window tint are a topic that has been searched for and liked by netizens now

Window film is a great sunblock, but it may become affected, scratched, or damaged enough to require replacement. Whether it's in a vehicle or a building, the steps to removing safety tint or film are the same. By following this guide, you'll be able to remove window film in no time Los Angeles Window Film is proud to be the number one source for professional window tinting in the Los Angeles area. We work on both commercial and residential projects located throughout the entire Los Angeles metro area, including the cities of Santa Monica, Pasadena, Long Beach, and the surrounding area 9 reviews of Precision Film & Solar Shades Thoroughly impressed with Precision - service and product are outstanding! We have large southern facing windows and our furniture and floors were getting terribly faded from the sun. We didn't want to cover all of the windows with shades, and someone from our window treatment company recommended Precision 3M™ Window Films let in the light you love while reflecting much of the sun's heat and glare away from your home. At the same time, they block up to 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect your furnishings. And these non-metallized films provide amazing clarity, so they won't spoil your view Our anti-reflective film can be applied to windows to reduce the glare on the display behind the glass, however the screen must be placed as close as possible to the anti-glare window film to prevent the image from appearing hazy. Unlike standard anti-glare window film, our anti-glare film is not tinted and is designed to enhance an on-screen.

Incorporating innovative film and adhesive technologies, the 3M™ Envision™ Residential Window Film line is a premier window treatment solution for homeowners. This line of products helps protect homes from fading and glare, enhances comfort and can even help save energy - all without compromising window views or blocking out natural sunlight One-Way Window Film This anti-glare window film blocks out UV rays and reduces heating and cooling costs. Experts Included DWYM Home Experts plus CTOP Reviews, Auto Quarterly, Wcma Window & Door, Gadget Review, HelloPortable, The Review Gurus and 1 more The Anti-Glare Rear View Mirror Kit will help significantly reduce the glare in rearview mirrors. Cross-sell your clients and increase your revenue with Anti Glare rearview mirror film. Thickness: 2 mil; 1-year warranty Size: Exterior Rearview Mirrors: 200 mm × 260 mm (2pcs) Interior Rearview Mirrors: 100 mm × 260 mm (1pc

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  1. ates light reflection down to one tenth (1/10). Available from single sheet. 1000mm width, roll type AR film available from
  2. Night Vision window films help block the sun's damaging UV rays, reduce glare and reject up to 73% of the sun's heat. These darker shaded films are designed to reject solar heat that is produced from visible light. You can let up to 35% of the natural light into your rooms by day, and, thanks to a low interior reflectivity, still enjoy the view.
  3. Stop Glare from Window Burns Grass. Turf Guard screen film is perforated so it is similar to looking in and out of a bug screen. The screen film is also applied to the exterior, however it provides visibility both in and out of the window. The film is offered in clear, white, black, and silver, which is the most common
  4. Anti-Glare deals with external sources of reflection off a surface - like bright sunlight or high ambient lighting conditions - and its impact on the readability of the image or information you are trying to read. To deal with the external sources of reflection, Anti-Glare uses diffusion mechanisms to breakup the reflected light off the.

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This window film comes in 4 sizes ranging from 36″ x 15″ to 48″ x 100″. Gila is a reflective film reflecting up to 71% of total solar energy, including up to 99% of harmful UV rays. The Gila film can also reduce annoying window glare by up to 69%, which means you can relax comfortably without annoying window glare Pros & Cons of Solar Film for Home Windows. Solar window film, also known as solar control window film, can save money, improve indoor comfort and protect your furniture from sun damage -- but it can also cause problems. Solar films are thin plastic or polymer layers applied to your existing windows to help control light or heat

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Residential Films | SunTek. Flexible solutions engineered for results. SunTek offers a full array of innovative solar, security and specialty film solutions for better life at home. Our solar films are a modern, view-preserving alternative to window treatments. They improve the performance of glass by tempering the effects of the sun: helping. Dual Reflective Window Tinting Films. Our most popular residential window film, Premium Dual Reflective combines a highly reflective outside layer for high solar heat rejection with a lower reflectance color layer for your inside view. This high-quality film has a warm-neutral appearance, and comes in 5%, 15%, 25%, 35% and 45% visible light. This film has reflective technology on two sides to provide a high level of heat, glare and UV control that keeps you at ease in any room, at any time of day. Reflective technology also gives exterior windows a pleasingly uniform, contemporary look. A selection of silver, gold, bronze, blue and gray shades allows you to fine-tune for the.

Luckily, Glare Reduction Window Film is the perfect, affordable solution. By placing the Glare Reduction Film on the outside of the highly reflective window, you're reducing the solar energy being emitted by 94%. Energy efficient window manufacturers recommend another solution such as planting trees in front of the offending windows GILA Glare Control Window Film is a micro-thin layer of tinted film that applies directly to the glass and can be used alone or with other window treatments. The light smoke tint complements your home decor. Reduces glare by 80%. Static cling for easy application

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3M Window Films have anti-glare properties that significantly reduce glare, helping you to do your work, relax, and enjoy your view without the eyestrain caused by excessive light. 3M Residential Window Films cut glare by more than half, and while still allowing most of the visible light to shine through UltraCool Heat Blocking Window Films: Decorative Films, LLC. $11.95 UPS GROUND SHIPPING: Add any item to your cart for a flat rate of $11.95 for UPS Ground Shipping. FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING: Add $159.00 or more your cart, select the 2-Day Shipping option, and submit your order. Qualifying orders will arrive two business days from the date of shipment

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Improve the look of your home by spicing up your window with this Anti-Glare Film. Added daytime privacy you need, it also shields outsiders from seeing into home and belongings, potentially protecting you from theft.. Home will be more comfortable even on hot summer days as it allows natural light in but blocks ultraviolet rays. More than skin protection, it prevents furniture, flooring, and. Arrange a free survey or ask a question To quickly arrange a free survey & quotation, or to discuss a particular application or technical question call us on 0845 026 1125 or solutions@opaluxwindowfilms.com. For out-of-office hours (8.00am-5.00pm GMT) or if you prefer to email you enquiry, please use the form below or email solutions@opaluxwindowfilms.com A: Window film adhesive should not make contact with plastic, Plexiglas, acrylic or lexan surfaces.The film's adhesive contains chemicals that could react with the organic base of a plastic surface to produce a milky, bubbly appearance. If the appearance of the plastic is not important, film can certainly be applied Reduce Heat, Block UV, annd Cut down glare. RC Window Films offers home window tint, commerical window tint, secuity window film, and Anti Graffiti film. Comfortable homes start with window film. Reduce the heat and reduce your energy bill every month. From privacy to heat blocking to glass security, RC Window Films - window tinting services. We usually follow the tenet of customer-oriented, details-focused for Anti Glare Sputtered Window Film, Anti-glare Sputtered Solar Window Film, Anti-glare Sputtered Window Tints F, Our Company has professional engineers and technical staff to answer your questions about maintenance problems some common failure. Our product quality assurance.

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Home » Accessories » Exterior Accessories » The Best Window Tint Films For 2021. The Best Window Tint Films For 2021. Posted on March 12, WorthSeller Anti UV Window Tint Film. Bofeifs Reflective Window Tint rejects up to 98% of the UV rays. It has 22% VLT, which means it only allows a small amount of light to pass through the window Reality: While window film does a tremendous job in reducing the amount of fading caused by harmful UV rays (blocking 99% or more), solar heat (cutting up to 82%), and visible light. It cannot eliminate 100% of the deteriorating effects of the sun. Window film is an effective solution to reduce fading in comparison to untreated glass

At Oakland Window Film, we offer a number of commercial window films for exterior glass resurfacing. Choose from one of our many beautiful reflective windows or opt for a custom film printed with your brand colors or logo. Whichever option you choose, your property is bound to look stunning with its newly refinished exterior Reflective Window Film . These films provide a high level of control for solar heat, glare and UV rays. They also give window glass a silvery, mirrored look when viewed with indoor lighting or outdoor daylight. Dual-Reflective Window Film. By pairing a mirrored exterior side with a more subtle interior side, dual-reflective films provide. Traditional window films, even if applied to the exterior will actually increase the intensity of the reflection. A dark black tint, applied to the outside of the glass will possibly help with the reflection by absorbing the sun's energy however you will almost certainly crack the glass due to how hot it will get However, sometimes using window film that is slightly tinted can add privacy to a home in a crowded neighborhood, and can sometimes flow with the exterior look of the home. Window tinting tends to block some of the natural light coming into a space, which can be beneficial in office settings where glare becomes a problem

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Security Film 4mil Dark for Rear Window. Brand: OEM Packaging: STANDARD PACKING (INNER PIPE+PLASTIC BAG+HOLDER+CARTON), CUSTOMIZED PACKING Supply Ability: 25DAYS/ORDER Model No.: SF-100BK05 Product Profile Safety film with high tenacity and good anti stretching properties will improve the safety of glasses when pasted on which will make the glass stronger and avoid the burst of glass and. Climate 50 Window Film is a solar control film which offers protection from heat build up and glare, as well as blocking up to 99% of UV rays. The nature of the film means that natural light levels aren't affected, providing excellent performance without sacrificing light. View Click to buy Llumar's exterior reflective window film has a strong, scratch-resistant coating that enables the film to stand up to the demands and exposure that are inevitable with exterior installation. Solar Art carries many exterior window films, but we'll look at the details for three in particular: RHE 20, RHE 35, and RHE 50. Again, the higher. The Premier Window Tinting Contractors in San Francisco. San Francisco Window Film provides high quality residential and commercial window tinting for San Francisco and the surrounding areas, including San Mateo, Richmond, Berkeley, and San Jose.Whether you want privacy and style or safety and security, our window films have the ability to completely transform your space and provide you with. Dual-reflective films are suggested for residential and commercial applications where heat and glare are the primary concerns. Harmony Series Harmony films utilize proprietary metals and ceramic layers designed to provide outstanding heat rejection and moderate glare control with extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity

HanitaTek Window Films HanitaTek is the North American distributor of Hanita Coatings' solar control and security window films for architectural and automotive applications. Avery Dennison, a global leader in pressure-sensitive and functional materials, acquired Hanita Coatings in 2017 Anti-glare and solar control window films are effective as soon as they are installed, and can reduce the glare by up to 95%. Window Film to Reduce Glare & Heat Build Up. Window film is a more cost effective and easy to maintain solution than traditional methods such as blinds, which require cleaning and also block any view Living comfortably just got easier. The VISION TM Window Film Collection improves the level of privacy, increases energy efficiency, and is an added safety & security feature for your business or personal spaces. Our comprehensive Flat Glass Film Product Line offers everything from decorative window films like frosted glass and white-out film to solar heat rejection window film, safety and. 3M residential window tint is not only a heat blocking window film, but a glare reducing window film as well. Block up to 63% of heat, 62% of glare and 99% of UVA and UVB rays making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Solar Art provides and installs the 3M Prestige Series, 3M Night Vision Series and the 3M Affinity series

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